Golden Globe Awards 2009

Sunday, January 11th, 2009 | 127 comments


Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer Golden Globes

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  1. 127. alli  

    Jenna’s dress is HOTT! LOVE it.

  2. 126. Perez  


    Jenna, Angela, and Oscar dancing to Sexy Back has to find its way onto youtube

  3. 125. what's the dealio?  

    The live video of Extra covering the after party was one of the most cringe-inducing things I’ve ever watched! That could have been a comedy in itself. (Who was that blond lady with the mic wandering about the party, going into the dark “vip” room?) I gave up watching because I was cringing to the point of practically wanting to take a bath. Did anyone stick with it long enough to see the Office staff interviewed?

  4. 124. Sharon  

    Just found this article about Jenna’s makeup for the GGs:

    So glad they loved her dress – I thought it was gorgeous!

  5. 123. biggest_flan  

    Superficially: Jenna looked so beautiful – the print was gorgeous, hair perfectly in place, and I wish I had a dress that made “my girls” look that awesome! I thought Mindy’s hair was very cute and I love that picture of her and B.J., where she’s making the badass face… haha.

    And to chime in on the 30 Rock discussion, it’s a different style of humor from The Office so I understand that not everyone digs it. These award shows tend to drift towards the cool thing of the moment and right now, that’s 30 Rock (and HBO miniseries, apparently). No need to hate though – there are a lot of great shows out there that never even get nominated for anything! The Office is fantastic and it doesn’t make it any less fantastic just because it’s not winning awards. :)

  6. 122. Sticious  

    The highlight of the night was absolutely Ricky Gervais. It would be amazing to have him host an award show. I’d actually sit through the whole thing!

  7. 121. Jana  

    Jenna made it on omg!’s best-dressed list!


  8. 120. Kenna  

    I just saw these video interviews with Jenna and Rainn on EW’s website…

  9. 119. bryce  

    I totally get that people don’t like 30 Rock. It’s not everyone’s style of humor. I love it, but I don’t expect everyone else to.

    But here’s the deal. The Office has been pretty weak for the last couple of seasons. There’s been an occasional great episode (THE SURPLUS!), but in general, it’s not consistently LOL funny.

    I still love the office. ;o)

  10. 118. kedsnkisses  

    Jenna, and her ladies, looked AMAZING! Why wasn’t she at the NBC after party?

  11. 117. Tylerdw  

    I do NOT understand why 30 Rock keeps beating out The Office in every category! 30 Rock gets less viewers week after week, and is much less entertaining. I just don’t understand it, 30 Rock is nothing special. I don’t know why the committees drool over it. UGH.

  12. 116. tem  

    I just don’t understand all the love for “30 Rock”. I have really tried, with an open mind, to appreciate the show and I just can’t do it. In my opinion , it is silly humor without any depth. As long as “30 Rock” is nominated along with “The Office” at an awards show, I will not watch it. i can’t take the disappointment when they announce the winner.

  13. 115. pooh  

    I’m sad The Office didn’t win, but I am soooo happy because Mad Men won. Everyone should watch that show for realsies.

  14. 114. Megan  

    I LOVED loved loved Kate’s dress- wow! Jenna looked great as well. E showed a lot of the office cast walking the red carpet which was nice- I didn’t watch the whole NBC broadcast because I was a little disappointed the Office was snubbed this year. Good luck next year!

  15. 113. nac2scranton  

    Even though The Office or Steve didn’t win any awards last night at the Golden Globes, I still relished the time I spent watching the TV Guide Channel’s and NBC’s coverage of the red carpet interviews. It was a good thing I had 2 VCR’s! Steve did look a little more natural with his “manscape” but I liked it anyway. His winning a Golden Globe would have made the actual awards show a lot more interesting, but seeing him live, not in a character, healthy and happy with his wife makes me smile (inside and out!).

  16. 112. Amy  

    I didn’t watch the show last night, but sorry to hear we didn’t win in either category. I am not on MySpace so I can only comment here that I lovedlovedloved Jenna Fischer’s dress! She looked so beautiful.

  17. 111. The Sexy Benjamin Franklin  

    30 Rock is not nearly as deserving as The Office. I’ve made an effort to watch 30 Rock lately because I enjoyed Tina Fey’s Palin impressions, but it is just not remotely as entertaining or funny as The Office.

  18. 110. theEvilAngel  

    One of the “best-dressed” is no surprise! I knew it even without a list ;)

    http://omg. yahoo. com/photos/best-dressed-at-the-golden-globes/2578/22

  19. 109. Ann  

    I think the 30 Rock hate gets a little excessive. People from both shows have made it clear they have nothing but respect and admiration for each other. I know that when Tina’s been asked what her favorite shows are, she’s cited both the US and UK versions of The Office. And I know that Steve and Jenna, at a minimum, have gone on the record about enjoying 30 Rock. If they can all be happy for each other and appreciate each other’s work, I don’t think bitterness amongst the fans is really necessary.

    I can understand a certain amount of disappointment. I would have liked to see Steve win in his category, personally. And I get that some people just don’t like 30 Rock for whatever reason, and that’s fine.

  20. 108. Joanna (CBM)  

    Okay you all know I’m a die-hard Office fan…. but even I know that 30 Rock is just as deserving of those awards. So I think it’s fine that they won… fact I think Tina Fey’s speech was hilarious, and one of the high points of the night.

    Meanwhile more important things….. fashion. :)

    Jenna’s dress and hair looked AMAZING. I’ve already seen her on a worst-dressed list which is horrible…… those people dont’ know what they’re talking about.
    I love the color of Angela’s dress and Kate’s dress was gorgeous…. but Mindy?! yet again I have to say for someone who I admire so much for her fashion taste on her blog…. that dress and hair didn’t really do much for me. I’m sorry Mindy!!

    The guys all looked great, per usual… but is it just me or does BJ look awfully skinny lately? I hope everything’s okay. And yes, I did get very excited when I saw John’s interview on E…. hehehe that never fails to make me happy.

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