1. Forget JAM. It’s the Dwight/Angela (DWAN?) romance we need to see blossom on the show!!! Thanks for the message, Angela.

  2. Angela — that is beyond cool. May you have a fun yet totally appropriate week as well.

  3. ok so that is just amazing…angela rocks my socks!!! (thats a little 3rd grade but you know what i mean..)

  4. Thank you Angela! She is so sweet! The cast of The Office is seriously the best around. I’ve never seen a cast treat their fans as well as they do.

  5. oh that’s freakin cool…wow, this really is the best show on TV…what other show is that connected to the fans?

  6. That is so awesome! Thank you for being so nice to all of your fans! Hello to you, Angela, and all the fine folks there at Dunder Mifflin. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, what a sweet heart! She would take time out of her busy schedule to just say Hi to all of us!! Wow, amazing, she just made my day, lol! Thanks Angela!!! :D :D :D

  8. Wow. Just when you think this cast get any cooler.

    Thanks Angela and hope you have a very apporpriate week yourself.

  9. Wow so cool, talk about a cast that really respects their fans. It of course goes both ways. we really respect and appreciate all of the cast and want to say thanks for the wonderful moments you bring us each Thursday.

  10. call me crazy, and I mean no disrespect to
    the dwangela fans out there but someday… before
    this series is over, I think she’s gonna hook up
    with Roy ;)

  11. Now this is super cool!! it would be aweome if eventually everyone on the show could give a little hello!!

  12. That’s so cool! I love how cool the actors on The Office seem! They really appreciate the fans! Thanks for the greeting Angela!

  13. Message #1: Angela gives a shout-out to OfficeTally readers!

    “Don’t do anything inappropriate. Best of luck to you.”

  14. That’s so cool she took time from shopping with Jenna and eating kid’s mac + cheese to talk to us. (If you saw Jenna’s blog you know.)

  15. I never thought I would say this, but I agree with Angela Martin. I really hate it when girls dress as something slutty for Halloween. Have the guts to dress slutty on an ordinary day, and the guts to dress as something really horrific and unattractive on Halloween. So much more fun.

  16. I just watched Halloween. What a great episode. But it ends kind of sad, with Michael, alone. So, I figured, what should I do to make myself happy again? Why, of course! Watch another episode. And the only episode appropriate for watching after watching Halloween? Christmas Party! Another wonderful episode. Then Diwali is Thursday. It’s a good week to be a holiday and/or an Office fan.
    Also, Halloween and Christmas Party reminded me how awesome JAM is and how much I miss it. NOVEMBER 16TH!!!

  17. LOL, “Creed”. Niiiice.
    Angela is so cute, she is so good to her fans and that message was ace!

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