The Office: Company Picnic, 5.28

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The Office Company Picnic

Writers: Jen Celotta, Paul Lieberstein
Director: Ken Kwapis

Summary (NBC): It’s the annual Dunder Mifflin company picnic and Michael and Holly are reunited, and Michael has some big plans for her. Meanwhile, the office competes in the picnic’s volleyball tournament.

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The Office Company Picnic rating

In a poll conducted May 14-18, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.36/10

The Office Company Picnic quotes

Dwight: How that horse became a doctor, I don’t know.

Michael: What’s so funny?
Pam: You had to be there.
Michael: Oh yay! Geography joke.

Pam: You don’t grab these for balance.

Dwight: You think the EPA would ever allow that much DEET?

Michael: You can go to hell. I’m kidding!

Michael: “Holly, you and I are soup snakes.”

Charles: Must be nice to get a rest from all your rest.

Michael: What is up with you two, Holly?

Michael: I’m designing a chair. It’s part of your pants. You sit down, you’re supported.

Michael: All right, fatty, I will do it.

Dude with shades: These are expensive Ray-Bans, jackass.

Dwight: You’re better than this! I am better than this.

Dwight: What hand do you use to answer the phone?

Michael: Is that cool?
Holly: Crystal cool.

Meredith: Yeah, man in!

Rolph: I don’t hear cheaters, tramps, or women who break my friend’s heart.

Michael: Could we get a DeLorean …

Holly: We haven’t found our great idea yet.
Michael: No. We’re circling it.

Rolph: They’re going to wipe their asses with your serves. Piss all over your faces!

Toby: This reminds me of the HR convention last fall.

Holly: Are you ready to play Slum Dunder Mifflinaire?

Stanley: I usually don’t enjoy the theater, but this is delightful.

Michael: Well, he’s just thinking about his own gifts.

Dwight: People need volleyball now more than ever.

Dwight: If we don’t play, then the other team wins.

Charles: Look who just woke up!

Angela: Now it’s 7-6. Or is that too much accounting for you?

Rolph: What does one fiance plus one lover equal? Answer: one whore.

Erin: Booyah!

Michael: We have a lot of good material for next year’s sketch.

Michael: I think we’re one of those couples with a long story.

Michael: You guys should hit the road before I close down another branch.

Dwight: How many people need to get hurt before we learn a valuable lesson? 1? 2? 3? 4? No, no, hear me out.

Jim: Hey Dwight. Send in the subs.

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  1. Tanster!!!!!! You got a close up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tanster! I just saw you and kind of shouted it out loud with my friend next to me!
    Awesome girl (:

  3. OMG! when I saw you (tanster) I screamed so loudly! So awesome you got to be on the show!

  4. Yay Tanster! I saw you- brilliant! That must’ve been an amazing day!

  5. Tanster – let me assure you, you are all over this episode!!!!! Act 2 is your shining moment!!! Can’t miss you!!!

  6. Tanster–awesome acting! Hubby and I said in unison–there she is!

  7. Thanks you guys! This is crazy! I’m so excited just reading everybody’s comments! I have a goofy-ass grin on my face!

  8. Yeah! I probably freaked my neighbors out when I screamed at your debut! I even rewinded my DVR to see you again! Congrats! I am soo jealous!

  9. this is the greatest episode ever. i am so happy with this episode, even more than i was with weight loss. babieessss!!!!!!

  10. PREGGERS!? Oh my god. that was unbelievably tastefully revealed.

  11. Wow Tanster, I started squeeing as soon as I saw you.
    Also OMG PAM is pregnant!! *squees*
    Not a bad episode, too bad it was so short. :(

  12. Tanster! You were so the star! Plus, of course, Jim and Pam’s news!!!

  13. Congratulations, Tanster! I shouted out loud when I saw you on the screen.

    And… officially can’t wait for next season now!

  14. Yay Tanster with the big close up! When I saw you on screen and shouted, “Oh Tanster!”

    And Jim and Pam!!! My heart is bursting with squeee.

  15. So all those times that John said babies were in the future for Jim and Pam, he wasn’t joking at all!!

  16. YES!!! JAM prank! The season did not break the great tradition:) I must say
    that I prefer thinking of Pam as an art nerd in school{her PMS & PE speech in
    ‘Career Day’}. I’m glad Pam is pregnant. I know it makes ‘tv sense’ to have wedding planning, wedding, then a pregnancy, but that’s not always real life and JAM has been played down way too much this season.

  17. Wow! I am so glad to have a free night on THIS night! Thanks writers for a great season and congrat cast and crew and especially TANSTER!

  18. I saw you!
    But did this feel like a short episode to anyone else?
    Maybe its because I’m used to hour finales.
    But Oh my god is Pam pregnant?! I was so happy when I saw Jim crying.
    I can’t wait for next season.
    And great lines in this episode, I loved Toby’s personality twin. hahah

  19. Of course she is….good episode, not my favorite season finale (too restricted by the 20 minute or so running time I think).

    But, it made me happy to see them so happy :).

    Favorite quote:

    Pam: These are not good for balancing.
    Jim: (looks and shrugs).

  20. That was awesome! Tanster, you were awesome! It was so funny bc my phone rang and I paused the episode right at the moment of your reaction shot to the Michael/Holly sketch. I screamed into the phone. I felt silly, but I was so excited.

  21. Tanster! I saw you and I have to say where’s your Emmy? I love your work!
    That being said I thought this episode was pure gold. My heart broke for Michael but he acted with so much dignity (minus giving the news to Buffalo) at the end that you couldn’t help but have hope for him and Holly…maybe later.
    Dwight was awesome defending his Monkey at the end, I think there’s hope there.
    I was kind of disappointed in the lack of Andy and Kelly, I didn’t even see her. I wish there would have been some more development of that.
    Finally….JIM AND PAM! OH MY GOD! I can’t believe it, I’m trying to stop myself saying “nah, it has to be something else, the writers misleading us” but seriously what else could it be? They’re reactions we re perfect and priceless. Just, OH MY GOD! I can’t hang like this till September.

    I drink a toast to you writers, another job well done. :)

  22. I love finale week.

    this episode was great, although it felt like it should’ve been…half an hour longer. so many cliffhangers. the one that will bother me all summer: who won the volleyball game?

    and the end was okay, too. although all those rebellious kids who hang out in the upper right spoilers-corner, they all pretty much called it.

    and i may have missed something, but who was the person we haven’t seen since season two?

  23. And that, my friends, is how you end a season. Perfection. Perfect acting. Perfect direction. How long until September??

  24. Of course she is….should have seen it coming. Good episode, not my favorite season finale (too restricted by the 20 minute or so running time I think).

    But, it made me happy to see them so happy :). And it’s nice to see Holly and Michael reunited.

    Favorite quote:

    Pam: These are not good for balancing.
    Jim: (looks and shrugs).

  25. Cheesy and a little bit predictable as it was, it’s 19 minutes later and I can’t stop smiling :)

  26. Ep. was pretty awesome!

    I was watching it with my mom and was like, “OMG, it’s that lady who has that thing online.” She didn’t know what I was talking about. But go Tanster! ha.

  27. Tanster, I think the Edit guy has a crush on you as many times as you were in the background and direct shots!

    Oh My Happiness, I’m so glad that Pam and Jim are going to have a baby. I guessed when I heard the lady ask about the xray.

    One question, who is the person that we haven’t seen since season 2? The other HR guy, is he a writer/producer/special guest star?

  28. Tanster — you looked amazing on screen!! I’m so utterly proud of how well you did and the mere fact that you followed your passion and look where it got you. This should serve as an example to all of us to never give up. (Hmm, where I heard that before?!) I tip my hat for a job well done…

    And the finale, wow. Tears, joy, and hope in a half-hour.

  29. This season to me was kind of eh.. but this episode brought it back for next season

  30. Tanster, we saw you at least three times. First one was a funny look on your face @ Michael. So sweet.

    Finale? I was iffy about it.

    I guess they can’t really develop Michael/Holly if Amy Ryan isn’t a definite. Thought the Pam pregnancy was a little too easy to guess!

  31. I’m in shock.
    Pam is the best person ever.
    I love JAM so much.
    So much.
    This is so great.
    But I have so many questions.

    Will they get married during hiatus so she won’t show? Will the wedding be documented? Will they show the summer like they did with Weight Loss? Will she be showing at all when they go back? She’ll be what? 5 months?

    I’m SO nervous. I’m SO anxious. I’m SO excited.

    John’s face made me want to cry.
    Jenna is the prettiest person ever.

    I’ll tell you one thing: they did great hiding the pregnancy till now. Wow, although: I did call it ;)

  32. i just want to know what the cliffhanger is i missed it.. and who is back from season 2?

  33. Great close ups Tanster! Maybe they’ll take you over at Scranton now that Buffalo’s closed.

  34. Fantastic episode!! Regardless of how things went, I’m glad to see that Michael is hopeful for the future. I hope Dwight’s friend makes another appearance. Does anyone know who the actor playing him is? Pam was awesome showing off her crazy volleyball skills. Also, congrats to Jim and Pam. I think a lot of people called that one. Awesome season finale. It felt a bit short but I loved it.

  35. Classic. I loved Dwight’s friend, and Slumdundermifflinaire was hilarious.

  36. I’m disappointed in the surprise at the end. In past television series that is usually the quickest way for a show to go downhill. Overall great season finale, but I wanted to know who won the game and for Charles to get a volleyball in the face.

  37. That Holly article was definitely discouraging at first, but after watching the episode, there’s definitely hope for Michael and Holly, even though we won’t see much of her. And we now know that Michael is a genuine romantic after that.

    And Jim and Pam, wow. No words.

    BTW, hilarious cold open.

  38. I knew it once the nurse said, “in case you were pregnant”. Overall great episode and as I was looking at the list of spoilers I can’t seem to remember when CGI was in the episode?

  39. Wow! And I thought the season opener was going to be hard to top!

    Glad that you weren’t the face on the cutting room floor, Tanster. :) Congrats!

  40. Congrats Tanster! I made little yelp when i saw you!
    And Pam and Jim?! YES!

  41. And the Emmy goes to John Krasinski for some superb acting tonight. How do you do that reaction on cue?


    I swear though, I was screaming at the TV “Just say it! Just SAY that she’s pregnant, so I’m not re-guessing myself all summer! PLEASE” but they didn’t :[

    but I saw you tanster! sorry about your branch being shut down :P


  43. I on the other hand didn’t like the whole baby thing. I wish they would have gotten married first.

  44. So, that episode seriously broke my brain! I totally called that one! Jim’s crying at the end seriously had me bawling. Oh, and awesome job on the reaction shots Tanster! I was screaming and pointing at the TV everytime I saw you. LoL! I would write more but I’m still processing everything I just saw!

  45. Go Tanster! What a great episode to be a part of! I am still smiling! : )

  46. My husband laughed harder at me screeching when I saw you, tanster, than he did over anything else in the episode! Great shot of you , and AMAZING episode! I love me some JAM (and some JAM babies)!

  47. Tanster!!!!! Good to see your hard work isn’t going unnoticed. Congrats!!!!

    And overall, a very good episode… Looking forward to next season.

  48. Someday my husband’s gonna have the exact same reaction. I can’t wait.

  49. Yay! I was watching in a room full of folks who don’t faithfully follow Officetally (laaaammme…), so they were a bit confused when I shouted out “There she is! There she is!!” Congrats!

  50. That was soooo awesome! I was rewinding so much. What a great episode:) Congrats Tanster!

  51. Tanster….star of the show! Bravo!

    Oh yeah…and then there’s the JAM baby!

  52. Tanster your facial expression in one cut is priceless! Loved it! Congratulations!

  53. That was a very disappointing episode. I wanted to like it but I just couldn’t. The Holly story was fumbled and a missed opportunity, Charles was wasted. Dwight’s friend was pointless. And the big twist felt out of grey’s anatomy. Pam doesn’t have to get pregnant for that story-line to be interesting. I feel like this episode just proved they are spinning their wheels with where to go with the show.

  54. And the Emmy goes to: John Krasinski, for The Office, Episode entitled Company Picnic.

    That was the best reaction I have ever seen on television. The tears, the hugs, the cracking of his voice when he called Dwight… I just… I’m laying here in a puddle of my own happy tears right now.

    Office writers – you win. Well played.

  55. I completely agree with #46, Janet. This episode felt really lazy to me and I felt like something was missing.

    Plus I totally don’t know who was the person that we haven’t seen since season 2. Guess that person wasn’t very important…

  56. Tanster! Congrats on the cameo.

    What a fab episode. I laughed, I cried, it moved me! :)

  57. First of all, Tanster, awesome reaction shot during Michael & Holly’s sketch.

    And, woo-hoo! They’re pregnant:) Fantastic acting by JK in that final scene. Tears in his eyes, ala Casino Night…amazing.

    Other than that, though, kind of a disappointing episode. I wonder how much was left on the cutting room floor, didn’t see Kelly at all.

    And, who was the person not seen since Season 2? I’ve watched it twice now and I’m missing it.

  58. this episode felt like it was way too short…all season finales should be an hour long! i noticed a little something hinted at with erin and andy and with dwight and angela…looking forward to seeing how that plays out. also, i think i heard we get more jan next season.

  59. Thumbs up tanster, thumbs down to the episode. The OTT lighting was back and brought squooshy Michael back with it. The whole Michael/Holly soap was like “End already!!! Eeeeennnnnnnnndddd!!!” And the Jam reveal, TBH, I just plain don’t care and haven’t in too long. A major step back, IMO, in a season that showed a lot of improvement recently.

  60. 48:

    How is it lazy to have Jim and Pam have a baby? They’ve been engaged for a while and now they’re having a baby. That’s certainly not unrealistic. Also, it is possible to play a sport and hate PE. PE sucked. Also, why couldn’t a friend of Dwight’s come to a picnic? It’s not like there is security at the gate of the park. It’s just a picnic.

  61. Dwight and Angela were so sweet in their own way, that was nice to see. He can’t stop protecting her for too long, she can’t stop looking at him as ‘that guy’ in her life.

  62. Tanster, you should have gotten a cast credit for how many times you were in that episode! How fun! Yay for JAM babies. My overly emotional pregnant state led me to cry a bit when Jim was tearing up.

  63. congrats, tanster! sorry your branch is closing, though lol. such a great episode! especially the end with jim and pam :)

  64. I love that Pam is pregnant! I just read an article today that focused on the fact that the Office allowed, basically, its lead (male and female) to get together and has been able to stay fresh and funny. I do not think this will make the show go downhill. I see this as a challenge and one that this group of writers is definitely up for!

  65. Wow. What a good episode. I pretty much lost it when I saw jim tear up. I love JAM.

  66. Wow, this was a bad one. Such a shame for the 100th. No laughs at all. BUT, Pam being pregnant made it all worth it! I just hope we can still see a wedding and they don’t elope over the “summer break.” It was fun seeing you Tanster! Think I saw you from afar at a picnic table before your close-up.

  67. The ending raises a question though:

    Did anyone notice Jim take off his mic when he went in the room? Because there was no volume and we couldn’t hear what they were saying, which I admit, added something to the moment….but this never happens in the show unless they take off their mics.

  68. AHHHHHHH…..LOOOOVED IT! All I’m going to say. We all saw it and know how AMAZINGLY AWESOME it was so I’ll keep it short and sweet A+++ for Jen Celotta and special guest star Tanster!

  69. I don’t know… I was a little disappointed by this episode, too, for some reason. :( I mean, I’m happy that Pam and Jim are going to have a baby and all, but I suppose I was just expecting something more. :/

    But it was pretty cool to see ya Tanster!! =] So sorry to hear about your branch, though! ;]

  70. I would like to form a coherent sentence, but I really cannot–tonight’s episode was too amazing. John and Jenna need Emmy’s RIGHT NOW. They seriously had me crying. How are we supposed to wait until September?

  71. Jim and Pam were so cute at the end! Overall a good episode, the Buffalo Branch closing was a great twist. Charles Miner was being a jerk, but that’s Charles. Overall a good finale!

  72. Just watched it, AGAIN! Did anybody else notice in the cold opening where Dwight was running to Michael’s car, that he had no shoes on? I missed it the first time but it was hilarious when I caught it. (They’re so prone to detail, it’s ridiculous!)

    Oh, and Tanster? I think I was looking out for you more times than I was looking out for Jim, lol.

    Overall, fantastic episode. (Even though everyone’s right about the whole feel of it, it was way too abrupt.) And despite guessing about the whole pregnancy, it didn’t stop me from feeling insanely giddy about it.

    (I love summer, but man! I’d give anything for it to be September.)

  73. I’m still smiling at Jim’s reaction! This is going to be a really long summer…..

    And, kudos to you, Tanster. I was pointing and clapping when you came on – saying “there’s Tanster”…and my husband asked “What’s a Tanster?”

    If he only spent half the time I do on this site. :)

  74. Really liked this episode. Already can’t wait for next season!

    But more importantly….who was that stunner in the orange shirt during the Michael/Holly sketch? :)

  75. Can I just say that the best Jim face was tonight in the last twenty seconds of the show? I loooooved it. Great acting from JKras and Jenna! I fell off the couch twice during this episode, first when I saw Tanster clear as day, and the second was when Jim went into that ER room. Just amazing.

  76. I loved, loved, loved this episode!

    It was really fun to watch, I am going to watch it over and over again :)

    P.S.: Great job Tanster! ;)

  77. I don’t have DVR, so I couldn’t rewind it to see. Was Karen among the Utica folks in the sketch scene?

  78. So maybe I’m oblivious, but who was in the episode that we haven’t seen since season 2?

  79. TANSTER!!!!!!!!! YOU WERE SO AWESOME! I re-wound it twice to see you again!

    The cold open…classic Office antics. Lovely.

    The Michael/Holly skit…oh my God…so awful…so hysterical…and I have to say, I like how they did it. It wasn’t overdone, and it wrapped up her story with Michael getting closure, but there’s still a possibility for her return in the future.

    “I shouldn’t have to ask you. You should just know.”

    Some cute Dwangela, very subtle, very nice.

    Dwight stalling was SO GREAT. He just KICKS it in a TREE!

    AND JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND JAM BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop smiling.

  80. OMG! Tanster’s face, and probably the biggest JAM news ever! What an amazing episode!

  81. Corporate is just plain evil now. I loved that James Urbaniak is Dwight’s new friend. awesome. and the random appearance by that Conan writer as a Buffalo employee.

    and jkras was awfully adorable as always.

  82. Tanster!!! My family doesn’t follow OT and don’t realize your significance, so they just gave me a weird look when all the sudden I shouted ‘Tanster!’. Made me laugh though.

    On the other hand – ohhhh man. I’m 99.9% sure that JAM stuff at the end means what should be obvious, but because they didn’t verbally confirm it I’m going to be dreading a crazy twist the writers might sneakily put on it. I really hope Pam is pregnant, though I do wish they would have gotten married first. This is going to be a long summer.

  83. Tanster! I got SO excited when you appeared on screen! Your expression was priceless! Yay for you!

    I loved the episode! And loved the happy Jim and Pam moment at the end! :)

  84. What can I say? I wish it were an hour, but that episode just kicked my butt! BEST SEASON FINALE EVER! Best season! It was great! I wish it were an hour. What else can I say? John and Jenna were fantastic!

    And so cool to see you Tanster!
    Loved it. Can’t wait for Season 6!

  85. YAY Tanster! I was looking for you during the episode, and then there you were! Congratulations! And WOO HOO for JAM babies! It’s going to be a long summer…

  86. Well for someone who has absolutely no idea who Tanster is (assuming someone heavily involved with OfficeTally), actually focusing on the episode itself I was disappointed.

  87. I saw you, Tanster! You did a wonderful job! This was such an incredible episode! I loved Dwight’s friend, and I love, love love, that we couldn’t hear the exchange between Jim and Pam at the end. John K deserves an Emmy for just the last minute of the show. He had tears in his eyes! It was beautiful. Thank you for this brilliant show, everyone at the Office!

  88. Come on guys. Jim and Pam are engaged and have been together for over two years now. It is not some big shock or stunt to have Pam pregnant. Give me a break.

  89. I apologize for the double post, but was the hospital scene the only one you weren’t allowed to see, Tanster? Or did you know that was going to happen? Thank you!

  90. JAM!!
    But the episode was just too short. It didn’t feel like a finale at all…I don’t know, maybe I’m just spoiled with a full season this year. It was good fun, though.

    Can’t wait for baby JAM. But I do hope that fall she had didn’t hurt Baby JAM and I also hope she didn’t get the cat scan or MRI, whatever.

  91. YAY JAM baby! I really want to see daddy Jim. I really hope they do a commentary for this episode.

  92. awseome finale!! dwight’s friend was glorious. and congrats on the cameo Tanster.

  93. Is the doctor the same one that examined Dwight in the second season during The Injury? I wasn’t paying enough attention to him, (paying too much attention to Jim and Pam), to be sure, but I think it might have been.

  94. Congrats to Tanster – I saw you right away and you did great!

    Season 5 was the best season since season 2; however, this was the worst finale ever. Very lazy. Wallace would never tell Michael anything confidentially unless he was a total idiot. Jim and Pam pregnant = lazy. Pam is suddenly athletic – what happened to PMS every time in gym class? Not consistent. Also, suddenly Dwight has a friend besides Mose? And he is allowed to come to a company picnic? Not likely.

    Not a very funny episode, but a great, great season.

  95. I am so behind on my officetally!! I watched this week’s episode without knowing you were going to be on it and saw you and KNEW i recognized your face somehow, but couldn’t quite pinpoint it! Congrats!!!!

  96. I liked it. It was a cute episode. Not season two, but I don’t expect it to be. Shows almost never get better, so as long as they stay funny, I’m happy.

    Although, I am excited for Survivor. I think we’ll finally get a season where the finale isn’t the last standing!

  97. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the pregnancy. Call me old-fashioned and closed-minded, but I always wanted Jim and Pam to be a couple you could look up to. Once they moved in together, I lost that. Now I really have.

    #116– that was one of my favorite parts, too– Dwight with no shoes in the parking lot, hahaha. I burst out laughing.

  98. Didn’t Pam say that she used to fake PMS so she wouldn’t have to play volleyball?

    Anyway, Steve Carrell and John Krasinski are such great actors. John used to be great at the “unrequited love” face and now Steve is wearing it well. Now John gets to wear the “ecstatic to be with her” face. Also, am dying for Dwangela to come back.

  99. Tanster! I was looking in the background during all of the scenes, then -surprise!- there you were! Excellent job, by the way. You have no idea how jealous I am… I fantasize every day about being able to hang out with the cast on the set. :]

  100. Tanster!! I’m so proud of you! Wait until you see this – you are gonna freak! Awesome job!

    Oh, and there was something to do with Jam, too … what was that …? ;)

  101. Oh, and by the way, the spoiler re: “someone you haven’t seen since Season 2″:

    I”m told that their scene didn’t make it in tonight. :(

    So … I won’t reveal who it is until all the deleted scenes are posted.

  102. Good job, Tanster! Had no trouble recognizing you. Someone please transcribe Michael’s quote at the end. Love it. Reminds me of someone in my life.

  103. Was it just me or was there no Creed or Kelly in this finale?

    I guess the producers decided that since JK always makes jokes on talk shows/interviews about JAM having babies – that it wouldn’t hurt to throw that in for real and still have us be surprised!

  104. John was perfect tonight — what an amazing delivery… I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers will handle that!!!! it’s going to be awesome

  105. I think it looks like Jim and Pam are in Sacred Heart Hospital. Episode felt at times like it was setting up a finale more so than THE season finale.

  106. My guess is Todd Packer(sp?) was supposed to be on the show & his scene ended up as a deleted scene or something. He’s the only person I can think of that we haven’t seen since season 2. Guess we will just have to wait for the deleted scenes.

  107. Wow. I actually teared up at the Jim/Pam moment. Those two are simply the best. There were a few nice moments with Dwight and Angela and I liked the way they wrapped up the Michael/Holly relationship, although I hardly think we’ve seen the last of Holly. Overall, a good episode but not the usual “cliff-hanger” of seasons past. I do agree with Steph, LOVE the DVD commentaries! Can’t wait ’til fall!

  108. Pam is pregnant- WOOHOO!!!

    I agree with 104. Jimmy & 108. Rachel: I did not just watch a lazy episode & there’s no reason to think preggers-Pam will take the show down hill.

    41. MIXED BERRY: I was also ecstatic to see a JAM prank! That was one tradition I was afraid would end this season. I’ve missed JAM’s relationship this season, and Jim as an individual. They did give them, and him, a heck of a moment at the end, though. Those two were really a team in this episode. :)

    I also-also prefer ‘art nerd Pam’ over ‘baller Pam.’ She specifically said she faked PMS to get out of volleyball. This has bothered me for most of season 5: Is Pam still into art? Will we see any more interest and/or pursuit of art from Pam, as a pastime, hobby, side-career, or whatever? That was a defining and distinguishing part of her character, it’s her great talent. Or it was, now I guess it’s volleyball. I would love to see Pam with a table or booth at an art fair, with Jim as her assistant. The only time art has even been mentioned since she got back from NY has been in reference to her failing design school. :(

  109. umm.. WHERE IS THE LIP READER? I want to know SO BADLY what they were saying!

  110. I agree 132. I do not look down on them as a couple at all. It’s modern and they are definitely in a committed relationship. Heck, I’ve got friends who’ve been together for the past 10 years since High School and have 2 children…just no plans to get married.

    However, I hope we’ll see a JAM wedding. There’s been a lot of talk of being invited to a fall wedding out there…so what if she’s preggo!

    And Tanster…fabulous!

  111. I just love season finales that involve Pam and Jim. I just hope she is really pregnant. Tanster, I think The Office powers that be gave you a great shout out with that close-up. They know what a super job you have been doing with this website. You deserve all the praise you’re getting tonight. Keep up the great work.

  112. Also, everyone keeps saying it’s Todd Packer, but I watched all 4 seasons about 3 times since we heard that someone from season 2 was returning…Todd Packer is in Season 3 people!!!! My guess is that it was Pam’s mom or Katy.

  113. stanley ‘s wife was in the episode , when was the last time we saw her ?

  114. wow. could the end of this episode be any more adorable? jim’s reaction was the best. i love how he was like, hyperventalating (no idea how to spell it) after he found out that she was pregnant and came out of the room to call dwight.

    seriously, i cannot wait until next season!(:

  115. I like Jim and Pam and everything, but seeing them engaged has been more than enough for me. We know they love each other and it’s a sure thing.

    That’s why within this last year my attention has turned to Michael and Holly, and I find myself rooting for them instead. Michael deserves some happiness. And what Michael said at the end of the show really satisfied me. Eventually they will end up together, and deep down they both know it.

    But my favorite part of the show was that brief, yet familiar look that Angela gives Dwight when he does something sweet for her.

  116. I don’t care what anyone thinks…. I loved loved loved the last 3 minutes and I am so jealous of those on the west coast who still have one of the best JAM moments coming up for them!

  117. Disappointed, only because the episode felt gutted — you could definitely tell this was meant to be an hour and it was edited to what, 18 minutes or so? Also, the pregnancy stuff wasn’t the bombshell that was the Jan pregnancy. Fun episode, but like I said, it felt like it was edited all to hell.

  118. What a great episode, and a great way to wrap up the season! Didn’t actually see the twist coming, though in hindsight maybe I should have. Congrats to tanster on your cameo, I got so excited when I saw you!

  119. Also, regarding the first appearance since season 2 character, my only thoughts are Katy, Mrs. Beesly, or maybe like, Craig from the Albany branch, or some other former employee. Devon? And how awesome was it to see Brian Stack from Conan as a Buffalo employee?!

  120. 141 joan:

    They are about as in love as anyone could possibly be. There is nothing wrong with them having a baby. Of course, I could go on quite a rant about looking up to fictional tv characters, but I’ll save that for another day. :)

  121. “I’m Robert Dunder.”
    “I’m Robert Mifflin.”

    And then TANSTER! with a CLASSIC Office facial expression, it was SO Pam Season 1! I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Great episode! Great Tanster! Great acting from John and Jenna!

    But also, I want to give a shout out to Steve and Amy for their performances in this episode. They were very funny (SlumDunder Mifflinaire!), but they REALLY captured the awkwardness and excitement of seeing each other again. Bravo everyone!

  122. I didn’t think much of the episode until the end and finding out Pam is pregnant. I think John played it perfectly – the tears in his eyes and nervous laughing. I think that was some of his best acting on the show. Otherwise, the rest of the show kind of fell flat.

  123. Am I the only one wondering who won the game? I want Minor to go down!

    Other than that great job Tanster. I think they should just transfer you from Buffalo to Scranton.

  124. I saw you Tanster! You’re famous! Yay! And how ADORABLE was the ending? Loved Michael’s speech– very mature. And JIM AND PAM! Babies! Yay! (Well, I guess “baby,” but still!) I can’t wait for next season!

  125. If John & Jenna & Steve do not get Emmy nom’s & awards this fall, I think they are seriously being denied their recognition of superb acting!

    Congrats Tanster on being clearly spot-able in the episode! It was a great season finale, but should have been longer. They could have done so much with everyone that was there for the picnic.

    Where the heck was Kelly?? And CREED?! Come on!!!

    And excellent about Jim & Pam’s baby! I called it!

  126. ending wasn’t a twist. I saw it a mile away. Just… very lackluster episode.

    But great acting, Tanster! You did great!

  127. Your expression during Michael and Holly’s skit was priceless, tanster!

  128. I thought this was the best finale EVER. How come no one is talking about Steve’s Booze Cruise moment with Holly? It was HEARTBREAKING. Forget John’s emmy and give it to Steve. I think the writers really brought it tonight. Fantastic script. Best 20 minutes of the Office ever. Tanster….how did you get to be so lucky???

  129. Tanster, so sorry your branch is closing! Hope you can find another job at DM.

  130. Also, regarding the mysterious person from season two… I was actually thinking it might be Toby or Stanley’s daughters. OR Devon? Maybe he works for another branch now?

  131. Anyone pick up on Michael’s comparison to his relationship with Holly and Jim and Pam’s. First she’ll have a guy and then I have a girl. So by my calculations they’ll finally be together around Season seven..ha ha

  132. Darn! I missed it because of the national soccer playoffs! and now i’m too drunk to NBCee-it…
    perhaps tomorrow I’ll be abl 2 cjd dj&ie sd oN($#oe ^40LL!!!

  133. Not to cast a shadow on a pretty good season finale, but what if the Jim and Pam pregnancy ends in tragedy? That would certainly lend a sense of realism to the show, as well as depth to the relationship that has been missing since season two. I certainly do not wish ill on these two but it could be a shake up that leads to a perfect Jim and Pam reunion.

  134. I bet the repercussions from the game will reverberate through season six.

  135. awesome awesome episode. I can’t help but feel a little bit of disappointment over the fact that it was half as long as it should have been, but oh well, it was still amazing. has anyone commented on the conversation between HR’s Toby and Kendell? HILARIOUS. But John Krasinski and Steve Carell absolutely stole the episode. All of their scenes were top notch, and Jim’s end reaction was some of the best acting i’ve seen on the show in a long time. great finale.

  136. My wife and I loved the episode tonight! We were planning on a fall wedding then found out day after Christmas we were going to have a baby, and let me tell you John reacted brilliantly b/c thats pretty much what I looked like lol. I think it’s gonna be awesome!

  137. Tanster – who cares about the plot… You got a close up!!

    [from tanster: omigod, sara, that is hilarious! thank you so much for posting that!]

  138. AMEN to #141. I enjoyed the innocence of Jim and Pam’s relationship and was ticked that they decided to take it down that road.

  139. when the nurse took pam to x-ray and said, “no chance you’re pregnant?” i was like “OMG SHE’S PREGNANT!”

    that scene was done so beautifully… john’s reactions were so PERFECT! i think he went through 5 different emotions in 5 seconds. i’m so excited for baby halpert! i can’t wait to see pregnant pam!

    this was such a great episode for jenna.

    btw, nice close-up, tanster!!!! did jenna do her own stunts?

  140. Who said there was gonna be somebody we haven’t seen since season 2?

  141. A truly fantastic episode – very reminiscent of Season 2, which was a perfect season in almost every way. Everyone was hilarious and wonderful in this ep – Dwight’s “How many people have to get hurt?… One?… Two?… Three? Can I finish? Four?… Five?… Six?…” HILARITY. Steve Carell was absolutely fantastic – his last talking head was so lovely and sweet, and reminded me that although he’s an idiot 99% of the time, Michael is a genuinely good person. So Holly and Michael are the new Jim and Pam. Lastly, John Krasinski’s performance brought me to tears – he is consistently fantastic, but seeing him with those tears of joy in his eyes was beautiful and really makes the romantic in me hopeful that someday I’ll find my very own Jim Halpert. One can only hope.

  142. Tanster, first deleted scene is up!

    So, I guess it was Meredith’s son that was the one we hadn’t seen since Season 2?

    [from tanster: correct! :) ]

  143. Tanster was the character Meredith’s kid? He was in the first deleted scene!
    Also-congrats! So awesome seeing you in the episode!
    And Jam babies!!!! ahhhh! love it

  144. Awww sweet, we’re gonna get a little Jim or a little Pam or both!!!! & great acting Tanster, but sorry your branch closing! It was heartbreaking watching Michael & Holly; hopefully it’s not the last time we see Amy Ryan on this show. I’ll comment more later when I calm down & get my thoughts straight. I wish it was September already!!

    PS: Does anyone know if the hospital where Pam & Jim were at is the same as the one on Scrubs?

  145. Funny, I thought the “important person” from season 2 was actually two people: the radiography tech and the doctor from “The Injury”. They couldn’t say who the “person” was or else you’d have an idea of where the plot was going.

  146. Tanster!!! I was so excited to see you on the screen and I started pointing madly to my family! That was SO cool!

    I really liked the picnic setting. Dwight’s stalling was hilarious. And John’s acting at the end…wow. Incredible. Man, Michael and Holly are soul mates…it makes me sad to see Michael sad

  147. omgomgomgomgomg Tanster!!! I jumped up when you came on scream and yelled “I know her!! rewind!!!” (my friends think I’m crazy now.)

    and when the nurse asked her if she was pregnant…. oh my god I jumped up and for a split second i couldn’t breathe and then i just started jumping up and down screaming when Jim found out… (also btw.. the nurse? “oh good cause my next question was going to be if you had a game to get to” hilarious)

    other forgotten moments: changing the clocks to 5? hahaha i was dying.
    Dwight’s appointment with a horse doctor? awesome
    #46 – that was one of the best quotes lol “these are not for balancing” jim’s face = classic.

    this has been the most emotional rollercoaster of an evening of television i’ve had in a loooong time. but i’m sooooo happy!!!

  148. @ 154….I was thinking the same thing! We need someone to get that conversation on here! There was a question further up about taking the mics off…all I can think of is in The Injury, Michael and Dwight had to take their mics off before going past a certain point in the hospital…could that be why we couldn’t hear the baby news?

  149. A sweet episode with lots of great moments. I agree that it felt more like a setup-heavy episode than the actual finale – which makes me think the season 6 premiere will be mind-blowing!

    If Krasinski doesn’t get an Emmy nomination for the last two minutes alone, there is no justice in the world.

  150. I am not going to lie…. I totally cried at the end when Jim is talking to Dwight on the phone and his face is just so amazed and exhilarated and scared and happy. He looks like he is about to cry or scream and jump for joy. That was absolutely amazing. I cried as much as I did at last season’s finale, except this was so so much better.

    I loved this ending and I love jam and jam babies.

  151. I loved the episode. JAM is just a duh. Michael is always a more mature person when he talks about Holly- in the past he always rushed into things, it shows he really loves her. And he was totally describing Jim and Pam’s relationship when he talked about how they will be perfect. Dwight showed his love for Angela too, in a Dwight way… Some great writing/acting here! Congrats, Tanster!

  152. JAM babies!!!!! *SQUEE!!* There are no words for how much love and joy I feel for this show tonight! John Krasinski stole my heart (for the 1000th time) and made me tear up! He is such a phenomenal and natural actor. Quite frankly, he just blows me away. And if I use any more exclamation points, even I’ll think I’m obnoxious :), but what the heck, YAY!!

  153. OH MY GOD!!!! Pam pregnant= AWESOME!!!!
    I’m so proud of michael for not being completely inapropriate around Holly!
    Just one complaint : where the heck were Kelly and Creed?????

  154. Oh.My.That last scene felt so real, my face was flushed with excitement, and I want to send a congratulations card to Jim and Pam. Half an hour felt much too short, but this was a great episode. I’m glad that Michael isn’t desperate for Holly, and that he’s thinking of their fate like that movie Serendipity. A really great episode, but I agree with others that Kelly and Creed should’ve been included. I remember Creed being there from tanster’s update of her week on set. Hopefully they’ll start right where they left off. Office season finales are the best.

  155. Tanster, please don’t take this the wrong way, but it is really sad when one of the highlights of a season finale is seeing you on the screen.

    Very disappointed with the show tonight. Yes, Jim and Pam are preggers which is great, but I thought this was by far the worst season finale yet. (obviously Season 1 doesn’t count, who even knew if the show was going to continue?)

  156. OMG! Loved it!

    My guess about the mics is that b/c it was the picnic they were just using boom mics and following people around, wherever the action was, instead of micing everyone up (esp. while playing volleyball and such…)

    I can’t stop smiling about the big ending, but I can’t help but question what this will do to the feel of the show…I think the writers are great though, and they’ll handle it well.

    But I swear, if they do something to make it that she’s not really having a baby, b/c we didn’t really hear it or there’s a miscarriage or something (a popular tv way to get out of this hole) I’m gonna be sooo mad.

  157. I made my friend stop and rewind to see your closeup, Tanster! I got so excited!

  158. I thought this episode was pretty good, but definitely the weakest season finale yet (Hot Girl excluded.) My first thought at the episode’s conclusion was that it was WAY too short. I thought the cold open was a classic though and there were some good bits but not any real memorable laugh out loud moments like in Casino Night (I hate so much about the things you choose to be), The Job (Stanley nickels to Schrute Bucks), and Goodbye Toby (Who do you think you are?) There were good setups, though and I feel it would have been a lot stronger if the episode were an hour long.

  159. -169- On a somewhat different note, I thought maybe the mics being off (even though they didn’t show them actually turning them off) may have been sort of an homage to the British Office when Tim confesses his feelings to Dawn and they both have their mics off? Although the thing about them being in the hospital is equally plausible…

  160. Oooh, a JAM baby! I cried!
    The rest of the episode was kinda lame. But John did do a fantastic job with that ending. I’m so excited to see how next season plays out. And I love how every season ends with an amazing JAM moment!

  161. WOW–glad I stayed unspoiled for a change, because that came out of nowhere–what a surprise! It took me awhile to figure it out–“Why is he so happy? Why is she so happy? Why is he crying? Aren’t they going to go back in the nick of time and kick corporate’s ass?”) Great, great acting by John Krasinski. And I loved Michael and Holly together again!

    It was SO ridiculously fun to see you–I got all excited and without thinking yelled, “Tanster!” and confused everyone around me. You were front and center, baby! How cool is that???

    Whew, what a great episode!

  162. Anyone else notice Pam’s stellar volleyball ability, but in “Night Out” she threw a football right at Meredith’s face? Different sport, I know, but still?

    Loved me some JK in the hospital scene :) Wasn’t crazy about the pregnancy concept. Not sure how it’s going to play out. However, my love for JAM will never fade! They’re too cute, no matter the situation :)

  163. There are so many things I could say about this fantastic episode of this amazing series, but probably nothing others haven’t said already.
    However, since it’s been almost 4 hours since it aired, obviously it’s time to start speculating: girl or boy (or both!)?
    And Tanster, great job on the cameo!! I think you should use your sway to lobby for the fans to get to name the JAM baby, through an Officetally poll of course :)

  164. Oh man, I loved every second of this episode. The ending was so exciting I literally screamed at the top of my lungs. Man I love those two, so natural and cute!

    I loved loved the cold open too! has to be one of my favorites. mostly because the cast all worked together, it was hilarious.

    and the whole picnic was great, the volleyball and seeing the guys (and pam!) play so great. dwight deliberately kicks ball into woods: “i’ll get it….” lol. ah, just a feel good episode, including michaels resolution about him and holly’s destiny, aw. :)

  165. Raise your hand if you hit rewind on the DVR to see Tanster again; I know I did! Fun, fun. And JAM, OMG. Writers, you rule!

    [from tanster: i did! i did!]

  166. I’m shocked at how many people were disappointed by this episode. Lackluster? Are you kidding me? Come on this episode was frickin’ brilliant. I actually laughed quite a bit but it was the plot movement writing that was so good. Seriously, how can you guys not appreciate Michael’s last speech, and the epic-ness that was the hospital room scene. The whole silence in the room/Jim coming in and out of the door…frickin’ brilliant! I don’t know, to me it was honestly an amazing season finale. Way too short, obviously, but still very good nonetheless. Come on guys!

  167. I’m surprised to see so many positive comments.

    First of all, Holly is in HR. She knows better than to announce that a branch is closing in front of everyone in a comedy sketch at a picnic, regardless of whether or not the branch closing was already announced.

    Furthermore, the scene with JAM, why was the sound off? No one turned off their lavalieres; it wasn’t like the famous Tim and Dawn scene with no audio on the UK Office. Lazy. And Pam pregnant? LAZY writing. Jan and Karen have already been pregnant. Who’s next? Stanley? I wouldn’t be surprised with the way the writing has been lately.

    My thoughts overall? A highly anticlimactic episode to end the least cohesive season yet. Season 5 did not have a strong story arc like all of the other seasons did, and ultimately that is what hurt it the most. There’s no direction any more; it seems clear that the writers have long been out of ideas.

    Also, why did Ausiello say that the twist was something no one guessed? Just about everyone already guessed Pam was pregnant.

    But, despite my unhappiness with this episode, I still wanted to congratulate Tanster :)

  168. I also wanted to add that there isn’t a possibility that JAM turned off their lavaliers when the audience didn’t see them do it, because Jim rushed back out into the hallway, and called Dwight. He was perfectly audible the moment he stepped outside.

  169. #199: I have no idea whether it actually is the Scrubs set, but that was my first thought too when I saw it.

  170. Obviously they should have done a 40 minute finale
    – I mean there was just so many funny directions they could have gone with the minor characters Toby and the other HR guy + More of Dwight’s creative stalling + Kelly having a great opportunity of either cheerleading (loved Meredith’s outfit) or flirting with other branch temps + Andy making up some team cheers etc.

    Love how Dwight closed the adultery issue with Angela by telling his friend to shut it. Dwight and Angela belong together and hopefully we will see some flirting in season 6.

    Jim and Pam pregnancy? I like how they didn’t go: flirting, dating, engagement, wedding, children but surprised us in our craving for the wedding by icing the cake – I just don’t know how it will play out but we will see come September :D

  171. Best. Season. Finale. Ever.

    And I’m not just saying this because of the JAM baby to come…even though that was fantastic! Let me tell you, I did NOT see that one coming! I loved it because even though it was brilliant and hilarious, as per usual, there was a lightness and good-hearted side to it, the kind that made you smile a lot because it was just so dorky and sweet. Like the moments between Holly and Michael. And amazingly, all of that amazement fit into twenty-odd minutes, more so than casino night or whatever could in an hour, not that I didn’t love the other finales, as well. THAT’S the office I like to see! Hooray, writers! You’re doing great!

    SO PUMPED for season six! Brace yourselves, office fans!

  172. Yeah- what you all said.

    Did I miss Mindy in this episode? I haven’t rewatched yet…

  173. I know this must sound absolutely horrible and I don’t want it to happen but, what if the pregnancy doesn’t work out? If you catch my drift. Would that be too dark for the series?

    People complain about JAM being too perfect. Do you think that the writers would do something like that?

  174. I saw you!! haha, I paused and told everyone in my family who you were.. they looked confused but i think some of your cool rubbed off on me.

    Jim’s tears at the end…….. tons of awesome in this ep but those got me the most. Waaah when is the next new one???

  175. (didn’t read to see if anyone did this yet, sorry!!)

    So Pam’s at least one month along now, probably not two or she would have noticed. That would put her five months along in September. Showing for sure. ACK, they wouldn’t DARE get married between now and September, would they???

  176. @Hollis P. Flax:

    The sound wasn’t turned off. Last time I checked, it is very difficult to hear inside of a closed room. Especially from a video camera in a hospital (where there shouldn’t be electronics in the first place, see: Michael and Dwight in The Injury). The silence isn’t lazy, it was simply the editor’s choice to add more effect and power to the scene. I can guarantee you, if they included the dialogue it would have been less meaningful.

    And I’m kind of flabbergasted that you consider a pregnancy to be lazy writing. Despite the fact that reproduction is part of life, there isn’t much else you can do when you have a couple madly in love with each other. Just because two women in a show have been pregnant already doesn’t mean a third cannot. There isn’t a quota.

    Although, I would agree with you on the development of the story arc overall this season.

  177. Wouldn’t it be funny if Pam wasn’t pregnant at all and the doctor was just telling her and Jim that her eczema had cleared up? And by funny I mean all those crazed JAM fans would get up their torches.

    Anyway, I really thought this was a solid episode. Not my favorite of the season, but I still was laughing or smiling the whole way through. I think it would be genuinely ridiculous if John doesn’t at LEAST get an Emmy nomination this year and Steve Carell has earned the Emmy year after year. I actually was more touched at the Michael and Holly moments more then the pregnant stuff because we’ve seen Michael’s lonely journey and to see him have so much hope and patience was the most romantic thing I’ve ever see a fictional tv character do.

  178. #220. *raises hand*
    Congrats, Tanster! I was so excited when I saw you sitting in the audience.
    I enjoyed this episode very much. Despite the sound on/off debate, John Krasinki’s reaction in that moment was brilliant!

  179. Awful awful awful! Sure there were some funny moments but this finale was lack-luster and did NOT leave me on the edge of my seat. They’ve had such strong finales the past 3 seasons, what a disappointment.

  180. I hate to be critical of the best show in the world but I am disappointed with the writers. It seems very predictable to make the IT couple to be pregnant. I thought the writers would go a different way, something jaw dropping. However, maybe they knew that we would think a Jam baby would be predictable; there for thinking they would not making Pam pregnant. So I guess they did the unpredictable thing by doing the predictable thing. Does that make sense?

  181. Fantastic episode.

    I loved the choice of the silent reaction to finding out the big news. You understand all of it in their reactions, you don’t need words and its such a beautiful quiet moment. I was actually disappointed that the proposal had sound after I saw the version without sound.

    John and Jenna I bow to you… simply fantastic.

    Thank you to the whole Office cast and crew for a great season. Can’t wait to see you all in September!

  182. So awesome you got a lot of screentime.

    I think I need to watch the episode again. It was just an okay finale for me.

  183. Best cold open ever!! Pam’s boobs for balance and Jim’s face…classic! Michael and Holly…amazing. Andy being turned on by Erin’s “booyah”…awesome. Toby and the other HR guy…so funny. Dwight and Jim’s hug…haha! Dwight defending Angela and her little grin after…Dwangela! JAM and baby….YAY! Tanster…whoo-hoo! Loved it all :)

  184. Viva la jambino!!!!
    And thanks to AndIHaveWorms for the awesome babyname! :)

  185. Is Meredith’s son Jake the returning character that was cut out that was in the deleted scene? If so, he grew up! There’s no way that’s the same kid, right?

  186. Tanster, the expression on your face in this episode cracked me up!

    I have to admit that I did not have high hopes for the season finale–mainly because I didn’t see how it could be done in less than 30 minutes! Yet, the Office writers and actors have proven me wrong once again!

    Best line of the episode: “I don’t answer to tramps, cheaters, or people who break my friend’s heart.”

    Also, Michael’s talking head at the end was so touching and heartfelt. I haven’t read through all the other comments here yet so forgive me if this has already been said, but Michael’s words showed so much growth and depth of his character.

    And JAM! Really, who didn’t tear up along with Jim at the very end?

  187. Great finale. I liked that it was only 30 minutes. It’s good to see The Office bring some of the wittiness back in the last couple of episodes.

  188. #230 – it’s EXACTLY what I thought of right away. I’m guessing they’ll have a wedding over the summer and we’ll see ‘flashbacks’ in the season opener – maybe complete with Michael party-crashing antics!

  189. As a west-coaster, I can’t even explain how hard it was to not read all of these comments until the episode was over!

    I thought the cold opening was FANTASTIC. And oh my gosh, I hope Dwight and Angela get back together (or have already!)

    Congrats Tanster! I kept looking for you in the background, but you were right there in front! Was the episode like you thought it would be after watching it being filmed?

  190. Disappointing finale. Not even the JAM baby could save it. Saw that coming as soon as they suggested she go to the hospital. On the plus side I stayed amused trying to find you Tanster.

  191. I hope we get to see a baby shower for the future little papersalesperson, just because I want to see Michael throw another baby shower.

  192. Loved the look on your face Tanster! ha ha priceless.

    I love how sweet Jim and Pam are. Such great actors. And it only makes me more excited for next season. So when the baby comes, I guess we will see less of Pam. Unless a documentary crew follows them in their house ? But maybe she could do some graphic design while at home. Wow I’m thinking way far ahead

    And I love Michael and Holly ! I was hoping that they were going to be back together (wishful thinking). There was one scene where Michael and Holly were silent and it felt like the long pause from booze cruise. Like you know that Michael wants to tell Holly something. Superb acting. Great great episode !!!

  193. Who else thought it would have been totally awesome if they went into the hospital and BOOM… Dr. Perry Cox.

    Yeah kind of gimmicky but I would have been stoked.

  194. 1.I found you, Tanster!

    2.I KNEW something was up when John Krasinski DIDN’T mention babies in all the 100th episode coverage!

    3.I had no idea Sacred Heart was so close to Dunder Mifflin’s picnic grounds. :)

  195. After reflecting some more, I wish they had skipped Cafe Disco and done either a two-part or an hour-long finale. I enjoyed Cafe Disco, and thought it was a fun episode, but after seeing the finale I want MORE!

  196. I remember reading around the time of the proposal episode that they had done another version with their dialogue inaudible. Nice to see the bookend of this season with this other pivotal moment in their relationship having the audience witnessing it at a distance, and not being able to hear what is being said. I do hope we get to see their wedding though; with Pam pregnant we should also get lots of great disapproving lines from Angela!

    I just loved the cold open, and Michael’s reflection on the nature of his relationship with Holly.

    And as someone who has to manage site closures as part of her job (I’m a communication manager in a large corporate), I thought the whole announcement about the branch closure both hilarious and appalling!

  197. I have loved every ep of the office, ever. But I thought tonight’s ep was a little underwhelming and wasn’t into it at all. After all it was the season finale and 100th ep but I was disappointed. The biggest problem was probably the fact that it was only a 30 min ep.

    Btw great cameo tanster!

  198. Hey Tanster, I was so excited to see you. That was one of the coolest moments of the episode. Overall i really liked it, and Jim is so cute, he’s going to be the best dad ever. Just one thing bothered me, though: Pam does not like volleyball, she said so in the job fair episode last season. Not cool, writers…

  199. Although there were some funny moments in this episode, overall…meh. It seemed like it was supposed to be a lot bigger than it actually was (TWSS). For most of it, up until the credits, I was waiting, thinking “Okay, and NOW they’re going to have the big surprise. Okay, and NOW it’s going to happen.” Granted, for someone who does not read OfficeTally as obsessively as I do, the JAM pregnancy was probably a big surprise, but even so…I don’t know. I did not feel a sense of completion or exctiement for next season.

  200. Overall I loved this finale. The cold open was the best with everybody working together! Admittedly, I have mixed feelings about the pregnancy. I feel like it is too soon for that. Not that I care that baby comes before wedding, but I would have liked at least another season of an engaged/planning a wedding Jim and Pam. Also, I was so happy for Pam finally moving up to sales. I would have loved to see that develop, see the bumps along the way as she grows in that position. I really don’t know how a baby will play out. Someone already mentioned a quickie wedding during the summer, giving us only flashbacks. That would be disappointing. A wedding episode could provide a boat load of hysterical and ridiculous moments for the entire group. Again, really torn about that one. The acting was tremendous on JK’s part but I just can’t seem to get giddy about the whole concept.

  201. I didn’t think the finale wasn’t necessarily the best episode. I actually found the Michael/Holly scenes beyond irritating. I find it interesting that no one points out how truly mean and horrible Michael can be to people and yet people say he’s “growing”. I love Steve/Michael when he’s funny but the meanness is just that.And I can’t see what’s funny about it ( Holly’s boyfriend).

    Loved the silence of the last scene. That is what made it wonderful. Jim’s reaction was brilliant and romantic.

    Prediction: I’m assuming Pam may miscarry and the sadness of it makes JAM grow apart and we spend the next season watching them build up sexual tension again because what are the writers going to do with Pam with a baby? Also the one thing the show is missing that the public likes is two characters wanting each other from afar.

  202. In the words of Dwight about Michael’s breath – ‘Good, Not Great’. I enjoyed tonight, but I agree that it wasn’t the best finale. Still wondering how they couldn’t make it an hour long. I think many of us saw the Jambino thing coming, but I really enjoyed how they presented it to us.

    Now we didn’t hear what happened. Could the Doctor have said ‘Twins’?

    Tanster – Great Cameos! Congrats! This blows merely being mentioned on the DVD Commentary out of the water, I bet :)

  203. #228

    I had that thought as well. Not that I want that to happen, but I just thought it was odd that a pregnancy was sprung on us so soon. Like perhaps it was somehow a false positive, or the Dr switched charts or something. The writers then could explore the couple’s disappointment, re-focus on the wedding and THEN switch to Jim and Pam trying to get pregnant. Can you imagine if everyone in the office knew they were trying to conceive? I can only imagine the comments from Michael and the farm advice from Dwight! ;oP

  204. Call me old fashioned, (I’ve been called worse!)but I wish Jim and Pam weren’t pregnant until after they were married.

  205. I shouted “Tanster!” and pointed to the TV as soon as I saw you even though I was watching by myself. Job well done…I think you can give Jim a run for the money on nailing facial expressions! And I’m sorry you lost your job…

    Wasn’t a big fan of this finale…I was excited going into it because I seriously had no idea what could be coming, but overall I thought it fell flat.

  206. I saw you Tanster! I saw you! Awesome!

    You go girl!

  207. I’ll start off by saying that The Office, is my favourite show on TV, and I that in general I thought the finale was good. However, I have two complaints about last night. First off, the way the Michael/Holly conversation was shot was not very documentary-ish. The way the camera angles were set up – are we supposed to believe there were three camera men following them around? Secondly, while I liked that we couldn’t hear what was going on at the hospital with JAM, this was inconsistent. How come we heard the proposal – which was over an extremely busy road! And there have been plenty of times where Michael has closed the door to his office, or somebody was in the break room, when we’ve still been able to hear what was going on, despite the camera being on the other side.

    These kind of lazy production values really annoy me, especially when Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant worked so hard with the original to keep it realistic.

  208. Tanster you’re a rockstar!! Congrats – I was so happy for you when I saw your closeup. Fantastic episode. I think this is the first time I think I’ve ever cheered for a TV show :)

  209. I loved the Michael/Holly scenes. It was so un-Michael like not to mess that up, but I’m kinda glad that he didn’t.

  210. Cute episode, I liked how Pam was a fierce volleyball player. Who knew?!

    I caught Editor Dave Rogers (or is it Dean Holland?) saying his line during the volleyball game: “These are expensive sunglasses a-hole!”

    I liked how the writers left the Holly/Michael relationship open ended.

    The ending with Jim & Pam was so sweet. Loved the reaction shot from Jim. Looking forward to September!

  211. Tanster is famous. I saw you at least two times. This was another great episode for me. I love the Michael and Holly moments. I wish they could be together. It’s fun to see someone actually get Michael.

  212. #232 Leesa – Haha…wouldn’t all of us Tallyheads be so angry if it was just good news on Pam’s eczema!!

    You can see Kelly and Creed in the volleyball scene right after Pam says, “and went to volleyball camp most summers.” It’s just a glimpse of Kelly in the volleyball game, and Creed is in the background w/ a white hat. Not much, I know, but at least we know they were at the picnic.

    In regards to the inconsistency of PMS and volleyball, I love love love volleyball, but I absolutely LOATHED Phys Ed. In fact it is the only sport I like.

    I loved this episode. Not every episode can be a barrel of laughs. This was one of those eps that breaks our heart and makes us deeply feel for these characters. JAM deserves the happiness after all of the heartbreak they’ve endured!

    Come on Sept!! And congrats Tanster – you shined!

  213. I really liked it! And I laughed multiple times; I’m surprised some people didn’t find it funny. But different strokes for different folks I guess (TWSS).

    About Pam pretending to have cramps during volleyball in gym but being a volleyball star; I can see it. Just because you like volleyball doesn’t mean you like GYM CLASS. Two totally different things.

    If this episode could help me forget all about me crashing my car an hour beforehand, then I say A+!

  214. TANSTER! Loved your cameo! So sad your “branch” is closing though…hehe.

    Great episode! I can’t believe there’s gonna be a JAM baby!!! I’m SOOO excited! I loved the look on Jim’s face as he got teary eyed before he went back into the room. For some reason I thought as the nurse was wheeling Pam back and she asked if she was pregnant that Pam was gonna say yes and there would be a big pause. But as always the Office writers are amazing and couldn’t have delivered that news any better. Beautiful! :D

  215. Great finale! I just had a baby myself, so the pregnancy scene was particularly moving, though I did see it coming. JK nailed the reaction to the news, so sincere and honest. And just when I thought he had used up all of his Jim faces!

    My favorite part though was Michael and Holly’s “Booze Cruise” moment. The anticipation in that silence…will he kiss her…should he tell her… and then nothing. The talking head was absolutely beautiful…sounds like he’s finally taking Jim’s advice. Bitter, and sweet, and real.

    Also, loved Dwight kicking the ball and the cold open!

  216. #141 Joan, I completely agree, Pam’s pregnancy before they had a wedding did not make me happy. The characters we love on The Office are like friends in our home every week, and what my kids saw is that “it’s ok because Jim and Pam did it.” (Although I must admit I did squeal with delight when I saw it coming, which was when the nurse asked Pam if she might be pregnant..)

    Other than that, I loved Jim’s wonderful reaction which told the story soooo much better than words, and Michael’s TH about Holly, and….Dwight’s friend! Bring that guy back, he’s hilarious!

  217. Don’t understand all the negativity. Besides the JAM awesomeness, I thought the episode was hilarious. One of the 3-4 funniest of the season. The cold open was great, Dwight was ON FIRE, especially all his attempts to stall the volleyball game, and there were a lot of funny one-liners from the likes of Jim, Phyllis, Stanley, and one from David Wallace.

    I agree it didn’t have the momentous feel that the previous 3 finales did, but really, there wasn’t anything in the water that really demanded it. Not every finale needs to be a game changer. They’ve already done that this season with the MSPC. Great ending to a (mostly) great season.

  218. I’m withholding judgment on this episode until I watch it at least one more time. It didn’t leave me satisfied and smiling, but I didn’t dislike it either.

    Someone commented earlier that it was inconsistent for Pam to be an art student and have pretend PMS to get out of gym and play volleyball. I disagree. I competed in multiple sports in school, was in theatre, music, and art, and I always, always, always got out of gym class. Because, hey–sports are great. Gym class is not. And actually, the gym teachers I had were pretty lenient with athletes because they didn’t want them to get hurt.

    There was a lot of great Dwight moments in this episode. I liked those a lot.

  219. *were a lot of great Dwight moments. It’s early. I’m tired.

  220. @271: “Secondly, while I liked that we couldn’t hear what was going on at the hospital with JAM, this was inconsistent.”

    Do you really think they’re going to allow mics and audio equipment to stay attached to Pam while she’s getting x-rayed and whatnot? Jim probably took his off too, whether or not the hospital made him (they are picky) or he just took them off, I don’t know.

  221. #276, I understand where you’re coming from, but did you not let your kids watch “Friends” or “My Name is Earl” or “30 Rock”…or any countless number of shows where a baby is the result of a one night stand, cheating or where people are just sleeping together willy nilly? I think Jim and Pam are still a totally acceptable couple. They know they’re getting married, they’re in love…things happen, maybe earlier than expected. I mean, they’ve been pushing their beds together since they stayed at Shrute Farms in “Money” :-)

  222. Can I just say how much I loved the Jim/Dwight bonding in this episode? The prank in the beginning and the hug that lasted maybe a little too long after they scored in the game. So good!

  223. I’m probably the only one, but I was jazzed at the short intro. Mainly because I read an article eons ago about The Simpsons having a couple of different lengths for their theme song- a long one for short episodes and a short one when they’ve got a lot to cover. I immediately yelled “YES! They did the Simpsons thing! LONG EPISODE!”

    But gah, I wanted Slumdunder Mifflinaire to end. Probably because I haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire.

  224. I was very meh about the episode, especially the Michael/Holly sketch and the pregnancy. I’d love it if they’d just let them be a young couple for a couple years without the responsibilities of children. I did like Rolf, he’s the perfect best friend for Dwight and such a creepy guy. And go Dwight for standing up for Angela. Dwight is still my favorite.

  225. @ 265. Jessica –

    I guess then you forgot when Michael was with Dwight in the Injury and he had to take his mic off before entering the CAT scan room. That’s just how hospitals operate.

  226. First, congrats Tanster – I saw you at least twice, great job!!

    Second, overall the episode was excellent! Loved the cold open, Jim and Dwight bonding, Dwight’s friend, the entire volleyball game, Michael’s calmness around Holly, etc.

    As for the ending, I have mixed feelings. I absolutely LOVE how it was filmed, and Jenna and John did a fantastic job acting. But I don’t know how I feel about a Pam pregnancy… I mean, the pill is your friend Pam, what were you thinking? While I have total faith in the writers, I just hope they have this planned out really well, because this is the kind of storyline that could easily make or break a half-hour comedy. As much as I adore PB&J, I don’t want to lose focus on the office itself, you know?

  227. Oh, Tanster! They sent you one big Valentine with this episode!! And how fitting that it was the 100th episode. So happy for you and so deserved. Thanks for all you do for us!

  228. There is so much to love about this ep!
    Dwight’s friend being more Dwight than Dwight, Angela’s little smile as Dwight told him to back off, the cold open,
    Steve’s stellar performance,
    Pam and Jim – what can I say? Tears in my eyes.
    I love this show thoroughly.
    Thanks to everyone involved. Enjoy the summer.

  229. A surprise pregnancy? Seriously? Did the writers run out of ideas? What an incredibly lame way to close the finale of the best show on television. There is already enough focus on Jim and Pam. This show needs more Creed.

    Loved the Toby/HR convention moments, the addition of Erin, and the painful Holly, AJ, Michael moments though.

  230. 276- There is plenty of other stuff on the office that is probably inappropiate for your children to be watching, plenty of sexual references that my younger sister immediately latched onto and even though she did not understand it completely she still questioned, so if you’ve had no complaints up til this point I don’t see how this is worse.

    Anyways moving on I really enjoyed this episode! Tanster you were in quite a few different shots how exciting!! Too bad your branch is gone now… no chance for a return I guess.

  231. Tanster, I LOVED your face during the SlumDunderMillionaire sketch! Priceless! I’m so glad you were in the 100th episode. I’ve followed this website for a few years now, and I feel like one of our own made it!

    [from tanster: thanks callan! that was CRAZY, wasn’t it? i squealed at my tv. :) ]

  232. Good episode, probably on the lower end of season finales, but still good. I really wish they would have made it an hour. I hope they explore the character of Dwight’s friend a little more. Tanster’s reaction to their performance was probably the funniest reaction shot in the whole episode. Dave Rogers little cameo was also funny.

  233. @265. It’s the lighting on top of how it was shot. As soon as I see that set up, I know Michael’s going to woob out and I’m gonna wish like anything he’d just stop already. Buh bye Holly, and please take your amber glow with you. Love Amy Ryan, hate what Holly does to the show.

  234. Wow… tanster you got to be in an episode… yey!!!!

    This was such a great episode!!!!

  235. Call me crazy, but I predict that (provided TO can get Amy Ryan again) when the series ends someday, Michael and Holly will end up together, very much the same as Tim and Dawn ended up together in the original. Just a guess.

    BTW, my husband and I spent the whole first half of the episode looking for you, Tanster! We both yelled when we saw you! Awesome!

  236. Tanster, one more thing. Was that Brian Stack, one of the writers from Conan O’Brien, who was playing another Buffalo employee?

    [from tanster: correct! if you were following my special spoilers list, he was the one i was referring to as “a Conan staffer makes an appearance.” I nicknamed him “Angry Buffalo Guy” during filming. :) ]

  237. Rolph = My New Hero.

    Great episode all around. It kind of reminds me of a Season 2 episode, with all the subtle humor.

  238. Hi, I’m new – but I’ve been lurking here over a year. I just had to comment on the JAM pregnancy. I’m disappointed they didn’t have a wedding first, but I see where the writers are coming from. Everybody’s expecting a wedding, that’s why we didn’t get it. I was not expecting this at all! I thought Michael&Holly would get together and then Jan would come up and tell Michael her baby is his, after all.

    That said, I’m pretty sure we’re going to get our JAM wedding, and Michael is going to make great sport of them for being pregnant, and Dwight is going to show up with a shotgun.

    Looking forward to the fall, and Tanster, you are one lucky gal!

  239. #298 Dwight with a shotgun! HAHAHA! If she really and truly is pregnant, I see lots of “I birthed animals on the farm” remarks from Dwight.

  240. I just have to say, Tanster, you were awesome!! That face you made at Michael and Holly when they were doing the sketch was perfect!

    I LOVED Jim’s reaction to the pregnancy.

    Charles still bothers me. Seriously, what is his deal? I think he’s threatened by Jim or something, and tries to make him look bad because he knows that David Wallace likes him. Ugh. Frustrating.

  241. The mic thing really confused me too but are we forgetting doctor patient confidentiality they probably had them take off their mics before they went into the room for that reason alone.

  242. Seriously with the moral police? On a show that has: had a blowup doll featured (numerous times), watched gay porn in the office, had a cartoon sex watermark, had Meredith sleeping with a guy for steak and discounts, had Meredith show up wearing a shirt and nothing else, had Michael take a picture when Meredith flashed him, had Dwight and Angela messing around IN the office, Jan getting a boob job to keep a man, strippers in the office, TWSS too many times to count….a surprise pregnancy between an engaged couple obviously in love should be the least of your worries. And if you’ve let your kids watch up to this point, this won’t even be a blip to them.

  243. Sorry if this has already been posted and/or answered, but what’s the connection between Pam getting an x-ray on her foot and finding out she’s pregnant? (presumably)

  244. I nearly fell off the couch when Dwight kicked the ball and said, “I’ll get it,” and meandered off slowly. Then, when he started counting at the end….hahahahahaha!! LOL!!! Too funny!

  245. I saw Tanster THREE times, so there! What an experience for you…I bet you are still wondering when you will wake up ; )

    Put me in the camp with the people who loved it. Dwight and his friend (the joke about the sunscreen had us laughing so hard we had to pause it for a second) were perfect. I loved how he stood up for Angela in the end, though. And the Jim/Dwight bromance for a second…that was great.

    Michael Gary Scott continues to wow me. He can be the biggest doofus and then turn around in certain situations where he uses the smart part of this brain. His TH about Holly in the end was so sweet I just couldn’t stand myself. And JAM!!! What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I am so glad there was no sound…I guess I felt like that was their moment and even if we never find out exactly what was said, JF and JK’s superb acting said it all for us. What a show…thank you Tanster for all your hard work! Hurry up September!

  246. I really enjoyed it. The end had me matching Jimbo with tears, and made me fall back in love with Jam after their attitude towards Dwight’s prank last week shunned me away (come on, you guys have done much worse to Dwight, how was his prank “not cool”?).

    Michael and Holly’s skit was classic Office. It was ungodly awkward and seemed to last an eternity +1. That humor wasn’t just up my alley, it owned property there.

    I love how all these years later the producers still remember their roots and paid homage to Tim and Dawn’s silent scene with Jim and Pam. That almost made my Office fanboy head explode.

    And who can forget tanster. Epic Win.

  247. The best part of the episode was Michael having a Sebring convertible again. I bought mine back when Michael had his in season two. I was so pissed when he changed to the PT cruiser. Michael belongs in a Sebring!

  248. mr. dude #302 – If there is any chance a woman is pregnant, they will not allow her to have an x-ray because it could be harmful to the baby. If there’s even a slight chance you’re pregnant they will ask you to take a pregnancy test before they give you the x-ray.

  249. So who was the character we haven’t seen since Season 2 (per Tanster’s spoiler)? Did I miss something?

  250. @ 258. I am with you. Mixed feelings on the pregnancy. Didn’t Phyllis basically spell out at a press event months ago that there would be a pregnancy – maybe that’s why it felt flat to me? I can admit this :)

    I’m sure the writers will make it funny, it’s just that I think they could have waited. Too many story lines for Pam have come and gone this season. It feels chaotic.

    Also, the best JAM moments come from either their witty banter together or from audience angst preceding the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The pregnancy didn’t allow this IMO.

    I can’t end without giving props to Tanster, Steve, Jenna and John for blowing their scenes away.

    Sorry this was so long!

  251. #302 – You’re not supposed to have any kind of x-rays when you’re pregnant because there’s a chance the radiation could affect the baby. Even dental x-rays are usually postponed until after the baby is born.

  252. Great finale! I loved everything about it except for Charles (to clarify: I love Idris the actor, and he does a great job acting as a horribly petty upper manager).

    Loved the office duplicates! I died laughing at the other branch’s “Toby”!

    Go Pam! Volleyball Queen!

    Andy’s request to get put in Erin’s row cracked me the heck up! She’s a really cute character, and I look forward to her role expanding in The Office.

    Michael and Holly: I never thought I’d be able to adore a couple more than JAM (and Dwangela), but Steve and Amy just NAIL those characters and that special vibe they share. It’s genuinely sweet, and I can’t wait to see what happens next year.

    JAM: WOW. I did not see that coming at all. Kudos to John for nailing those emotions; that is exactly how I felt when my wife told me she was pregnant with each of our three kids.

    Finally, thanks to Tanster for her usual great reporting and congrats on being part of the show! You totally deserve it! I’m rooting for Buffalo not to be closed now! :)

  253. Steve’s acting was incredible in this episode! The looks on his face spoke volumes in those scenes where he was just chewing the fat with Holly. Very excited about the JAM pregnancy. I think this will make the wedding and next season really great! Also – more Erin & Kelly stories! Loving Ellie Kemper!

    Although I think it’s clear that Pam is not tall enough to play collegiate volleyball. I mean, come on.

  254. The finale wasn’t laugh out loud funny but it was good. I love the Jim/Dwight bonding and the entire volleyball scenes were great. Jim/Pam were great with the talking head at the picnic, even giving a little hint to them fooling around. Hilarious.

    Personally, I was really shocked by the pregnancy because I did think it was Phyllis or someone else. I liked all of the hospital scenes and think John/Jenna did great. My only complaint? No surprising final scene. Missed that.

  255. My favorite part of the episode? The little “Ohhhh” noise Jim made right after he made the phone call to Dwight and right before he runs back into the room to be with Pam. So sweet.

    My least favorite part? The fact that the Camden branch has been shut down! Going to law school in Camden, NJ, I comforted myself with the fact that even though we’re always in the top 5 of the most dangerous cities in the U.S., we at least had a Dunder-Mifflin branch!

  256. Although I hated the episode and the cheesy pregnancy and wasted opportunities (Charles wasted), I will say I can’t wait for all the comedy that will come out of Michael, Dwight and everyone else around Pam. I hope they make it realistic and not melo-dramatic and too happy. I’d like to see it become a bit of a nuisance for everyone. I hope they have a scene where Michael is jealous of all the attention Pam gets with her belly.

  257. It was an O.K. episode. I was excited to see Tanster, but the whole pregnancy thing could get dull. Jim and Pam are still young, and nothing sucks the fun out of a relationship like a baby. I loved Michael’s sudden burst of maturity with Holly, and Dwight’s new friend.

  258. Favorite talking head: Stanley “usually I don’t enjoy the theater, but this is delightful!”

  259. To be fair….

    We never actually HEARD anything about a pregnancy…

    I wonder if the writers will have some weird surprise for us….I dunno what else that could be, but I was surprised at the anonymity of the hospital scene.

    And WAY TO GO TANSTER! Sweet close up reaction shot! I yelled in excitement for you. Too cool!

  260. Congrats, Tanster!
    Well, I loved the episode, what can I say. The cold open and the scenes with Dwight trying to stall the volleyball game were hilarious. And I thought the Jim and Pam pregnancy was perfect – I loved their reactions. The fact that I’m pregnant myself might have something to do with it, but I thought it was a great moment.

  261. Phyllis fooled me! When she sat down on the volleyball court and then claimed that she hurt her ankle and had to quit, I thought, “OMG, Phyllis is pregnant!”.
    Pam and Jim were so adorable I could hardly stand it!

  262. “but the whole pregnancy thing could get dull. Jim and Pam are still young, and nothing sucks the fun out of a relationship like a baby.”

    They’re in their thirties, they’ve been together on a daily basis for 7 or 8 years and a couple for 2 years, and pregnancies are neither dull nor are they relationship killers. Weak relationships get crippled or killed when they experience intense situations because they’re weak, not because of the experiences/situations.

  263. To William D: A person who is Pam’s height could realistically play for a D-III college team or community college team (my daughter played D-III college v-ball with girls who were Pam’s height). Just thought I’d share…

  264. This episode was so great. The moment between Jim and Pam was so sweet and romantic I teared up a little!

    I’m sorry about those that are upset the pregnancy came before the wedding but things are a little more “modern” these days and as long as the people who have the baby are in love and capable of raising a child, I don’t see the big deal. I think the fact that jim and pam are engaged and living together and so very much in love means the baby will come into a happy loving home and that’s all that matters. Who cares if they are married yet?

    Also, I don’t think having a baby means less Pam. There are plenty of mothers who work full time so there is no reason why Pam would not be on the show as much. Plus with her mother being recently divorced, she might want to step in and help as a nanny.

    Really great episode, my only complaint is that it was too short. Can’t wait till next season!

  265. “Although I think it’s clear that Pam is not tall enough to play collegiate volleyball. I mean, come on.”

    It’s very possible she played club sports or something like that, not necessarily NCAA or anything.

  266. All I can say is I cannot wait to see Michael’s interactions with Pam now that she is preggers. It’s gonna be zoppity.

    Also, the writers definitely need to bring Rolf back at some point in the future. The DEET line was awesome.

  267. When I read in the episode description last week that Pam would injure her ankle and visit the ER, I knew that she would discover that she was pregnant. However, thanks to the incredible acting of J & J, and the great way it was shot, I was still blown away! I know some will be disappointed with this kind of typical tv plot device, but I have faith that this show can handle any conventional situation and make it fresh. Plus think of all the maternity/work related issues that may arise. Can’t wait until Season 6!!

    Congrats Tanster! I almost yelled out Hey, there’s Tanster! before realizing that the other people in the room don’t share my Office Tally obsession.

  268. @310 and @322 – The character you haven’t seen since Season 2 didn’t make the final cut. Watch the deleted scenes.

  269. 276- um, seriously out of all that has been on this show you’re upset about a engaged couple having an “oops”? I think it was pretty obvious that they were “together” and living in the same house even.

    Second, they are thirty. Not teenagers (if that is how old your kids are).

  270. I am suuuuper nervous about how they handle this pregnancy thing b/c like a few ppl have said, it can be a pretty lame, sitcom-y plot device. That said, the way they shot the scene and the way the actors played it was effing brilliant. John Krasinski has got to be one of the most underrated actors around. Seriously, he was brilliant. Rolf was fun but does that mean no more Mose? I hope not. Last, way to be a professional, Tanster. If it was me there was no way I could have resisted the urge to give a quick Jim camera look during that reaction shot.

  271. A-MAZ-ING! I actually have to say, the entire end to this season has been fantastic. I am feeling a way about the show that I have not felt in quite sometime…which is grand! While “Cafe Disco” last week may be one of my new faves humor wise, the acting in this episode was superb. The scenes with Michael and Holly, Jim and Pam, Jim and Dwight. Heck, everyone! Well done guys, well done.
    P.S. The look on Jim’s face -the teary eyes and smile- as he goes back in the room with Pam made my heart just melt. Oh John Krasinski, can I have your babies?

  272. Come on people, a pregnancy is NOT a plot device. It’s called Life. And we’ve known for a long time that Pam and Jim want kids – it’s been mentioned in many episodes. Let’s all be happy for the fictional characters.

    Fantastic acting on Steve, Jenna and especially John’s part!

  273. I love the close up gift to tanster. When I saw you, i paused the TV, and I had to explain to my wife why I got so excited about an extra. You deserve it! This site rocks and you saved this show back in the day.

    I loved this episode. Dwight’s friend calling Angela a whore had me rollin’. Hope the baby’s Jim. . . kidding. I do see Michael asking Jim if it’s his. lol
    Great Job writers.

    [from tanster: awww, thank you. it was a tremendous thing for the office staff to do. i love them.]

  274. Awesome finale. Good job writers and actors. I loved the cold open. Dwight’s weird joke made me laugh so hard. And ofcourse Jam was just the best, Jim’s reaction was just so sweet. I had a really big smile on my face at that point.
    By the way, the one we haven’t seen since season 2, was it Kendall from corporate HR?? I thougt he was the guy talking to Toby. I could be totally wrong, so feel free to correct me.

  275. After watching it AGAIN, I’ve decided that whoever decided to put a pink smoothie/girlie drink w/matching pink umbrella in Charles Miner’s hand is a genius.

  276. Overnight ratings show that this was one of the lowest rated original episodes in two years! Very disappointing, but shows why NBC didn’t give The Office a full hour, it would have just gotten demolished by Grey’s (which itself had weak numbers).

    I was a little disappointed at the show as a finale, though I think the episode was fine as part of the series. I’m not someone who squeals over a JAM baby and will not be spending my summer impatiently waiting for the baby storyline in the fall. I also thought Rolf was a weird replacement for Mose.

    Add me to the list of people that rewound when Tanster was on and had to explain why!

  277. I literally did NOT expect a JAM baby! I think I’m still in mild shock. I didn’t hear the nurse ask Pam “any chance you could be pregnant” so I didn’t get it until Jim went into the doctor room- once the sound was shut off, it was like I was hit by a truck of realization. Fantastic writing and JKras is seriously one of the best actors in the world, I was fine until I saw him tearing up, then I just bawled with joy. :D

    Awesome, awesome finale for a great season.

  278. I thought it was ALRIGHT..I thought it should’ve been an hour long episode because it didn’t feel like a season finale. Shout out to tanster though. Or should I say “TAN-STAR”


  279. I am feeling better about the pregnancy storyline because a lot of people have mentioned funny ways they can work this – Michael and Dwight being inappropriate, etc.

    I will withhold judgment because I do think the writers have earned a chance to show us what they can do with it.

  280. I was surprised, though that nurse did kind of set it up. I’m not a big fan of babies in real life or on tv but I have total faith that these writers can pull it off. The PB&J relationship is already handled so well. JKras was fabulous in that last scene! And imho, they’re great relationship role models, married or not. Jim won me over forever when he supported art school. Charles, grrr! How can David Wallace stand him? Dwight was hilarious this episode – hope for Dwangela? Mike/Holly…eh, it was sweet, but I would’ve taken some Creed instead. Glad Stanley got his talking head in! And yea Tanster!

  281. Great episode…. i’m sorry to hear about your branch tho Tanster, maybe you can get transfered to scranton.

  282. This episode wsa FANTASTIC. Only Michael and Holly could pull off “Slum-Dunder Millionaire.” Oh, and fire a branch at the company picnic. Some people don’t think that is realistic, but I thought it was perfect (except Tanster losing her job-maybe Staples still has Dwight’s old opening left). There was so much really funny stuff that was happening in the background of the story and so much poignant stuff happening right in front of our faces. This is why I love The Office.

  283. I know it’s been said before, but after last night’s episode, I’ve decided once again, that Jim’s character is the most pivotal role in the show because HE makes it seem real. And John Krasinski, is perfect. He deserves an Emmy for his entire body of work on the Office, but ESPECIALLY last night’s episode. He is able to connect with the audience without even saying a word. THAT is talent. Give this guy an Emmy!

  284. 325 Make Love Not Babies: “A happy couple having babies and getting married is so BORING.”

    you know what else is really boring? working in an office for a small northeastern paper company. i have complete faith that the writers will make this as hilarious as sales calls and performance reviews.
    i enjoyed the finale, it was a feel good ‘cliffhanger’, not a panic inducing one :). i think it sets up great new dynamics and storylines for next season. and i called the andy/erin match from day one! i love erin, i love andy and i think they are perfect together and the finale sure made it seem like she would be sticking around! oh! now that they are bros, how funny would an erin/andy and dwight/angela double-date be?

  285. I thought last night’s finale was great!

    Can I just express how much I loved Michael? Holly and him are fantastic, she’s got to be one of my favourite characters ever from the show. I wish they would have continued with the Slum Dunder Mifflinaire scene. I was just waiting for them to dance to “Jai Ho”.

    I wasn’t total surprised by the pregnancy. As soon as Charles said she should go to the hosptial I knew what was coming. And I have to say I am all for the pregnancy storyline. It’s gonna be great material for new season and if there is any show that can pull it off without making it cheesy or cliche it’s The Office. Oh and a shout out to John Krasinski for his acting during the last scene! All I can say is “Wow!”

  286. Oh, one more thing, which I think made me laugh the hardest out of everything in this episode: “I will get you the best iced tea in the world.”

  287. -All the corporate folks standing together in their black tees look bully-ish, esp w/Charles leading the pack. I was hoping for either a Michael or Jim smackdown of Charles but I guess there wasn’t enough time.

    -Michael & Holly are the new JAM. They’re just so adorable together, & I love that we’re seeing a more mature Michael. His final TH was so sweet.

    -LOL at Rolf, but I was a bit sad when Dwight said he was his new best friend. I thought Mose was!

    -Loved the cold open. Even Dwight & Angela took part! Loving Erin; hope she’s here to stay. Dwight going out to Michael’s car in his socks, Michael eating an insane amount of food like the twin lobsters in “Business Ethics,” Michael thinking the whole office was laughing over a geography joke…

    -Andy referring to Dwight as his bromigo LOL

    -the look Dwight & Angela gave each other…they’ll definitely end up together again

    -JAM. ‘Nuff said.

    -tanster. ‘Nuff said.

    Phenomenal acting by Steve, Amy, John, Jenna & tanster. Thursdays just got a lot less funny now that there aren’t new episodes til September.

  288. Did anyone else notice that when Michael was talking about him and Holly’s relationship being a long story about how they met each other and one year he’ll be with someone and then the next year she’ll be with someone was basically Jim and Pam’s story?

  289. I hurt my ankle about a month ago. When I went to the doctor, I wish I’D been told I was pregnant with Jim Halpert’s baby (instead of the “sprain” diagnosis I got). ;)

  290. Wow…this was a great, great episode. There were a few ups and downs for me though…

    Holly and Michael, I kept expecting him to say “I love you” or something like that. Nothing happened really after a season of waiting.
    JAM baby: Not sure about the baby, but Jim’s face was really cute!!
    Ralph: What was the point of him..?
    Andy and Erin, they are not cute at all (though Erin is) so will the writers stop this please? We don’t want an Andy and Angela repeat.


    Dwangela: OMG!!! So cute!! I’ve been waiting all season for that!!
    SlumDunderMifflinaire: Hilarious
    Ryan Talking on his phone during volleyball: LOL!
    Kevin getting hit by the ball
    Pam’s boobs for support.
    Stanley loving the show!! LOL

    Everything else…pretty much!! Amazing episode!!

  291. John Krasinski. Holy cow. Give that man an Emmy.

    (AND: Tanster. Holy cow. Give her an Emmy too!)

  292. The sole blemish on this awesome episode was a calamity of an extra’s performance: there was one member of the Buffalo branch, in the bottom-right of the camera frame, who was looking directly into the camera the whole time. The whole time that there was an awful announcement being made that that branch was being closed and they would soon be unemployed.

    There was NO ONE else looking at the camera, as there shouldn’t have been. And this one extra took the viewer right out of the experience. Great job, extra!

  293. Tanster, that was awesome. Since Buffalo closed, will you be moving to Scranton? That’s the real cliffhanger :)

    I know a lot of you are happy about the JAM baby but in the long run I’m not sure how it will work out. Will they both continue to work in the office? Couldn’t the writers explore Pam’s new career before they started baby stories?

  294. A JAM baby!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I can’t believe it. So totally excited about it. I didn’t see it coming until the nurse asked if there was any chance she was pregnant. YAY!

    And I loved the Michael and Holly stuff, even if they didn’t end up together in the end of the episode.

    And congrats Tanster on getting some great screen time! Go you!

  295. WOW! Everyone was great in this episode. It was short and sweet, and the brief intro threw me off actually, but wow! Dwight actually played along incredibly nicely with Jim, and his little verbal maneuvers with Andy and then corporate were spectacular.

    I like how Dwight is actually developing. He’ll always be weird, he’ll always be Dwight, but he’s actually standing quite a bit of ground in this episode.

    Ralph. Okay, he served two purposes: To punish Angela, and to be another Dwight. Dwight went right along with it — and then he didn’t! He told him to stop! Dwangela aren’t over after all. BUT the dual love triangles with Dwight, Angela, Andy, and Erin will continue.

    Jim. Jim, Jim, Jim… I have never actually been *proud* of a character on TV. And there you have it. The whole focus was on kicking corporate’s ass, and that didn’t matter even a little bit at the end. That was incredible!

    So, is it a boy? A girl? Who wants to guess when the baby will be born? :P

  296. Great episode :) I even woke up a little earlier this morning so I could watch it again before school haha. I wasn’t too surprised by the pregnancy because I had been reading the spoilers all season long (I’m considering going spoiler-free next season but it probably won’t last). Even though I was expecting it, I still had a huge smile on my face the whole time. I’m not worried at all about the way the writer’s handle it but I am worried about what they do with her maternity leave- especially now with her new sales position. She left the office twice this season and it’s just not the same without her.

    Also, congratulations Tanster! You really deserve it for all the hard work you put into this site. I got so excited when they had the close up on you- it must have been so awesome for you. Just out of curiosity, you mentioned there was one scene they wouldn’t let you watch- which was it? (My guess is the hospital one where we found out Pam is pregnant)

  297. best parts: jim and dwight hugging!!! pam owning at volleyball, jim’s tears, and TANSTER EXTRA

    worst parts: poor Michael :( he and holly are so great together. i’ll take out AJ or whatever his name is. fatty.

  298. “I didn’t find the perfect moment, because I think that today was about just having today. And I think that we are one of those couples with a long story, when people ask how we found each other. I will see her every now and then, and maybe one year she’ll be with somebody, and the next year I’ll be with somebody, and it’s gonna take a long time… And then it’s perfect. I’m in no rush.” -Michael Scott

    I love this show for moments like this. I personally needed to hear that line last night. I had goosebumps, because I’m going through something similar to what Michael is with Holly. This is now one of my favorite Michael quotes (and probably Office quotes in general.) Props to Jen and Paul. And Steve for acting it perfectly.

  299. Brilliant – I’ve watched it 50 now and it gets better every time.

    I love Jim & Pam but Dwight was THE superstar throughout the whole thing!! Kicking the ball away, the spf/bug cream, defending Angela, “5,6,7, can I finish please”…

    In the cold opening, when Jim & Pam were creepng into Michael’s office in their socks so as not to wake him, did you see how Dwight sprinted out to the car in his luminous white socks too?!? And “pshoo,pshoo,pshoo,pshoo”!

    Genius – cannot WAIT until September but thanks for giving us a great season!

  300. The best television I’ve seen all year. This show is incredible and if I ever said a bad word about them, I take them all back. Brilliant!

  301. I liked this episode but I’m surprised this was the season finale! I was expecting something epic, but I was totally let down. 30 minutes episode? That’s so sad. I don’t get how Pam would get herself pregnant. It’s so random.

  302. John Krasinski does deserve an Emmy! That performance literally had me tearing up.

    And now that I have watched the last two minutes about 15 times, I think I know part of what Jim and Pam said after the big surprise (remember, just a guess):

    Pam, laughing at Jim’s adorable shocked face: I didn’t know…

    Jim, in middle of fierce hug: I love you.

    Pam: I guess this means we won’t be going back to the game.

    Jim: I should go call Dwight.

    Pam, laughing: Go call Dwight, go call Dwight.

    Jim: Hey Dwight. Send in the subs.

    So pumped for the JAM baby! I know some of you who are unsure of how the twist will work out, but the office hasn’t steered us wrong so far. :)

  303. Okay, please don’t throw garbage at me if this has already been said – I didn’t read though all 366 comments. But was that editor Dave Rogers playing on the volleyball team for the Albany branch? The guy who makes the Ray-Bans comment. If so, you know you’ve watched the dvd commentaries too many times when you recognize the guy’s voice but don’t really know what he looks like!

  304. @365 – “I don’t get how Pam would get herself pregnant.” Before any criticism is cast on this statement, would you mind kindly saving some grace by explaining what you mean a bit more?

    I am looking FORWARD to Season 6. :D When it premieres with Pam presumably 4-5 months pregnant, you’ll have a season that gets to deal with Pam and Jim juggling work and the obvious family life, planning a wedding, Pam taking time off from work at some point, an ecstatic Michael who will probably want to be the kid’s godfather, Dwight’s thoughts on childhood (but I hope to hear some of that from Creed, actually >_^), and maybe even Angela’s thoughts on premarital relations (ha!).

    Question: Will there be a poll for fans to name the child? :)

  305. The way that Michael looks at Holly is the most adorable, precious, sweetest thing ever. <3

    I am SO happy for Jim & Pam!! Jim’s reaction was perfect. It’s the way you would want your guy to react with that kind of news.

    I totally need to see more of Dwight’s new friend! OMG he was amazing! LOL!

    Dwight was soooo hilarious, loved him and Jim hugging, lmao!!

  306. Really didn’t like this episode… We already have Dwight, why do we need a clone? Because Dwight is going to become more normal like he was defending Angela? It really irked me that someone out-Dwighted Dwight on this show, come on.

    And Michael didn’t seem mature to me, he seemed delusional. It’s not like he’s a young guy like Jim was when he was trying to hook up with Pam, Michael is a 40-something year old man who’s never had a stable relationship, his ‘If it takes forever I’ll wait for you’ schtick just seemed forced and obnoxious.

    Pam was cuter as a dork, not miss I’m exceptional at everything ever.

  307. Though the idea of Pam being great at volleyball is fine, it isn’t consistent. She even explicitly said in S4E13 Job Fair ‘PMS so I didn’t have to play volleyball’.. oh well.

  308. Oh man, what a great episode! It’s probably one of my favorite Office episodes ever. There wasn’t a second of it that I didn’t love. From the cold open to the very last second of Jim hugging Pam, there wasn’t one moment when I wasn’t deeply moved or laughing my a$$ off. Brilliant all around and a perfect way to wrap up a year.
    Also, I just about squealed when I saw you during the sketch scene. How awesome of them to include that shot of you in the episode! like a little nod to all the fans out there… I love everything that that show chooses to be!
    And JAMBIES! *rips out hair in excitement* I don’t care if the pregnancy is a “smart” plot development. There’ll be time to worry about it later. Right now I’m just happy with Jim and Pam and that amazing scene that they gave us… Life’s good.

  309. In regards to the pregnancy plot-line, and maybe I am totally reaching here, but maybe Pam will not be 4-5 months pregnant when S6 starts. They could go back and show us what happened over the summer. OR if Pam didn’t even know she was pregnant then she couldn’t be that far along at all (maybe 1 1/2-2 weeks) so when September rolls around, and if it happens in real time, she wouldn’t really be showing THAT much. OR maybe when the new season starts we will find out that the company picnic was actually during the summer. I know…crazy…but I’m excited!

  310. PAM BABY & JIM!… PB&J!!!

    The baby’s name REALLY needs to start with a B… so they can still be PB&J….

    Maybe brandon? brent? ..bob..?? haha but seriously it better start with a b..

  311. To clear it up, just because Pam skipped volleyball doesn’t mean she wasn’t good at it. She could’ve just not liked it.

  312. I love Jim and Pam, I really do, they’re my favorite, but I really don’t know about this pregnancy thing.

    As of now, it’s really sweet, I like it, but when Pam is actually pregnant-pregnant and when I try to picture Jim and Pam with a baby, I always cringe away and am just like, oh, please no.

    It’s weird, I’ve also kind of wanted this to happen, but now that it is, I don’t know if I want it. I want Pam and Jim to actually be able to enjoy being married before they have kids. Now they have to jump straight into parenthood and it makes me sad for them, which I know is horrible on my part, but it does.

    I assume we won’t even see much of the baby once it’s born unless they go and film at their house, which is weird.

  313. Count me on the side that’s not so sure about this pregnancy thing. My first reaction? “Oh.”

    As a loyal Office fan from day one, I am suspending judgment until I see how the whole thing plays out.

    But it’s going to be a long summer of suspending judgment.

  314. Just de-lurking to say that the few posts speculating about a miscarriage are bending my brain. TO can be dark, and it certainly has it’s great dramatic moments, but at the end of the day it’s still a comedy! I would stop watching if they added ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ level drama to my favourite show.

    Also, I went to the ER in college with a kidney stone. Even though I swore to them that I was experiencing a ‘dry spell,’ those shysters denied me pain meds until I submitted to a pregnancy test.

    Finally, congrats to Tanster! Absolutely no one is more deserving.

  315. I literally skipped down my hallway after seeing this episode. So well done. Mad props to John Krasinski. Beautiful.

  316. Why is everyone ASSUMING Pam is pregnant?? Maybe they were just really happy her leg was okay!

    OK, all joking aside- my first thought when that scene ended was, “So they don’t get to kick Corporate’s butt now?” Then I thought that this was way too premature for a baby. Realistic, yes- and that’s what The Office is about. But you know what else is realistic? Having a miscarriage during the first trimester. She probably found out that she was pregnant before experiencing any symptoms (hence, the surprised expression) and, trying not to get too scientific, the earlier along in the pregnancy you are, the higher the percentage of miscarrying is. It doesn’t have to be done in a “dark” way. It could happen when it’s most likely to happen… before she’s even showing, over the summer break. By the time the filming starts back up, the emotional effects from it would have gone down, and they’ll be looking forward to having a healthy baby in the future… perhaps at a better time.

    I say this, because I realize that the characters are fictional. I would never wish this on a real couple.

    I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see!

  317. I’ve seen quite a few of you ask: who won the game between Scranton/Corporate?

    Let me just say that the end of the game was filmed. Hopefully they will show the game’s resolution in the next deleted scene. :)

  318. I am absolutely sure Jambino is a boy now. Watch Pam’s lips right before Jim leaves the room. You can clearly make out, “It’s a boy!”

  319. #299, your comment about Dwight “birthing animals on the farm” makes me think that the show may be planning for Dwight to end up delivering the JAM baby! Maybe Michael will help – don’t forget, he and Dwight have already practiced for this during the “Baby Shower” episode .. ugh, I really want Jim&Pam to have a normal life, but that would be hilarious, wouldn’t it?

  320. I really want to fight Charles. What is his problem? Jim needs to stand up for himself. I wish he would go to corporate and like actually file a complaint against Charles and his harassment. It’s ridiculous since Jim’s sales are wonderful (as mentioned by David, Michael, Customers in “Customer Survey” etc.) Charles needs to stop now. I wish Jim was promoted to corporate so he could work for Dunder Mifflin and Pam could do all the art she wants.

  321. @ 366 Kate:

    Excellent job! I watched it a bunch also, and gathered the same thing pretty much!

    I’m really glad they chose to keep the dialogue silent though- just BEAUTIFUL!

  322. if you turn up the volume ALL the way while they’re in the room–you can verrrry very faintly hear what they are saying. particularly jim because his voice is lower.

    anyone with supersonic hearing?

  323. She definitely asks him to call Dwight, and then I’m almost certain “Don’t tell anybody” follows. ?

    I’m going to watch this until the cows come home.

  324. Obviously the pregnancy is the hot topic here..

    It will be interesting to see how they handle it. Remember, they are not married and much of society (their audience) looks down on un-wed people getting pregnant before marriage.

    A miscarriage is very possible, and like someone said, the emotional effects by the time the season 6 premier airs will have mostly warn off. So, they wouldn’t have to bring down the show. If there is not a miscarriage I would expect a wedding within the first 10 episodes.

  325. Absolutely my favourite episode of the season- possibly EVER!

    Not only was it hilarious (I loved Rolph), but the Michael/Holly plotline was heartbreaking and adorable. And, of COURSE, JAMBUBBIES.
    I am so excited, I want them to have a little girl called Abigail.
    I don’t know why, but it has been my dream for a while now (:

  326. Mediocre episode at best. Michael at age 45 will wait for Holly for as long as it takes as she walks away arm in arm with another man? Jim finding out Pam was PG was sweet, but didn’t rock my world. For what it’s worth, I do think she will carry the baby to term. Pam being the closet volleyball college athlete was completely unbelievable.
    I’m sorry, but this finale doesn’t compare to “Goodbye Toby” or “Beach Games”.
    I didn’t find it very funny or even bittersweet.

  327. #111 Bryan

    “The ending raises a question though:

    Did anyone notice Jim take off his mic when he went in the room? Because there was no volume and we couldn’t hear what they were saying, which I admit, added something to the moment….but this never happens in the show unless they take off their mics.”

    My wife, who’s a nurse, explained that’s probably because of HIPAA and doctor/patient confidentiality. The “documentary crew” couldn’t have broadcast that private conversation. Jim clearly never took off his mic, so the “editor” must have just cut out the audio feed.

  328. in regards to the mic, it looked like he turned it off, or at least turned it down. Similar to when Michael thought he turned his off in Crime Aid (but accidentally turned it up)

  329. Did anyone else notice that Michael’s TH at the end was a sort of tongue-in-cheek reference to the way most shows draw out relationships forEVER? Very clever, writers, as always.
    Also, congrats to Tanster – I actually got chills when I saw the close-up. You’ve come so far!
    And huzzah for the episode overall. I’m excited for a lot of story threads. Excellent work, “Office” staff!

  330. I’m about 2/3’s done reading through everyone’s comments, and I share a lot of your concerns and ideas about the finale. I loved the emotion of the pregnancy reveal, but am not sure how I feel about that plot line development. I’ll have to let it simmer for awhile.

    I didn’t like the Slumdunder Mifflinaire bit, but did enjoy watching Michael’s maturity in realizing it’s not the right time for him and Holly. I see great potential for occasional visits by Amy Ryan, where the timing just isn’t right for them reconnecting, and then finally Michael’s happy ending in the final season. That would be d’awesome!

    And finally, like many of you, I squealed “Jennieeeeeeee!” when Tanster popped up on screen. I had been so focused on scanning the tiny background players that I was shocked when she popped up so big on screen! Sooooo happy for your Tanster – immortalized in an Office episode!

  331. 391:

    A. It’s Michael Scott. He will do anything to convince himself that things will be ok.

    B. Why exactly couldn’t Pam be good at volleyball?

    C. Beach Games wasn’t a finale.

  332. @383 Nate:

    I think you are over-thinking what Pam is saying at the end. She’s not even showing yet, it would be way too early to tell the sex of the baby yet.

  333. I think that Pam is expecting and I surely hope that they continue with the happy story line next season and that there is a beautiful wedding that we have been waiting for so very very long.

    Also was that you Tanster sitting in the grass? I really thought that was you.

    Loved the show, but it is surely going to be a long long summer!!

  334. Ugh, in response to the handful who have suggested a miscarriage: Would any of you or anyone at all keep watching the show if they did that?

    The Office is the one show I actually watch. This is it. And I watch it because I feel good watching it. It’s not raunchy, it’s not dirty, it’s not some crime drama. It’s just a show about people who work in an office, and it’s great. If they did THAT, just to add “drama” to the show and get Pam back to work at Dunder-Mifflin, I’d basically throw the TV out the window.

  335. I did read some comments and they say that was you, I am so happy for you!! That was really nice of them to put you in the show that we all love, I know when I seen you I said to my boyfriend “I think that is the lady that has The Office fan site”, and I was right!!

  336. Nate (383), it’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY too early to tell if the baby’s a boy or girl. since they didn’t know she was pregnant, and she obviously wasn’t even having symptoms yet, she can’t be more than a month pregnant…. you typically can’t tell the sex from an ultrasound until 18 weeks.

    also, to everyone calling the pregnancy an “oops”… it’s not an “oops.” oops implies a bad thing. it’s a SURPRISE pregnancy, and they’re obviously thrilled about it.

  337. For Pam to have a miscarriage would be illogical.

    Yes, I just got back from Star Trek.

  338. Okay.

    A. It’s obviously too early to tell if the JAM baby is a boy or a girl. Read other comments.

    B. Miscarriage? Really? Just think about that for a second. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems pretty obvious that’s just a bit too dark for the office. The office is light-hearted and fun to watch. Not crazy depressing. It’s not a drama.

    C. I tried to read Pam’s lips when she was talking to Jim, and, I can’t be sure, but I’m pretty sure she was basically saying something about having to stay, did dwight send in the subs, and go call him back.

    That’s all. (:

  339. PS-
    The end line was my favorite in the whole episode. “Dwight? Send in the subs.”

    John’s tears were natural and so so so…heart-breaking. The good kind.

  340. Just remembered Pam in “Job Fair”
    “… so many memories in this old gym. Pretending to have PMS so I didn’t have to play volley ball. Pretending I had PMS so I didn’t have to play basket ball. Those were the days”

    KNEW my mind connected Pam and volley ball before the finale episode :)

  341. didn’t love this episode…not thrilled about this new plot twist..i dunno, i realize a lot of you love the way Pam’s character has evolved, but this new found confidence doesn’t seem authentic..and her volleyball prowess? not very believable IMO…as far as the pregnancy? for something that came so out of the blue, before they are married, during a time where they have mentioned concerns over financial matters..seems like the elation was a bit overdone (i think most couples in that situation would be in shock mode – i speak from experience!)…just my 2 cents

    we’ll see how it goes…looking forward to next season

  342. “We met at a shoe store. I heard him asking about a shoe that would increase his speed and not leave any tracks” ahahah

  343. How is “….and went to volleyball camp most summahs” not in the quotes…I have to say that i am with those who said it was too short…I loved the ending it reminded me of why the show is so great …that you don’t need to hear what is going on feel apart of the story..i love the connection (intentional or not) with Mike/Holly relationship and JAM…the seconds of silence(booze cruise) and the TH that she’ll be with someone (Pam with Roy) then he’ll be with someone (Jim with Karen )

  344. I agree a miscarriage wouldn’t be the right way for the show to go… but I wouldn’t say it’s “not a drama”. It’s not a ‘flat-drama’, but I would say it’s more of a “Dramedy”. Which is my favorite genre. Saving Private Ryan was good, but too heart wrenching. Ace Ventura is funny, but not at all serious. The middle ground is what I personally relate to most. It’s real life stuff you can laugh at.

  345. I was just thinking; wasn’t there supposed to be an old question answered? What was it and what was the answer?

  346. I’m not sure I agree with the people who are saying that a miscarriage is “too dark”. I mean, it’s real life. I understand where you’re coming from but I don’t think it’s too dark because it’s reality, it’s a real life situation that happens, it’s awful, but it happens. I hope they don’t write that into the show, but if they do I won’t stop watching it.

  347. I can’t believe that there are people who are coming down on JAM/writers for the pregnancy storyline. As for the marriage thing; I mean they ALMOST got married last week! I also don’t agree with the whole timeline argument; that it’s too soon. The reality is this IS still television, and we would all quickly get bored watching JAM play first yr. married couple for the entirety of next season, because even though they weren’t actually married that’s basically what they were doing this season. Which goes back to my first point, that they are two young people of a responsible age to have children who are in a loving, stable, and very soon to be permanent relationship (as jambino will def speed up wedding plans). I think it’s the logical next step for their story arc and the writers made a good decision to set the timeline so we get to see it within the series; not wonder about it after it’s over. As for the writing; all I could think about was how hilarious it was when they announced their engagement. I have no idea how the writers will handle this, but I’m excited to find out.

  348. It’s ridiculous that Michael would be dumb enough to tell the Buffalo branch they are being closed. Any boss would know not to do something like that at a picnic. Any boss.

  349. I am aware this can be probably an episode meant to connect to the next season and I didn’t expect to be all laughs, but also showing a little hint of what can come next season so you keep waiting for the candy to come after summer (our fall/almost winter here in Argentina)

    I liked the episode, and some of the things that I loved was the renewed hope for love in Andy, who I see as one of the most gifted characters and how Dwight also seemed to start forgiving Angela in a way, very very deep within himself.

    About the story of Michael and Holly I hope writers make the choice of letting them end up together, or suggest they definitely go back in the last season.

    Jim and Pam, or course it seemed a bit too fast for the pregnancy to happen, but hey that’s how a lot of couples have babies, not everyone plans that according to their financial situation.

    I still love the show, for having a big story arc and little things that happen every chapter so you can laugh without knowing the whole story.

  350. I don’t feel like reading through all the comments. But what is everyone talking about in regards to “Tanster.” I’ve seen every episode, but I seem to be forgetting who this person was and why it was such a big deal they were seen in the background. Can someone fill me in?

    [from tanster: hmmm. i have no idea. :) ]

  351. Thanks to this site, I now know the name of the “Conan staffer” who was on the show, Brian Stack. Now that’s interesting because I’m a huge fan of Conan O’Brien, and all these years, I’ve always just figured that guy was one of his brothers…

  352. If Steve Carell does not get his well deserved Emmy this year I am going to write a protest letter to the academy. I thought this season featured his best acting as Michael Scott. Though it was hard at first, I am satisfied how the whole Michael/Holly thing is playing out. The reason he didn’t tell her that he loves her when he had the chance is because he loves her. He sees that she is in what looks to be a good relationship and he does not want to ruin it, and that alone makes me wish that they will get together, maybe at the end of the series like Tim and Dawn.

  353. So I just thought of this. Remember back in Weight Loss when Michael gives Jim a condom to avoid a surprise pregnancy like Jan’s? Well, come the season finale, Pam has a surprise pregnancy. You guys think the writers did that on purpose?

  354. TANSTER!! little late, I know, but I just saw Company Picnic and SCREAMED when I saw you. How exciting!! :D

  355. ok, to the best of my lip-reading ability (i’m deaf in 1 ear, so i have to lip-read sometimes) and my knowledge of x-ray procedure (i’m very accident-prone…), here’s my translation of the “silent hospital room” scene. keep in mind that the doctor’s back was to the camera, so his line is pretty much made up.

    Doctor: We do a pregnancy test on every woman having x-rays, and hers was positive. She’s pregnant.
    Pam: I didn’t…!
    Jim: Oh my God… [hug] Oh my God! [hug, kiss, giggle]
    Pam: Um, do you want to go back to the game?
    Jim: No way!
    Pam: Okay, go call Dwight back!
    Jim: Okay!

  356. And just for fun, here’s every thought that went through Jim’s head during that 30(?) second scene. Or at least what I think, anyway.

    Oh, that’s interesting… Wait, what? …She’s pregnant? You’re pregnant? Oh my God I’m going to be a dad… Holy crap, I’m going to be a dad, this is awesome! Oh my God, I love you! Holy crap, I’m going to be a dad… this is crazy… Okay, go call Dwight. Oh hey camera crew, nothing to see here. “Hey, Dwight… send in the subs.” OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO BE A DAD!!!! I love her! [huggy hugs]

  357. About the whole miscarriage thing and it being too “dark” and The Office being too “lighthearted,” keep in mind, The Office is supposed to be a document of the lives in an office. It’s their LIVES. Sometimes life isn’t always so…lighthearted. Anything could happen.But I hope the baby is OK!

  358. It might just be me..but that hospital set seemed really similar. Maybe a lot just look alike but I swear it was just like the one from Scrubs.

  359. Great Episode. The Volleyball Game was incredibly funny. And the deleted scene with Meredith was simple and hilarious.

    Slumdunder Mifflinaire was also really funny and awkward.

    I’ve never been a fan of Jim and Pam, and even though I’m unsure about the new plotline of the show, they are the heart of the show.

  360. ok, this is so random, but i think i have the whole “pam pregnancy” thing figured out. a lot of you have been saying that she should have been on the pill, blah blah. well…

    for the pill to be effective, you have to take it at the same time every day. even being just a few hours off can make a difference. during the weeks that pam was at the michael scott paper company, she had to wake up really early to make deliveries… this threw off her pill schedule. she probably got pregnant during that time. the timeline makes sense.

  361. I wonder if season 6 of “The Office” will open like the Christmas special from the UK version, in which the first shot of Dawn Tinsley showed her with a baby in her arms — surprise! The baby was then revealed to be her nephew, rather than her own child.

    Perhaps this is too obvious. Plus, the summer is a little short for Pam to reach full term. Still, it would not be the first homage to an episode of the UK version.

    [:-)] Mark

  362. Just watched this episode last week, i must say, I was excited when I saw Tanster.
    It was the best way to end the season, I loved the Michael/Holly little Picnic, but the game show was a little awkward.
    I just loved the whole episode, especially the way it ended, left me asking for more.
    I would like the baby to be a girl.

    [from tanster: awww thanks!]

  363. Premarital sex? Really? Is this 1890? YEAH for Jam! I’m pretty sure we were all aware that Jim and Pam have sex, like most twenty or thirty-something couples do when they’re in a committed, loving relationship and this IS the 21st century and not Victorian England. It was a clever, happy twist for the writers and as usual John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer were able to knock this out of the park without us even having to hear their dialogue.

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