1. I love that Pam wants to watch Cranford! That was a fantastic miniseries. I guess since Jim wasn’t too keen on the books they covered in the Finer Things Club, he wouldn’t like Cranford at all!

  2. Wow that deleted scene was amazing! I so wish it was in the episode! It just goes to show that 40 minutes would be the perfect length for this show.

  3. ULTIMATE FANDOM COLLISION!!! The West Wing was my first serious tv addiction (before The Office, obviously), so to have Jim and Pam talking about it is ridiculously exciting to me. *sigh* I LOVE this show and I LOVE this couple!

  4. So, we should all send Ed Walkmans now, right? Preferably with a tape of Huey Lewis and The News inside.

  5. That pizza looked absolutely disgusting…and I want Pam back in The Office! I don’t like seeing her for a minute each episode. :)

  6. I don’t know if Jim wants to watch Battlestar Galactica because he wants some material to make fun of Dwigt with, or if he is really rubbing off on him.

  7. I LOVE that they’re watching the West Wing together. I hope they put a version of that scene in an upcoming ep, to make up for the JAM separation.

  8. this episode made me soooo proud of Jim with handling his fleeting ‘jealousy/scared’ moment.

    HE IS NOT ROY!!!

  9. Ditto to all The West Wing comments! But they’re talking about an episode of The West Wing a couple seasons in… how could they have watched that many episodes already? Haha.

  10. Pam should save Cranford for the Finer Things Club. Also, since Jim doesn’t seem to like the books Pam likes, I wonder if he’s more of a comic book guy

  11. Hmmm… I think Jim should give Cranford a chance.

    7 | Stefanie, it’s true that if he didn’t give the Finer Things books a real chance, he probably won’t ever watch it–but it’s a hilarious miniseries! He would laugh and laugh. Or at least he could chuckle at Pam laughing and laughing at it. (That’s how that usually goes at our house, anyway.) :-D

  12. I noticed this when watching the episode but forgot til now…is Pam wearing….shoulder pads???? :\

  13. It sounds like they’re talking about season 2 or 3. They’ve had a few months now, it wouldn’t take too long to get to the MS stuff.

  14. I should play along with Jim and Pam. I too have been watching an episode the “The West Wing” every night. Weird.

  15. This episode was edited well enough that I don’t necessarily want deleted scenes inserted into it, but man, that “Godfather” thing is classic.

  16. That scene was too cute! My boyfriend and I watch the west wing together before we go to sleep! Pretty much every night at the moment, because he just bought the entire series on DVD. I can’t wait for him to see this.

    The ‘Cranford’ thing made me laugh though, my mom loves it and I hated it and whenever I was round to see her she always had Cranford on.

  17. If Pam really knew Michael, she would have sent him Sbarro pizza from Times Square. Gross. Though, being fast food, maybe it would have kept a little better outside the fridge.

  18. As if Pam would want to watch “Cranford.” Wait… she was in The Finer Things club, so maybe she would…

  19. Poor Ed :( I’m going to send him my old Walkman. What’s the address I send it to? ;)

  20. Steve Carell is genius on a stick. How funny was that? I’d love to know if that was all improvised or scripted.

  21. Steve Carell is hilarious! He looked like he was going to experience vomitosis during his last scene!

    PS: Never heard of “Cranford”. What show is that?

  22. #36, Cranford was a miniseries on PBS with Judi Dench that aired in May.
    I wish they kept this in the episode. We could have seen more Jim/Pam interaction than Pam’s drunk message. Although that was funny in its own right.

  23. Ohhhkayyy so I cannot watch any scenes where Rainn or Steve eat mass amounts of food without dying laughing anymore.

    It’s just not possible. Also… fox meat is delicious.

  24. oh man!! dwight is the best! should have kept dwight’s bit in…but the original episode was perfect…gah, i wish this episode was supersized

  25. So, LOVE the Halloween TV pic on the banner…Tanster one-ups google’s logo!

    Now to the relevant post: Dwight is so “jackhammer” when he’s relying on the ladies at work. I love it. “We corrected them when they were wrong.”

    p.s. Can anyone think of any TV show, ever, that has deleted scenes as good as The Office? Honestly, all the deleted scenes from shows I can think of are either super lame, super limited, or super “just like the scene in the final cut, plus one word”. The Office’s deleted scenes are freaking funny. Not freaking unfunny. I know it’s been up for discussion before that the show could be 40 instead of 20 minutes much more often than it is, but my question is–has there ever been a show since WWII that can compete with that deleted scene success?

  26. The episode was so good and these deleted scenes are better than the first few episodes, too. I wish this would have been an hour long.

  27. Cranford!?!? Hahahahaa!! Omg, too hysterical. From someone who had to both read the book AND watch the series last year in her college English class, Jim Halpert, I feel your pain. XD

  28. That second deleted scene was so hilarious!! They should have kept that scene in. I love Jim and Michael’s exchanges about Michael’s love life. The “CD mix-tape” and now the “wild card” dates. So funny! I love you Office Writers!!!!!

  29. I just love seeing more of Phyllis. She’s so sweet in this episode and in the deleted scene with Dwight. Her hug would be worth $1,000!

    Tanster, I also love the sleek, sexy, new and improved 2.0!

  30. ahahahahaha!! i laughed so hard when dwight offered phyllis half and sandwich and says “ok. i’ll bring you one tomorrow.” i love dwight! i love jim more though. =)

  31. If the chair is as high as Phyllis’, the arm rests are angled like Phyllis’, and it smells like Phyllis’, then it must be Phyllis’

    I love Andy!!!

  32. The 3rd clip is terrific – yep, it is funny but better yet, every moment is brief and in character without being outrageous. There are times when I don’t get the rationale behind the editting on the show.

  33. LOL – oh, how I love Andy. His expression at the end of that TH completely cracked me up.

  34. these deleted scenes are funnier than some of the scenes included in the episode.

    @50: i agree completely. :D

  35. boner party was amazing in that deleted scene! I think the deleted scenes for this episode have been the best so far this season, bravo!

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