1. I’m glad my work doesn’t give out detentions for being on OfficeTally! I’d really be in trouble then…

  2. Academic Computing Essentials? Sounds like a whole lot of fun…can’t blame him for wanting to visit OT. ;)

  3. Is someone saying that officetally.com is NOT an academic computing essential???????

    Because I know it’s an essential part of MY life.

    Air five to you, Ross!

  4. This is obviously fake (the last name of the parent and the kid are written almost the exact same way)… but it’s still funny.

  5. I busted out laughing when I saw this! WTG Ross!

    I teach English at a private school and one of my students started throwing out “That’s what she said” comments. I told him not to be crude but I could also tell him lots of TWSS moments from episodes!

  6. Fight the power Ross! I’m sure OT was more entertaining than whatever you were “learning” :) I don’t want to get you in more trouble, but did you forge your mom’s signature too?

  7. Wow, if my school did that, I would have such a bad academic record. OT is definitely more interesting!!!

  8. After waking up to see my car window had been broken during the night and the ordeal that emanated there from, this put a much-needed grin on my face.

    I wonder if Mr. Timmus had to write “I will not visit OfficeTally.com while I should be studying” on the blackboard. Any press is good press, eh?

  9. Ha! That NEVER would have happened when I was in high school…because we didn’t have computers back then! I learned to type on an actual typewriter way back in the day…

  10. Ha! That would totally be me if it weren’t for the fact that my school has blocked a ton of web-sites, including Office Tally:(

  11. **High Five** to Mr. Timmus! But seriously, OfficeTally.com is an essential part of a properly balanced computing experience :)

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