Dennis Fletcher Q&A

pete: Will Carrie Kemper will get to write more stories? I love her writing. Would it also mean that we will have more excellent Erin plots?

Dennis: Thank you for the question Pete, yes indeed Carrie Kemper is a class act of which I have great respect for and her writing abilities. I think in particular next year would be lucky to bring to fans perhaps the first Carrie Kemper-Dennis Fletcher collaboration which would in fact be a classic combination of comedy, drama, feelings, character, laughs and surprises and wit and more which I think would be a very good thing for fans to appreciate. Don’t you think? I don’t quite frankly know if she has been living up to her potential in life because I have no way to know and I have no way to know if the reason is Doogan [?] and if so we all make our own decisions in life but it is sad if we do not live up to our potential but it is up to every individual to be happy, if you had a chance to seize your fate would you take it? That’s the kind of stuff I think about, I don’t know maybe it’s [messed] up but I really do believe in fate and destiny and romantic [stuff] like that. Ha I bet you didn’t expect that, I even surprise myself sometimes. As for Erin time will tell, I am left out of those discussions go figure what a surprise.

Ryan: Why have there been no full-hour episodes this season? I believe it’s the first season with no one hour episode since the second season. Was this planned or did you guys not have a plot that could fill a full-hour?

Dennis: Thank you that is in fact an excellent question and it is related to a question of my own that has in fact been very much on my mind which is how come certain writers such as Steve Hely Own [Ellickson] Warren [Lieberstein] and more have received multiple scripts this year while I have received a grand total of ZERO that’s right ladies and gentlemen zero scripts just because of politics according to none other than Mr. Paul Lieberstein himself who told me the bad news directly to my face like a man which is better than I can say for other people on this staff which is the best staff on television and I am very fortunate to be a part of it. I just think it is hilarious that fans are asking about why there is no hour long episode when meanwhile I have literally millions of ideas that would blow your mind that I am not allowed to write just because of politics even though Kelly [Mindy Kaling] herself told me that I have a quote unquote “really great attitude” and that is a direct quote from Kelly [Mindy Kaling] and you might not think that is a big deal until I tell you that guess what, Kelly [Mindy Kaling] is an executive producer of the show, so now what do you think of that? A little bit of a different situation right? No [kidding]. It is totally [messed] up. Have fun with your two [damn] scripts Steve Hely, I am sure they will be hilarious. I have no regrets and I am grateful for all the amazing blessed opportunities I have had in life and the people I have met.

Herman: Are there plans for DeAngelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) returning to the show to try to regain his manager position?

Dennis: Once again Will Ferrell is a big hit with audiences around the globe and much like Steve Carell audiences love seeing him because of his great talent and fame. However getting him back on the show would most certainly involve calls to his agent etcetera etcetera.

PaperCrazy: What happened to Cathy? Will any future episode mention her again or what happened to her?

Dennis: Jennie it is hard not to get frustrated with some of these questions, specifically about the ignorance of people who do not know the difference between fictional characters and the actors who obviously do not understand how show business works, but on the other hand I understand it can be confusing, as a matter of fact I used to make mistakes like this myself before I was a story editor. Cathy is a fictional character played by an actress whose name I cannot recall at this precise moment in time. Whether or not other episodes mention her would be a simple question of whether the writers and story editors etcetera such as myself, Paul Lieberstein, Kelly [Mindy Kaling] and so forth decide to write that in the scripts and then then the actors would of course obviously say those lines. Thank you for your question.

[ from tanster: hi dennis, fans know the difference between the show’s characters and the actors who play them. i think papercrazy just wanted some insider scoop on whether the character of Cathy will return to the show. :) ]

Cheers!: We’re starting to see less and less of Gabe at the Scranton branch. You guys aren’t trying to slowly phase him out, are you?

Dennis: Gabe isn’t real, he isn’t a real guy doing this stuff for real, he is just a made-up guy that does whatever the writers, story editors, co-producers, executive producers and so forth decide he should do. His name isn’t even Gabe really, in reality he is played by an actor named Mack [Zach Woods]. If you are seeing less of him on your television it isn’t because Gabe isn’t really at the office so much, instead it simply means that Ryan [B.J. Novak], Kelly [Mindy Kaling], Toby [Paul Lieberstein], Carrie Kemper, Brent [Forrester], [Justin Spitzer] and yours truly myself, etcetera, put less lines in the script for [Zach Woods] to say. I hope that helps you understand a little bit about how the behind the scenes stuff works in Hollywood, it has certainly been a process for me to grab ahold of. Thank you very much for your question.


  1. I know whoever is behind this is trying to be funny by being annoying, but it is not funny at all. I did not even smile once. It is not even believable. What a waste of space on this otherwise wonderful website.

  2. Wow. Does everyone understand that the office characters aren’t real? Fellow tallyheads simply wanted to know the plans the writers have for the characters, we get that they are played by ACTORS. I’d rather see the office end this season than have Dennis Fletcher as the executive story editor for season 9. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the office characters aren’t real?

  3. Are you even sure he’s actually a real story editor on the show?

    Everything he types sounds like something we could all easily write. He thinks we don’t know the difference between fictional characters and the real people? Why did we interview him again?

  4. Also Steve Hely wrote one of the funnier episodes the whole season so…..I’m definitely fine with him having more scripts.

  5. I don’t know if this is indeed an April Fool’s stunt, but I found this very insulting as a long time fan. Like you said we do know the different between Michael and Steve. If this new guy is for real and just trying to be funny I’m afraid he doesn’t know the majority of the fans of this show.

  6. Not your average Q&A…no kidding. Wow. I admire your tact with this, Tanster.

  7. That was embarrassing to read. I feel like 99% of Office Tally readers know more about the show than this guy. Can’t believe Paul actually hired him. Really not a good look at all for the show…

  8. Wow, thanks for this tanster. Sad to see someone so bitter with a show that has probably padded his Resume and career. Have a good one sport!

  9. I particularly like the part where he talks about how he “flys coach by choice” to “keep it real”. Nice of him to provide some insight.

  10. While I appreciate the effort that went into this, as a fan of this show from the very beginning – I find this incredibly patronizing. Constantly suggesting that we are unable to separate characters from actors? Really? Unless we have all had a severe break from reality – we’re well aware that they are two separate entities.

    When talk of this Q&A first began I was hoping this was some sort of joke either by this site or the office staff. Finding out it is real is disappointing, and it frankly makes me a little nervous for the future of my favorite show.

  11. Anyone notice the posting date for this? Does that ring a bell? Lord, beer me strength.

  12. Guys… he is just joking. He is a comedy writer. This was meant to be funny and not taken seriously…

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