Got a ‘Company Picnic’ question for Jen Celotta?

I am so delighted that The Office executive producer Jen Celotta has agreed to answer your questions about last night’s season finale, ‘Company Picnic’!

Jen co-wrote the episode with executive producer Paul Lieberstein (“Toby”).

Here she is hard at work. :)

Submit your question here.

This post will close at 11pm Pacific Time tonight, so get your questions in today!

P.S. I am really looking forward to this, since I’ll probably be able to contribute to it from an extra’s perspective. :)


  1. Will the hospital scene be released with audio, much like we got to see the proposal without audio? I’m curious as to what was said! Very excited for the new little “Jambino!”

    Thanks for taking time to answer questions!

  2. When you write a season finale, do you write it based on what’s coming ahead in the next season, or is the other way around (write the next season episodes based on the season finale)? Thanks for your wonderful work!

  3. How in the world did you ever manage to get Brian Stack in this episode, especially when he was in the midst of prepping for the new Tonight Show and moving to LA?

  4. Tanster told us in the spoiler section that CGI would be used for this episode. Did you apply it for all volleyball scenes?
    I loved the way how you shot the pregnancy scene.

  5. Was Pam and Jim’s hospital the set of Scrubs? It looked a lot like Sacred Heart. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions!

  6. Also, was the H.R. guy that Toby was talking to, the infamous Kendall? The bizarro-world Toby that works in the corporate office and whom David Wallace mentioned that he hated in the Season 3 finale?

  7. I loved the baby reveal scene without any sound. It was beautiful! But, now I’m dying of curiosity. What did Jim and Pam say to each other in the doctor’s office?

  8. Was Holly & Michael’s skit scripted or were they able to improvise a little? Holly and Michael really have a great rapport- will we ever see Holly again?
    Thanks for your time:0)

  9. Hi Jen! As a resident of Buffalo, I was wondering why you or the writers chose to close the Buffalo branch? It was a heartbreaker!

  10. Was this ever considered as an hour-long episode? How did you eventually decide to make it a regular-length episode, and/or when was that decision made? (Suck-up time: I thought it worked great as a half hour!)

  11. Tanster revealed that Jenna/Pam’s volleyball skills were aided by CGI. Were there attempts to shoot those scenes for real or was CGI always the plan?

  12. Can we see a repairing of Dwight and Angela’s relationship coming up soon, after what happened last night?

  13. I really liked how Michael handled the end of the episode with Holly. His talking head toward the end seemed very mature and confident (which we’ve seen more of lately). He was polite to her boyfriend as well when they left.

    Was this direction agreed upon by all people involved? I could see Michael making a huge fool of himself and Holly like the old Michael would (like him and Jan) but the choice to take him on a higher road is a great one to me. I was just wondering if you knew it was going to go that way from the start?

  14. If you are planning some other bombshell, then totally ignore this question, but if not, can you clear something up? Is Pam actually pregnant for the time being???? The boards and fans are going crazy out here; which I assume was your goal!

  15. First off… seriously… well done! Thank you and the cast/crew for another great season!

    What is one scene that ended up on the cutting room floor that you wished had made it into the episode?

  16. When Tanster was invited to be an extra, was she specifically placed with Buffalo to get the most exposure or was it a happy accident? It was so cool to see so much of our girl!

  17. Michael’s predicted that his relationship with Holly would last a long time, maybe she’d be with someone one year, then he’d be with someone the next year. This seemed like a subtle jab at the usual “Ross and Rachel” relationships that we get on TV so often. Was it?

  18. Last season in ‘Job Fair’ Pam specifically brought up pretending to have PMS to get out of volleyball. In this episode she said she played volleyball throughout middle school, high school, and college, and went to volleyball camp during her summers. What’s up with that?

  19. Where did the picnic actually take place (on the show, not in real life)? Bringing Buffalo, Scranton and NYC must have taken some logistical planning. Why didn’t the Utica branch attend? What was Kelly doing during the picnic?

  20. Were the extras instructed not to laugh at Michael & Holly’s “Slumdunder Mifflinaire”? It must have been a challenge to not laugh at that!

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