1. “Along came Holly…”

    Kings and queens of foreshadowing, these writers. :D

    [from tanster: LOL!]

  2. Yes! I was really hoping you would put up that Diwali video today! I was thinking about that song all last night and looked up that very video on Youtube! What a great moment in Office history!

  3. happy “divali” everyone.i live in trinidad and it’s kinda big here so i love that episode. and diwali is spelled like DIVALI not with a W.

  4. I think I’ll play this all day in the office, but first I’ll have to put on my sari. Have a happy happy happy Diwali!!!!

  5. Amanda – I guess it matters where you come from, because I’m Indian and we definitely spell it with a W. This is great, thanks Officetally!

  6. This show makes me so happy! First my religion, Sikhism, was represented and then one of our biggest holidays. Happy Diwali, everyone! Ima go wear the raddest outfit now, with sparkles.

  7. Happy Diwali!
    I love that episode so much…including, of course, this great rendition.
    So put on your saris…

  8. LOVE Dwight in the background playing the guitar.
    Mindy Kaling (who wrote this episode) is a genius!!

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