1. Oh my goodness – my dog-loving heart just skipped a beat! Dude is adorable! That’s such a great pic.

    Looking forward to the Q&A! :)

  2. Dude’s an old dog, but still adorable. My submission for the office pet task isn’t as cool, and my lack of photo shop skills are on par with Michael Scott.

  3. I prepared a few questions to Mr.Lieberstein:

    “-who do you think you are?”

    “-why are you the way that you are?”

    Just kidding of course, looking forward to the Q & A. “Stress Relief” was great.

  4. Hey Tanster,

    Any idea when we get to see the answer to these questions?? I’m really looking forward to it! :-)


    [from tanster: unfortunately, i don’t think this will happen. sorry!]

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