1. LOL @ the “all of the children of the world” comment…why oh why oh why was this a deleted scene!!

  2. I love that he would have Shiloh over so that he’ll be able to see her parents when they pick her up instead of just having Brad and/or Angelina at his dinner party. That’s awesome.

  3. #6, I completely agree with you! This deleted scene is what I miss about the show. The talking heads are amazing in general =]

  4. I think I laughed almost as much from this deleted scene as I did from the actual episode…

  5. Yes, this is definitely the kind of material that needs to be in the show. I love all of the wacky, zany stuff, too, but it was the simple parts like this that made Season 2 so awesome.

  6. That’s what was wrong with that episode: not one talking head from Michael!! I’m glad they posted this to make up for it. I love how he wanted to invite all the children of the world to his dinner party; he tries so hard to be a humanitarian. And Dwight was ridiculous, as always. His talking head reminded me of his “perfect date” from season 1…

  7. Dear God, I just laughed in the middle of a class lecture laughed REALLY load. And I had to be asked to leave. Oh, Office…. you have consumed every facet of my life!

    But it was totally worth it!

  8. I loved Michael’s dinner list! All the children of the world….and I loved how he messed up Shia and Shiloh’s names. Hilarious.

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