1. I’m glad my work doesn’t give out detentions for being on OfficeTally! I’d really be in trouble then…

  2. Academic Computing Essentials? Sounds like a whole lot of fun…can’t blame him for wanting to visit OT. ;)

  3. Is someone saying that officetally.com is NOT an academic computing essential???????

    Because I know it’s an essential part of MY life.

    Air five to you, Ross!

  4. This is obviously fake (the last name of the parent and the kid are written almost the exact same way)… but it’s still funny.

  5. I busted out laughing when I saw this! WTG Ross!

    I teach English at a private school and one of my students started throwing out “That’s what she said” comments. I told him not to be crude but I could also tell him lots of TWSS moments from episodes!

  6. Fight the power Ross! I’m sure OT was more entertaining than whatever you were “learning” :) I don’t want to get you in more trouble, but did you forge your mom’s signature too?

  7. Wow, if my school did that, I would have such a bad academic record. OT is definitely more interesting!!!

  8. After waking up to see my car window had been broken during the night and the ordeal that emanated there from, this put a much-needed grin on my face.

    I wonder if Mr. Timmus had to write “I will not visit OfficeTally.com while I should be studying” on the blackboard. Any press is good press, eh?

  9. Ha! That NEVER would have happened when I was in high school…because we didn’t have computers back then! I learned to type on an actual typewriter way back in the day…

  10. Ha! That would totally be me if it weren’t for the fact that my school has blocked a ton of web-sites, including Office Tally:(

  11. **High Five** to Mr. Timmus! But seriously, OfficeTally.com is an essential part of a properly balanced computing experience :)

  12. That’s awesome! Definitely agree on the Air high five to you!

    You should send that teacher an NBC.com The Office e-card Valentine!

  13. It’s so cool to see this on OT. I go on OfficeTally just about every day in Academic Computing Essentials…This was just the first time I got caught.

    For the record, I did not forge this, haha.

  14. One of these days, my students are going to catch me checking Office Tally during the day… But, I am prepared to defend myself.

  15. Hahaha nice one Mr. Timmus, what did your mom say when they saw your reason for getting a detention? But dude that’s awesomeness!

  16. Haha good one! I’ve almost been caught on here during computer class, but I always remember to have an extra page up to frequently switch between. Oh, sorry…not giving out any ideas here but sometimes I get bored and OfficeTally is the only site not blocked by our super secure web filters at school!

    best post ever. High five to you, Roscoet. Just be more careful next time. :)

  17. As a responsible adult, I am required to say that your behavior was foolish and inappropriate.

    As an Office fanatic, I commend you and am about to give you a firm digital handshake that lasts a little too long.

    **Shakes your hand firmly, but it lasts a little too long**

  18. I would have a hard time yelling at that student…

    That being said, I’ve been using “The Office” in my classroom- I give out Schrute Bucks (with notes on the back) to students who are consistently focused/responsible and to ones who have improved grades or behavior in some way. We’re going to have a raffle in a few weeks- it’s pretty cool, the students have really gotten into it.

    We also have “Party Planning Committees” where three students are required to interview, type a short essay, give a presentation, create a visual, etc. about one of the other students in the class. I say keep the Office references coming!!!

    -Guilty OT-Fan / English Teacher

  19. I bet it was well worth it! Don’t worry. When you get to college you can be on officetally for the whole class and the professors do not say anything!

  20. George – My mom just laughed, it was a stupid reason to get a detention.

    jkrasislove – I do that too. I was just caught off guard.

    Tanster – This was the first detention I’ve ever gotten, but I like that I got it this way.

  21. This quite possibly is the nerdiest detention ever. Well done!! Although, this could hurt your chances of getting into a good school like, oh I don’t know, Cornell. (Ever heard of it?)

  22. hahaha what state is this from? there is a marcus hs in texas! but this is great honestly i love it.

  23. OfficeTally is the very definition of an academic computing essential. Ross, your teacher is crazy. You should be teaching this class.

  24. I reject the idea that OfficeTally.com isn’t part of Academic Computing Essentials.

  25. If it’s the Marcus in town, I’m thrilled that there are other OT fans in town. Go FM!!!!!

  26. Ross…… as a teacher I have to say that was totally a valid reason to be punished – not paying attention. I would’ve laughed at what was on the screen, but I still would’ve given the punishment.

    That being said…… this is HILARIOUS…..nice job!

    also – I L O V E that this has brought out so many OfficeTally fans that are teachers out of the woodworks!!!! Krista – I’ve totally been playing around with the idea of using Schrute Bucks too…..my classes though are too young to be watching the show so I fear they wouldn’t get it.

  27. Aaaahahahahhaa. YES!!! This is awesome. This and the Richard Avis “that’s what she said” detention slip are pure gold.

  28. All of my teachers at school love The Office and this site so I never get in trouble when I am on. So lucky!

  29. Ross – as an 8th grade teacher and Office fan, I would’ve given you a stern warning and then discussed your favorite episode with you after class!

  30. That made my morning. I just love it that this website had to be written down in the “Reason For Detention” (instead of it being something like, “he was surfing the web”) Classic.

  31. unless there’s another marcus outside of texas, that’s my old high school! don’t remember a room 26, though.

  32. Now, as much as I’d love to say that it’s funny and kinda silly to have you be written up for something like this, I gotta say that this is actually justified. Only because you’re supposed to be studying and paying attention. These teachers aren’t being paid to be babysitters, they’re there to teach and make you smart enough not to work at a burger joint the rest of your life. I know I’ll get yelled at for my opinion, but that’s just how I feel about it.


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