1. Agh! They need to stop saying what a good episode it’s going to be! It’s tearing me apart! lol, I can’t wait anymore!!

  2. I am SO happy to have the Office back! April 10th cannot come soon enough, I have definatly missed seeing these guys every week.

  3. No way. Just. I. Can’t. Wait.

    Best cast ever, if that hasn’t been said enough.

    Six episodes, here we come!

  4. One of my friends on LiveJournal said, “it’s Christmas at OfficeTally!”

    I couldn’t put it any better.

  5. i love it! i just wish john talked more.. sigh.
    Jenna was so funny!
    Creed sleeping under his desk!

  6. Ahhh! I can’t even EXPRESS how much I love the office cast.
    I feel like they’re just my next door neighbors… you know what i mean?
    Anyways, I. CAN’T. WAIT. !!!!

  7. I love that John said the next six episodes are for Office fans who like all the little things about the show!

    Can’t. Wait!

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