Dunder Mifflin org chart

Friday, May 2nd, 2008 | 69 comments


Dunder Mifflin Org Chart

You can now download Dwight’s Dunder Mifflin org chart and emergency overlay (from the episode Did I Stutter?) in all their full-blown high-res glory over at NBC.com.

Links: Dunder Mifflin org chart | Emergency overlay


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  1. 69. TobyFan  

    cam3150 – I was thinking of doing exactly the same thing.

  2. 68. headphone  

    JT-Malone is an Irish name.

  3. 67. viewdrix  

    Why are Devon and Tom from Accounting included on the chart, but Ryan is in place of Jan, and there’s no Roy?

  4. 66. JT  

    what’s with the clover next to Kevin’s name? is he Irish?

  5. 65. headphone  

    The emergency chart makes me hope we see more Schrute family members besides Mose one day.

  6. 64. Emily  

    According to Phyllis in Performance Review, Tom was an office worker who killed himself.

    This is…so brilliant. Every little detail is completely awesome. I love the fists that symbolize African Americans, and that Toby is possibly Jewish. I’ve actually wondered about that for a long time.

  7. 63. Pam Scherbatsky  

    YES! I had faith in you to get this, Tanster!

  8. 62. Zac  

    AmazonHobbit wrote: “Who is Tom?”

    He was the accountant who committed suicide. They talk about him in the episode where Michael reads suggestions from the Suggestion Box.

    Aegean2007 at DVDTalk went through the trouble of posting an updated version of the chart to include Roy, Jan and the Stamfordites.

    Small Version

    Large version

  9. 61. cam3150  

    Seriously, this is the single most funny thing, prop-wise, I have ever seen on this show. This is completely priceless. I am printing a copy to hang in my own cube wall, right next to my Shrute Buck. WOW….thanks, Tanster, for posting. I was going through that scene frame by frame, just trying to get a glimpse of what it said, and now I have one of my very own :)

  10. 60. Amazon Hobbit  

    Who is Tom?

  11. 59. Amazon Hobbit  

    I love how Creed’s name is in quotes, as if that’s only allegedly his real name!

  12. 58. Dwigt  

    Really, this is absolutely brilliant.

  13. 57. Dwigt  

    What? No Roy Anderson?

  14. 56. Sheikia  

    Heres a link to just the emergency overlay. What I did was I printed it out on clear, transparent film(like overheads) and placed it over the original org chart.

  15. 55. Jimmy  

    LOL! I love how in the emergency plan, the warehouse is in “lockdown,” and Andy is crossed out! and Dwight uses German!

  16. 54. The Bootleg Saint  

    Am I the only one that thinks we need an appearance from Mutter?

  17. 53. jkrasislove  

    hahahaha i just saw the star of david with a question mark next to toby’s name. wow i love dwight. and the fact creed has quotations around his name, like it isn’t actually his name……hmm…

  18. 52. Meaghan  

    Am I right in thinking that the little graduate next to Andy indicates his Cornellishness?

    This is just brilliant.

  19. 51. sabrina  

    Haha, the menstrual cycles… How the heck does he know their cycles?

  20. 50. MSL  

    Thanks Travis!

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