‘Dinner Party’ deleted scenes

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 | 171 comments


Deleted scene 2

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  1. 171. Freddy  

    OMG! I love it when Jan sniffs her candles. That is gold.

  2. 170. alexgep  

    Rainn Wilson is so freaking talented. Deleted scene 1 is incredible.

  3. 169. dying star  

    #166–Maybe a callback to when Michael is closing on his condo and Carol tells him that it’s a very “gay friendly” neighborhood!

  4. 168. Lost  

    “It was ME!” Is my favorite Jan line. LMAO.

  5. 167. TobyFan  

    I agree, tuna, I think the super-sized episodes were just the right size, TWSS.

  6. 166. tuna tuna tuna  

    i thought i heard somewhere that the couple with the dog are played by lee and gene…did i imagine that?

    i don’t have a strong opinion about hour longs one way or the other but the thing to remember about the 4 hour longs at the beginning of the season is that they weren’t true hour longs in a way. they were written almost as 2 half hour shows so they could be split apart in reruns. i think that if the office was allowed to make hour longs without that restriction then the shows would flow better and take more advantage of the breathing room. although it screwed with the scheduling my favorites were the “supersized” episodes. that was, in my opinion, the perfect length for the show.

  7. 165. FirstTime  

    Did anyone notice the couple next door is two men?

  8. 164. headphone  

    Jake, I don’t think that Jan dating Michael is driving her crazy but it is probably exacerbating her problems. Her problems started long before she became involved with Michael. I can’t remember exactly but didn’t Wallace tell her that her behavior had gone on for two years? And things are bad when Andy and Angela, two people who themselves have displayed some crazy passive aggressive behavior are shocked.

  9. 163. kippib  

    omg. jan is a psycho.
    wow. that was great.
    i can’t believe they cut that out.
    that’s priceless.

  10. 162. Laura  

    I agree with Mark. Those hour-long episodes seemed to drag on a little bit.

  11. 161. Pam Scherbatsky  

    LMAO. It’s a weimariner, you bitch!

  12. 160. Ann  

    lol uh..That was pretty disturbing to watch for me. And what did that guy say after Jan called the dog a mutt. “She’s a wimer(?)” Is that the breed?

  13. 159. DrunkBiking  

    I’m glad the deleted scene 4 was cut. Much too much of Crazy Jan.

  14. 158. Thirsty Schrute Baby  

    Wow, Jan is definitely over the top. I’m glad the scenes with the dog were not included, too unrealistic in my opinion.

  15. 157. It was ME!  

    I just LOVE the way she says ‘I spray painted that dog’

  16. 156. LittleTuna  

    @ #153 Party Mike-
    “”I like how people say “Why did they cut that scene? It was funny!” as if they could have snuck it into the episode and NBC wouldn’t care if it was a little over their alloted time.””

    Well, yes. I understand that. I’m not entirely ignorant to the wonders of television programming and other related aspects of editing and formatting. I was simply voicing my desire for this show to be extended to an hour. I don’t know that it would be nightmarish at all.

    @ #154- Mark.

    This I understand completely. But, I don’t know, would you agree that maybe, suddenly, this season’s episodes feel a bit crowded? I can’t quite place it, but it seems like we’re getting less and less of these drawn out awkward moments. As opposed to Season’s 1 & 2, it seems that the characters are responding vocally too much of the absurdity rather than letting the uncomfortable-ness stew. Or, on the opposite end, the awkwardness takes on an over inflated form; i.e. Michael driving into the lake.

    But I don’t know. What do you folks think? Would an hour long format let the subtleties breathe easier?

  17. 155. Hilary  

    I love the deleted scenes. They are like an added bonus to the die hard Office fans. I also like how they are released one-by-one through the week. It helps Thursday get here a bit more quickly. Once again I must say how much I love crazy Jan. Melora is doing such a fabulous job with her.

  18. 154. Zenah  

    Is there any chance someone can write the dialogue of the scenes for those of us who can’t view the clips?
    It would be appreciated.

  19. 153. Jake  

    She spends her days alone making candles, cleaning and being bored out of her mind. Then, her nights are filled with Michael(Michael Scarn! Pow! Pow!)

    Wouldn’t YOU be completely insane in a matter of months?

  20. 152. Mark  

    Although it would be great to see some of these deleted scenes in the final cut, I must assert that hour-long shows may not be the best avenue for The Office. For instance, take the first four episodes of this season — all hour-long. The public perception for those four episodes, while positive, do not evoke the same enthusiasm as the standard 30 minute shows.

    I believe that the 30 minute episode is the best vehicle for a show like The Office because such a condensed time slot will engender more laughs from the awkward facial expressions and subtle portrayals from the characters, rather than drawing out plot lines that do not evoke the same comedic response.

    Anyway, the majority of us are sure to purchase or view past episodes via DVD so we won’t be deprived of the deleted story-telling of the writers. I just wish the DVDs would have an extended play feature that would allow viewers to watch episodes embedded with the deleted scenes…kind of like watching the 4-hour version of Lord of the Rings, rather than the 3-hour theatrical cut.

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