1. LOL @ the “all of the children of the world” comment…why oh why oh why was this a deleted scene!!

  2. I love that he would have Shiloh over so that he’ll be able to see her parents when they pick her up instead of just having Brad and/or Angelina at his dinner party. That’s awesome.

  3. #6, I completely agree with you! This deleted scene is what I miss about the show. The talking heads are amazing in general =]

  4. I think I laughed almost as much from this deleted scene as I did from the actual episode…

  5. “BOOM! Five dead psychopaths at my dining room table.

    It’s almost too easy.”

  6. Yes, this is definitely the kind of material that needs to be in the show. I love all of the wacky, zany stuff, too, but it was the simple parts like this that made Season 2 so awesome.

  7. That’s what was wrong with that episode: not one talking head from Michael!! I’m glad they posted this to make up for it. I love how he wanted to invite all the children of the world to his dinner party; he tries so hard to be a humanitarian. And Dwight was ridiculous, as always. His talking head reminded me of his “perfect date” from season 1…

  8. Dear God, I just laughed in the middle of a class lecture laughed REALLY load. And I had to be asked to leave. Oh, Office…. you have consumed every facet of my life!

    But it was totally worth it!

  9. I loved Michael’s dinner list! All the children of the world….and I loved how he messed up Shia and Shiloh’s names. Hilarious.

  10. Oh Dwight, Dwight, Dwight … you crazy little man you!

    And Michael’s comment …

    “Obviously George Clooney” … obviously, but of course that would only ever be in my wildest, best dreams! :)

    Like everyone else … gosh I missed this show so much!

  11. I can’t watch this because I’m at work but I must say tanster, I am absolutely loving this embedded video trend.

    You make my lazy heart go all a flutter.

    [from tanster: i heart embeddable video. :) ]

  12. That was absolutely BRILLIANT. It’s looking like it could have easily been an hour show.

  13. Hide the bodies and then collect the rewards!! How could have these talking heads not been in the show?

  14. The Office’s deleted scenes are always so hilarious – love this first one! Hope we get to see more to tide us over till next week.

  15. Ahhh…these office talking heads are what make The Office THE OFFICE!! That’s what was missing from yesterday’s show. It was just too much.

  16. Thats so cute that Michael says “George Clooney.” I bet John could make that happen.

  17. I loved Dinner Party but it might have been better off as an hour long. They could have filled the time with the rest of the cast in the office working late. I’m wondering if we will see more of the cast in the deleted scenes.

  18. Shia LaBeef! HAHA! And Michael definitely called Shiloh Jolie-Pitt a boy. LOL.

  19. Val Kilmer is definitely more famous than George Clooney and Shia LaBeef. Oh, Michael…

  20. This should have been in the episode last night! Classic Dwight. I felt as awkward watching the dinner party as Jim and Pam were living the experience!


  21. Oh.

    Five dead psychopaths, and one live one.

    Also, I love Michael’s reasoning about Shiloh–he didn’t even THINK about inviting Angelina and Brad to the dinner party directly! Ahh, I just love Michael!

  22. What some people are forgetting is that this episode takes place right after “the deposition” episode and not after the 5 month strike. Refresh yourselves with the ending of “the deposition” and you will understand the tension between Michael and Jan.

  23. Why, oh why does NBC wish to leave us poor Canadians in the dark? Every time I try to watch any of the deleted scenes I am told the clip I have selected is unable and I should try another clip. Sadly, every clip is unavailable. Would someone mind doing a quick recap about what was in the scene? I’ve gathered from the comments that Michael talks about a wish invite list for his party. It would be muchly appreciated.

  24. Re: clip 2

    True story…We have a neighbor who also does not wash his hands after #1, so I’ve actually brought a protein bar with me to dinner at his house because I refused to touch the appeteasers he set out after returning from the bathroom.

    But grow a set Jim, seriously.

  25. I think he said Barack Obama, because that’s probably the only name of a presidential candidate he would know. I think Jan would be more political.

    I loved these deleted scenes. Halpert’s not as puppy dog in love with Pam, but it’s like they’ve reached a newer, better level.

  26. Now we know what scene John and Jenna were referring to with Jan in the hallway. Great clip, though I’m afraid people will once again be upset that Jim left Pam to defend for herself. As he explains [when referencing Jan], “he’s afraid of her”.

  27. Oh come on…. these were hilarious. They shouldn’t have cut them out!

    Dwight’s ideal dinner party just made my day.

  28. I was just reading about the Nielsen ratings, when the second deleted scene popped up – SUCH a great one! Honestly, I know it’s been said about the other, but THIS one would’ve made the episode. And that must’ve been the scene that they couldn’t get through!? Can’t help but feeling a little like Jim threw Pam under the bus again. And Angela jumping on the Cornell train – maybe she really likes him? No way, I’m holding out for Dwangela.

  29. Sigh…Jim don’t be a coward. I really hope the writers don’t ever break them up. Giving them some problems to work through is fine but still, their relationship is the reason I started watching the show.

  30. Loved Pam’s facial expression after Jim chickened out on her. Considering Jan and how crazy she can be, I would have done the same.

  31. okay that second one is hilarious. pam is really amazing in this episode. but i am so mad at jim. why is he just like selling his girlfriend and supposed love of his life down the river like that? shouldn’t he be standing up for her. this makes me not like him at all. i wonder why the writers did this.

  32. and there is the “jan sneaking up on jim and pam” clip that made them laugh so much. I can see why it would be difficult to get through that scene. I had the volume so loud that Jan half scared me.

  33. The second scene should have totally been left in. This is why the show should be 45 minutes long!!!

    Pam/Jenna was so cute bouncing at the end of the scene – so relieved to have food.

  34. I don’t understand why everyone is getting all angry at Jim. What normal guy wouldn’t do that, and to be fair, what would you say if that happened to you?

  35. Awesome! I love Jenna so much in this episode. She is brilliant in the second deleted scene. I really like the Jim and Pam dynamic too. I see that some people are questioning Jim’s devotion because he was going to leave her at the party, and now this; but that’s what he does! He’s a prankster. Do you remember when he told Andy to ask Pam out? They are really funny together.

  36. I absolutely loved this second clip. I love that Jim is realistic. Jan is pretty insane in this episode; I’d be scared too. Jim willing to ‘sacrifice’ Pam just shows how awkward this dinner party really is. That’s the humor behind it. And Pam bouncing at the end with her food? Cracked me up.

  37. I loved how Pam reacted to Jim being scared of Jan. It is nice to see that JAM hasn’t become the “picture perfect” couple. If Jim would have come to Pam’s rescue, I would have found that to be “typical.” Maybe it’s just me, but I find it more empowering if a guy doesn’t ride on his white horse all the time.

  38. I must be in the minority, but I kinda dig the Jim/Pam vibe. He probably thinks she’s cute when she’s annoyed (and she is!), and she’s not so fragile that she needs protecting all the time. I don’t know, there’s just something very couple-y and next level about it. I guess I just read it as teasing–and I find that sort of sexy.

    Now, if this continues down a negative path, like some are predicting, then I won’t be so happy, but for now I’m cool with it.

  39. #62- agreed. i think if jim showed NO flaws in their relationship, things would get stale and too boring…fast. the fact that jim is a little immature in some ways and afraid to “man up” at times will allow their relationship to grow even more as they work things out.

  40. Yeah I feel a bit uneasy about Jim almost not supporting Pam twice. In the episode when he threatens to leave her, I watched her facial expression and she seemed pretty upset (Jenna is such an amazing actress!) Maybe this will lead to some rough patches for JAM. BUT I DON’T WANT THEM TO BREAK UP!!!

  41. I thought it was hilarious that Pam said, “not with your hands.” Pam and Jim sneak away just like they do at the office. The camera shot through what I assume is a doorway was even similar to shots in the Dunder Mifflin office.

  42. For those worried about JAM I just want to say that the way they act with each other is so much like my husband and I, and we are happily married and just had our second baby :) So I wouldn’t be too worried. It’s a realistic relationship and they both have a sense of humor with each other, they get each other. IMO.

  43. These deleted clips are great. I especially loved clip #2. Jenna just is so fabulous in this episode. I loved how Pam muttered “FOOD!!” under her breath when Jan came waltzing out with the appetizers and the look of disappointment on her face when Michael touched them. I love the bit in the hall with Jan, Pam and Jim too. Jim may be scared of Jan but I thought it was great how Pam just stayed put and continued to enjoy her granola bar.

  44. why was pam vibrating? at the end of that second clip? was that just the camera shaking? or is it just hunger pangs from food withdrawal?

  45. Haha, I think Jim had every right to be scared of Jan. Did you see how loud her voice got when she caught Pam with food? I would be scared out of my mind. Yikes!

  46. These deleted scenes are perfection! See THIS is why it should have been an hour long! I’m just sayin…

  47. I agree with #70, Meaghan. I think Jim knows that Pam can handle herself and seriously, how much does he love pranks? I don’t think we should read so much into the whole “Jim abandons Pam in time of need” because he knows her too well. If she really needed help, he would be the first one to stand up for her. Remember The Dundies when he got Michael to lay off the Longest Engagement award? I think this stuff in Dinner Party is just all in good “Jim” fun. Thanks!

  48. These deleted scenes are hilarious! I just died when Andy just popped the food Michael touched into his mouth. I love it!

  49. I completely agree with post #70! I’m really hoping Jam will be okay.
    I can completely relate to Pam-I always need food around dinner time! :)
    And Jan is scary. At least Michael gave a heads up about the not washing hands.

  50. Everyone is making way too big a deal out of Jims pranks on Pam…anybody whos been in a relationship knows that pranks are essential

  51. i think that’s the scene that jenna was talking about…god, the office should have TOTALLY been supersized…who cares about ER anyway? lol

  52. #77- i think pam was just bouncing because she was trying to quickly eat the rest of the bar…sort of like, “hurry up & chew!!” haha

  53. I have no doubt that if Jim was able to leave he would’ve phoned Pam to come home soon after.

  54. Mr. Scott-O, I completely agree with you!!! That’s just how their relationship is! That’s why they’re so cute! It shows that they truly love each other because they are comfortable enough to play pranks on each other!! Come on people!! I know it’s been 5 months, but let’s not forget how Jim and Pam are together!!

  55. I don’t get why people are so upset about what Jim did. Even if they weren’t dating and just went to dinner as friends, he would have done that. It’s how their friendship/relationship is.

  56. Wow, I laughed at deleted scene #1 about as much as I laughed at the whole episode. That was hilarious, and that’s the office that I love.

  57. #88- I don’t know, I think both Jim and Pam were hungry, they probably didn’t eat before they came, so I’m guessing they were both just starving to death. Besides, I don’t think that the office would drop that big of a bomb, lol.

  58. #88 – YES! That is EXACTLY what I thought when Pam said “I just want to eat”…

  59. To whomever said that Pam is eating because she is pregnant, I don’t think that is so. Like she said, “I expected to eat at a dinner party” and it was going to be three hours before dinner was ready.

  60. I don’t think Pam’s pregnant..because during the Dinner Party she did have occasional sips of wine. Not to mention, she even wanted to get away from the party and asked if she could get more – to which Jan told her she’d get it, and all the ladies retreated to the kitchen. Oh – and at the dinner table, there was a wine glass (full) next to her plate which i’m sure was hers because Dwight, Michael and Jim all had their own.

    So I’m guessing it’s either them moving in together – which would they find their own place or move into Pam’s (because doesn’t Jim have a roommate? I don’t think the roommate would like that) or an engagement. Either thing i’d be happy with.

  61. That clip with Dwight’s idea of the perfect dinner party is AWESOME! Oh man. I wish they hadn’t left that out. That was some of the best monologing I’ve seen in a while. “It’s almost too easy.”

  62. WOW, Angela really is dating Andy. CORNELL! did i mention he went to cornell?? CORNELL!

    this should’ve been in the episode :(
    why did they delete this little gem?
    ack, JIM bailing out on Pam again! why!?!?
    there are tiny cracks in his armor that I keep noticing now, but still…he’s adorable :)

    HEY! remember when Jim and Jan used to be able to talk normally?? like casino night?? what happened to that?

  63. I didn’t notice that little shake that Pam does at the end of the clip, so adorable.

  64. #62, what you say is true; Jim would be boring if he acted like a typical “white horse”, or “white knight”, or just always at Pam’s side. Still, it’d be nice if Jim actually succeeded excusing himself and Pam from the dinner party or defending Pam from the erratic Jan. Instead, I saw Michael, NOT JIM, notice that Pam felt cold and offered her his coat. Pathetic move, Jim.

  65. I’m just going to put two occasions off the top of my head in which Jim and Pam have pranked each other in ways that others could view as mean.

    1. Jim getting Andy to sing to Pam.

    2. Pam setting up Jim with Michael and Kelly after she jinxed him.

    This is their relationship. Jim saying “Oh only her.” is so their relationship.

  66. Exactly, #91. They were both starving to death and wanted to get the heck out of the most uncomfortable situation ever. It was every man for himself and Jim took his chance when he saw it, but Pam said no way, you are suffering with me. It was 100% Jim and Pam. I don’t know why people are worried about this.

  67. About Jim attempting to leave Pam, I don’t think this is a big deal. Most men(myself included) do things without thinking, that just keeps Jim realistic. I hope this doesn’t signal that the writers will be breaking Jim and Pam up and getting them back together, that just gets boring. I hope this means they’ll be keeping the relationship realistic with all the complexities, arguments, and annoyances of a real relationship as well as the good times.

  68. Haha both these scenes were hilarious–I wish they had left them in.

    Oh man, Michael, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Barack Obama at one table.

  69. I was a bit freaked out when I saw that Jim was going to leave her, but this one didn’t bother me as much (I got over the first one pretty fast, especially with the end “Babe” part)… Mostly because I thought it was ADORABLE the way they were sharing the granola bar or whatever it was.

  70. Pam saying “not with your hands…” in that sad whisper made me want to pee! (But I’d wash my hands after.)

  71. I have to agree with the “lighten up” train of thought about the so-called “abandonments” of Pam by Jim. So often guys are freaked out by crazy women, while women are not. Pam did not seem pathetic or pitiful. She’s FNB, for cryin’ out loud! They’re just having fun. After so many years of pining for her, there’s no way he’d suddenly take her for granted and act like a shallow jerk. So no worries there!!!

    What I loved about Pam’s little bounce at the end of clip 2 is that it’s a totally consistent character thing…she bounced just like that in Drug Testing, when she has a TH about Jim and the “fake crying”. So cute! She’s not an entirely new creature after all.

  72. In the episode, Jim said “I guess I’ll see you at home, Pam.” Are they already moved in together?

    Oh and I love the little jump Pam does at the end of clip 2. God, I would hate to not be able to eat at a dinner party!

  73. The Angela cornell thing… did anyone else see it as maybe a bit of a tease? I kind of thought Angela was being a butthead and being like “did you know? because he talks about it CONSTANTLY”

  74. 111-
    I wondered if Jim and Pam had moved in together. Either they simply spend a lot of time at each other’s houses, which is a very real possibility. They may have moved in together and are keeping it from everyone in the office. Which is also a possibility. Or we could be reading too much into it.

  75. I remember Jenna talking about a scene that they could not get through. One where Jan sneaks up behind Pam and Jim. But then I never saw such a scene in what aired. I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you.

  76. HAHA!!! JAN’S FACE AT THE END IS PRICELESS!!! And I love Dwight!! He makes me incredibly happy!! This show is amazing!! I’m pretty proud that I’ve gotten six of my friends to start watching it!! GO ME!! Just kidding! Thanks for posting these HILARIOUS clips!! Can’t wait til Thursday!!

  77. melora was incredible in this episode. i don’t like jan very much, but melora was AWESOME!

  78. I agree with Gracie, #113. I think Angela was being a bit of a tease and she was stirring the pot to make the situation a little worse. Even when she was talking about “Pam holding on to the faxes for a whole afternoon”.

  79. As much as this episode freaked me out in terms of Jan, I give Melora AMAZING props for how well she acted in this episode. I mean honestly, her and Steve – incredibly good. I hope they get recognized down the line and maybe win some awards for their preformances.

  80. Ha, so is Jan from West Virginia? If so, I wonder how she got to New York and her sister got to Scottsdale…

  81. I just caught myself doing the Pam shimmy while waiting for my snack in the microwave!

  82. With rumors swirling that one of the main characters leaves after the season, it’s looking more plausible that Jan will be given the boot. Michael Scott will then be back on the market! Ladies…. the line forms to the left.

  83. Lol, jan’s expression on the end of the 3rd deleted clip…….SOOOOOOOOOoo funny

    where did you grow up?

  84. Oh man, I hope there’s more to come! I love how Dwight treats his babysitter/date. Lol. Purely carnal.
    Crazy Jan is just delightful for all the wrong, yet funny, reasons.

  85. on the living together or not question: since part of the episode description of “did i stutter” talks about an inconvenience pam faces after spending the night at jim’s i think it is pretty certain that they are not living together. i didn’t read it that way at all anyway. it would have been awkward if he had said “well thanks for dinner, pam, i’ll see you at my place”.

  86. Crazy Jan! Haha. Well I’ve been told I am SOOOOOO much more beautiful than Sacha Baron Cohen, but I don’t know. :)

  87. I love that Pam was trying to be polite in the face of what was already a very awkward situation and Jan acting like Pam had said something wrong.

  88. Melora really knows how to commit to a scene! She’s amazing. Do I smell an emmy coming her way?

    They should have kept that dog gag in. It was funny.

  89. Jan really screwed the pooch with Neighborhood Watch. And LOLOLOLOL at how she kept sniffing her candle while standing there in her “workspace” discussing the spray-painted dog.

  90. “She’s a weimaraner, you bitch.” All the deleted scenes are great, but of all of them, #4 should not have been cut. I hope Melora Hardin submits this episode for some kind of award, because she was fabulous in “Dinner Party.”

  91. Man, all I can say after watching the fourth scene is who thought Michael would’ve been the more stable partner in a relationship. Do you think Jim and Pam suspected it was Jan before she confessed?

  92. Haha, and here’s another installment of how crazy can Jan really be? lol. Oh my gosh, it gets better and better. I love how Jim keeps sticking his head out of the door to escape the smell, perfection!

  93. I hate what the writers have done with Jan. She’s becoming a caricature of a woman. Ugh.

    Love the show, minus this development.

  94. “She’s a Weimaraner, you bitch!”

    Hahahaha!! I think that was my favorite ‘Dinner Party’ moment yet.

  95. When Andy, who lacks any sense of self awareness, shoots daggers at Jan with his eyes, you know it’s bad. That was hilarious, but as a dog lover myself, wow, what a horrible woman Jan has become. It’s anyone’s guess as to what they can do with her now. Are there any good mental institutions in Scranton?

  96. This clips does seem to be overdoing it with the Jan is crazy bit. While Michael, Dwight, Angela, Ryan etc. are portrayed with their quirks, I think the writers work to also make them relate-able. With Jan it’s just like whoo! she’s crazy for no apparent reason. It just makes her unappealing as a character.

  97. Greg Daniels was the neighbor before and it looked like him in the deleted scene.

  98. I don’t like what they’ve done to Jan’s character. She’s gone too far- its not believable. I can’t wait for her to be gone! then they can focus on the other characters

  99. Does NBC even pay attention to these scenes? Do they see the golden moments that wind up on the editing room floor? How has this show not been extended to a full hour time slot yet? I cannot imagine how much more brilliantly this episode would have played out had all of these extras been left in.

    Gene-ious-Lee. See? See what I did there? I’m here all week. This show needs to be an hour. Let’s get another petition going or something, okay? Or maybe a sit-in? I’ll bring donuts.

  100. Even clueless, happy go lucky Andy looked jarred by Jan’s dog spraying confession. Oh Jan, you need meds…or less meds…or something.

  101. I also noticed how even Angela and Andy were freaked by Jan’s confession, which is saying a lot. Perhaps the scene was cut because it made Jan’s crazy behavior too extreme. Her behavior in the episode seemed plausible to me, even the deleted scene between Jan and Pam in the kitchen, but this just takes it into camp.

  102. Among all the Jan-insanity in the episode, I thought her drunken admission of the (again) drunken dog tagging was, oddly, the most believable. Have you ever seen how twisted neighbors can get over pet issues?

    I laughed at the first viewing, and the second but more and more I wish they’d have shelved the “Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf” motif and edited the episode so Jan is a more believable whack job. While Melora was great, the editing, like “Phyllis Wedding, could have been sharper.

  103. Although it would be great to see some of these deleted scenes in the final cut, I must assert that hour-long shows may not be the best avenue for The Office. For instance, take the first four episodes of this season — all hour-long. The public perception for those four episodes, while positive, do not evoke the same enthusiasm as the standard 30 minute shows.

    I believe that the 30 minute episode is the best vehicle for a show like The Office because such a condensed time slot will engender more laughs from the awkward facial expressions and subtle portrayals from the characters, rather than drawing out plot lines that do not evoke the same comedic response.

    Anyway, the majority of us are sure to purchase or view past episodes via DVD so we won’t be deprived of the deleted story-telling of the writers. I just wish the DVDs would have an extended play feature that would allow viewers to watch episodes embedded with the deleted scenes…kind of like watching the 4-hour version of Lord of the Rings, rather than the 3-hour theatrical cut.

  104. I like how people say “Why did they cut that scene? It was funny!” as if they could have snuck it into the episode and NBC wouldn’t care if it was a little over their alloted time.

    They cut the scene because it wasn’t an important part of the episode and it was just fine without it.

    Also, please don’t make the show one hour. A one-hour version of Dinner Party would be a nightmare.

  105. She spends her days alone making candles, cleaning and being bored out of her mind. Then, her nights are filled with Michael(Michael Scarn! Pow! Pow!)

    Wouldn’t YOU be completely insane in a matter of months?

  106. Is there any chance someone can write the dialogue of the scenes for those of us who can’t view the clips?
    It would be appreciated.

  107. I love the deleted scenes. They are like an added bonus to the die hard Office fans. I also like how they are released one-by-one through the week. It helps Thursday get here a bit more quickly. Once again I must say how much I love crazy Jan. Melora is doing such a fabulous job with her.

  108. @ #153 Party Mike-
    “”I like how people say “Why did they cut that scene? It was funny!” as if they could have snuck it into the episode and NBC wouldn’t care if it was a little over their alloted time.””

    Well, yes. I understand that. I’m not entirely ignorant to the wonders of television programming and other related aspects of editing and formatting. I was simply voicing my desire for this show to be extended to an hour. I don’t know that it would be nightmarish at all.

    @ #154- Mark.

    This I understand completely. But, I don’t know, would you agree that maybe, suddenly, this season’s episodes feel a bit crowded? I can’t quite place it, but it seems like we’re getting less and less of these drawn out awkward moments. As opposed to Season’s 1 & 2, it seems that the characters are responding vocally too much of the absurdity rather than letting the uncomfortable-ness stew. Or, on the opposite end, the awkwardness takes on an over inflated form; i.e. Michael driving into the lake.

    But I don’t know. What do you folks think? Would an hour long format let the subtleties breathe easier?

  109. Wow, Jan is definitely over the top. I’m glad the scenes with the dog were not included, too unrealistic in my opinion.

  110. lol uh..That was pretty disturbing to watch for me. And what did that guy say after Jan called the dog a mutt. “She’s a wimer(?)” Is that the breed?

  111. omg. jan is a psycho.
    wow. that was great.
    i can’t believe they cut that out.
    that’s priceless.

  112. Jake, I don’t think that Jan dating Michael is driving her crazy but it is probably exacerbating her problems. Her problems started long before she became involved with Michael. I can’t remember exactly but didn’t Wallace tell her that her behavior had gone on for two years? And things are bad when Andy and Angela, two people who themselves have displayed some crazy passive aggressive behavior are shocked.

  113. i thought i heard somewhere that the couple with the dog are played by lee and gene…did i imagine that?

    i don’t have a strong opinion about hour longs one way or the other but the thing to remember about the 4 hour longs at the beginning of the season is that they weren’t true hour longs in a way. they were written almost as 2 half hour shows so they could be split apart in reruns. i think that if the office was allowed to make hour longs without that restriction then the shows would flow better and take more advantage of the breathing room. although it screwed with the scheduling my favorites were the “supersized” episodes. that was, in my opinion, the perfect length for the show.

  114. #166–Maybe a callback to when Michael is closing on his condo and Carol tells him that it’s a very “gay friendly” neighborhood!

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