1. I love that Pam wants to watch Cranford! That was a fantastic miniseries. I guess since Jim wasn’t too keen on the books they covered in the Finer Things Club, he wouldn’t like Cranford at all!

  2. Wow that deleted scene was amazing! I so wish it was in the episode! It just goes to show that 40 minutes would be the perfect length for this show.

  3. ULTIMATE FANDOM COLLISION!!! The West Wing was my first serious tv addiction (before The Office, obviously), so to have Jim and Pam talking about it is ridiculously exciting to me. *sigh* I LOVE this show and I LOVE this couple!

  4. So, we should all send Ed Walkmans now, right? Preferably with a tape of Huey Lewis and The News inside.

  5. That pizza looked absolutely disgusting…and I want Pam back in The Office! I don’t like seeing her for a minute each episode. :)

  6. I don’t know if Jim wants to watch Battlestar Galactica because he wants some material to make fun of Dwigt with, or if he is really rubbing off on him.

  7. I LOVE that they’re watching the West Wing together. I hope they put a version of that scene in an upcoming ep, to make up for the JAM separation.

  8. this episode made me soooo proud of Jim with handling his fleeting ‘jealousy/scared’ moment.

    HE IS NOT ROY!!!

  9. Ditto to all The West Wing comments! But they’re talking about an episode of The West Wing a couple seasons in… how could they have watched that many episodes already? Haha.

  10. Pam should save Cranford for the Finer Things Club. Also, since Jim doesn’t seem to like the books Pam likes, I wonder if he’s more of a comic book guy

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