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  1. Kate Flannery kind of confirms it’s not JKras who’s leaving. Yayyyy :D

    I was worried about him a little, but it’ll probably be Toby or Ryan (or Kelly, but I can’t imagine why she would leave, unless they find some cool plotline in the next two episodes). Either could stay on as writers.

  2. I love the weekend tally! I’m am excited for a lot of tv appearances this week! BJ, Jenna, and Steve…awesome week!

  3. Kate Flannery’s article makes me happy. I don’t think I could watch The Office without Jim there.

  4. Based off of what Kate said – I knew the show wouldn’t touch their main 4 (Dwight, Michael, Pam and Jim). So I guess it’s fair game for all the others. And we can rest assured that Jim’s job remains fine. Phew!

  5. Just wanted to reiterate tanster that you rock! Where else can you find such great tidbits on all The Office stars?

    I liked the Cool Guy Paul interview

  6. Vote for Missing Pieces – the film is FANTASTIC! Loved every second of it! Thanks for posting the link, Tanster!

  7. Just a note: When voting for Missing Pieces, 1 means poor and 5 means awesome… I think we know which one is the best choice :)

  8. Though I didn’t think that John Krasinski would leave, I’m happy to know for sure!

  9. I loved the interview with Leslie – it’s always great to hear from the actors who don’t seem to do quite as much press. :) I didn’t know he used to do musical theater! How interesting!

    Can’t wait for all the TV appearances this week!

  10. Does anyone think Kate is talking about Toby when she says someone is leaving???

  11. Of couuuurse Ricky Gervais and that amazing team of actors is shooting that movie in my hometown now that I’m abroad in Europe.

  12. Melora’s daughters are so cute! And Cool Guy Paul interview? Oh, let’s hope he’s a regular on the show! A love interest for Angela if she breaks up with Andy, perhaps?

  13. J Kras looks even more adorable than usual with that beard! And what a great smile–WoW!

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