Brent and Justin answer ‘Did I Stutter?’ questions

I just want to say, again, how much I love The Office writers. They have been extremely generous in taking the time to answer fan questions.

Following are Brent Forrester and Justin Spitzer’s answers to your Did I Stutter? questions. Thanks, Brent and Justin!

Q. When B.J. answered his Chair Model questions, he mentioned that you guys usually choose simple and bland titles for the episodes. I think this is the first time a quote has ever been used as the title, so why’d you decide on ‘Did I Stutter?’ as the final pick? Did you have any back-up titles? | Post-it Thief

A. We actually had a disagreement about this. ‘Did I Stutter?’ was how we had generally referred to the idea in the room since Mindy came up with it a while back. Brent thought we should just go with it as the title. I wanted to change it to something dull, like ‘The Reprimand’ or ‘Insubordination’. Brent won, because he’s bigger than me and in significantly better shape. — Justin

Q. Were there multiple takes, or just one, of Steve being planted, so to speak? Was John’s mock introduction/speech planned or thought up while filming? | Jim

A. There was only one take of him actually going into the cement. We told him to hold his face in the concrete (which was actually a putty that looked like concrete) for as long as he could hold his breath, because we knew we’d want to be able to start his voice-over over video of the scene.

But we didn’t think to tell the other actors that. So when you see everyone rushing to pull him out, that’s not written — it’s because the rest of the cast actually thought he might be stuck. John’s speech as written was: “We are gathered here today to immortalize not just a man, but an idea. Or maybe the idea of a man.” He improvised everything else. — Justin

Q. How did you come up with “fluffy fingers?” | Lindsay

A. Totally random — first thing that popped to mind. We do dream of a world where all the violent conflicts of the street can be solved with fluffy fingers, but that’s probably not realistic. Too many gang leaders aren’t ticklish. — Justin

Q. Why didn’t you show Michael giving Stanley fluffy fingers? | joe

A. We actually did film a scene of Michel approaching Stanley from behind and bringing up his fingers to try it, then thinking better of it and scrapping the plan. But like a number of other very funny scenes, we had to cut it for time. — Justin

Q. What was your intention in writing the Pam/glasses subplot? Was it just a fun, quirky piece of info or were you going for something a bit deeper? | Shannon F

A. Mainly just a fun quirk. Also because writers are generally pasty bespectacled losers while actors are glamorous beautiful people, and we wanted to take Jenna down a peg. Unfortunately, the glasses just made her look cuter. — Justin


  1. I love that the writers are so accessible to the fans. These post-episode question and answer sessions are great!

  2. Thank you guys for taking the time to answer these! (And to Tanster for putting it together!) I love being an Office fan! (totally cool cast & crew)

  3. Thanks to Brent and Justin for doing this for us. I look forward to these debriefings almost as much as the episodes themselves.

    Tanster, you do realize by doing these you’re setting the bar for attaining season five Q&As really high, don’t you?

  4. Thanks Brent and Justin for that awesome look into ‘Did I Stutter?’! Great job with the questions, Tanster!

  5. I love these Q and A’s. It’s like the DVD commentaries, but better in a way. The writers give detailed explanations and are able to finish their thoughts. It’s great insight into the process.

    I agree with comment # 6. I love being an Office fan. The cast, writers, and crew are so special that they make me feel special for loving their creative show.

    Thanks Brent and Justin and all the writers!

  6. Thank you so much Brent and Justin for answering my question about Toby’s character!

  7. I love the whole cast of The Office, naturally – but you writers are my idols. Seriously, if they held a convention with only the Office writers, I’d be the first in line to buy tickets. Thanks for taking the time to give us a glimpse at the making of such a great episode!

  8. The writers are very talented and I thank you all for making an amazing show.

    I love these Q and A’s.

  9. From lurker to first-time post-er: Thank you all so much. I truly love the show, and getting this much insight from the writers is such a treat.

  10. Thank you so much, Brent and Justin! And also to the always wonderful, Tanster for putting these Q&As together!

  11. These are quickly becoming my favourite part of the site – I’m even checking them before the spoilers (and that’s saying something since I’m a spoiler junkie). Thanks so much to Tanster and the writers. P.S. I’d be afraid of Stanley too.

  12. Gasp! My question got answered!! YAY! Thanks so much Brent and Justin!!!!

  13. thanks for answering these questions and for settling the toby debate. this is such a great feature, we are such lucky fans!

  14. Thanks for answering questions from OfficeTally, Brent and Justin! I hope we can keep these up — they’re so much better than tv/magazine interviews!

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