1. Oh my goodness, I feel such hometown pride! I literally watched Derby coverage all day today, so I don’t know how I missed this! You know you’re from Louisville, though, when you start critiquing their betting strategies. (For starters, Kevin, it’s a field of 20 this year! That’s going to be your first mistake!) Next year, they need to actually come to Louisville, and I will fill them in on the secrets to picking the perfect exacta.

  2. Today I was talking to my sister, and she said “you may have seen every Office episode, deleted scene, blooper etc but you didn’t see the office people comment on the Kentucky Derby! Haha.” And I said “Well, I’m sure it’s going to be on Officetally.” And it was. Thanks :)

    Poor Eight Belles.

  3. Thank God it was before that T.O. bit. I just couldn’t have watched it.

  4. hey, couldn’t agree with you more, sara in philly(#8). as an eagles fan myself, i feel you. I love how out of everyone that could’ve showed up in one frame of that clip, it had to be the one man that Scranton football fans most likely cannot stand. Oh, comedy.

  5. Kentucky Derby + The Office = heaven.

    I’ve been sad all evening thinking about Eight Belles, so this clip was a nice way to cheer up a little.

    So, Kevin, you have to work on your betting strategy – there were 20 horses in the field today!

  6. I’m a Kentucky girl and I had been watching Derby footage all day and when this came on I completely flipped out. Office + Kentucky Derby = LOVE. And Kevin totally got it wrong. There were 20 horses racing in the Derby, dude. RIP Eight Belles!

  7. Despite how sad I am about Eight Belles, and how I pretty much hate horse racing, this was pretty funny.

  8. dwight’s talking head reminds me of the merger when he told toby he could beat his mile time on a skateboard!

  9. “Talk to me when there’s a horse race with cars.”

    I LOVE that humor. How does that kind of thinking even occur to someone? You gotta love these writers. They must hang around around kids a lot to come up with Dwight’s logic.

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