1. I love her… but Carson Daly can’t interview well at all. She’s told most of those stories before with other hosts and they’ve gone so much better.

  2. Oh man Carson Daly is just not humorous and doesn’t seem to get our wonderful Angela’s cuteness. Lol. She is so awesome as usual though.

  3. She is so adorable…I love how she tells stories and then maybe feels awkward for a second cause she went on about it so much…but then moves on to the next topic :) cute…

  4. Good grief. Carson Daly is an awful interviewer with his interrupting and asking inane questions they all answered ad nauseum four years ago, like the 1-800-Dentist thing. Is it that hard to come up with something fresh to talk to her about for five minutes? I wouldn’t think so.

  5. I agree completely! Angela Kinsey is so down to earth and just funny being herself. I wish he would have actually asked questions about the upcoming seasons instead of reusing old questions and prompting old stories.

  6. “Have you ever worked in an office?” (paraphrasing)

    Wow. What a great question, Carson!

  7. “I have already admitted that I do…why do you keep making me repeat it?”

    …for some reason that really hit home for me, not in a bad way…but yeah.


  8. she is just the sweetest person! god, i love angela. carson daly, on the other hand…is awful.

  9. After the interview was over, did you see her mouth to Carson, “oh my god, I’m so sorry….” I guess she went over the allotted time?? I don’t know – but she is so adorable! I loved her outfit!

  10. I could listen to Angela tell stories ALL DAY – so sweet! Carson on the other hand…..why is he still on the air and why did he have to bring up Britney Spears?!?!?

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