Golden Globe Awards 2009

Golden Globe AwardsA reminder to watch the Golden Globe Awards tonight on NBC! The Office is nominated for two awards:

Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical: The Office
Best TV Actor, Comedy or Musical: Steve Carell

Watch the show tonight, and then come back here for award results, photos, and a chance to win the official Golden Globes poster! (As always, if you have a tip, post a comment with a link!)

Links: Golden Globes on NBC

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  1. The Globes are the worst of the major award shows due to the small number of voters in the Hollywood Foreign Press. I bet the celebs love the show though because of the free-flowing alcohol during the ceremony.

  2. Yay, I’m excited to watch! And I love reading Jenna’s blogs, I’m sure her dress will be beautiful

  3. I don’t know if this will go up online anywhere, but on the red carpet show, E! just ran a cute little package of clips from this year’s nominees mixed in with TWSS clips from “The Office.” Very funny!

  4. I just saw Jenna Fischer, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey and Mindy Kaling on E! and they look amazing! I don’t know what Jenna was worried about on her blog! I love her dress! Everyone just looks great! I hope they get a golden globe! Fingers crossed!

  5. Meaghan, at times like this, I REALLY wish I wasn’t a broke college student with no cable. I really hope they post it up :)

  6. They just posted pictures of them at Getty Images, and I must say Jenna looks fantastic!

  7. Dang! I didn’t know it was on E! I’ve been watching NBC the whole time. I saw Rainn and Steve’s interview but I didn’t see the others interview.

  8. I am now watching E! At the last 2 minutes of it. I can’t believe I missed these interviews. And I’m loving these constant updates. Thanks for this! I have a feeling I will be commenting a lot.

  9. Okay – that interview on E! with John and Ed was adorable. Everybody looks amazing, as usual! I hope they are having a great time! :)

  10. Everyone looks great but they still look real. I love this cast! When will we know if Steve or the show won?

  11. Awww, everyone looks amazing!

    I love Jenna’s dress. And she was right – it definitely shows off “the ladies” lol

  12. I like that there is The Office promo like, every other commercial break. Makes me exited for Thursday…and tonight!

  13. I can’t believe they nixed Steve Carell again. I feel he always gets the cold shoulder. His performances every week are incredible.
    We Love you Steve.

  14. Jenna and the rest of the cast look gorgeous, as usual! Steve didn’t win, though. :(

  15. Jenna is so beautiful!

    I love that she mentioned the lack of food during her Seacrest interview!

  16. Per the fashion…

    The men all look very handsome! Creed cleans up well especially. Rainn and Brian are wearing practically the same thing, but both look great.

    Angela, Kate and Mindy all look gorgeous, but also a little stiff. I think Angela looks even more stunning post-baby, but I’m wondering if her dress is uncomfortable. Jenna looks amazing — dress, hair, makeup. Whole package is great; it’s good to take a risk.

    Haven’t seen John or Andy yet, but I’m sure they both look scrumptious.

  17. ok so i am seriously not a happy camper right now. 30 Rock isn’t that funny to me!!! i feel like andy right now, i want to punch a hole in the wall.

  18. I am sick and tired of watching 30 Rock win everytime. Why can’t there be a “Best TV Series Couple Comedy or Musical”?

  19. aw, thanks for the coverage, but it would have been nice to have a cut before you posted the results. we on the west coast didn’t want to know the winners before the show even started over here… :(

    [from tanster: sorry about that!]

  20. Where’s the John Krasinski pictures? We need our JKras fix! Poor Steve :(. It soooo should have been a tie between him and Alec Baldwin! Ah well. I knew 30 Rock would win everything (and deserve it as much as The Office).

  21. I agree with the fact that 30 Rock isn’t that funny….sorry guys better luck next time!!!! you deserve it!!!

  22. I feel like the 30 Rock/The Office dynamic is the new Frasier/Friends (respectively) of the TV Comedy category. Sure, both are funny, but the entirety of The Office is just far superior to the entirety of 30 Rock. Everyone on TO is strong, while 30 Rock has a few weak links (in my opinion). When will the “academies” start recognizing that!!

  23. I don’t care what they say — The Office is better than 30 Rock. 30 Rock is just funny. The Office is funny and BRILLIANT.

    So there, HFPA! :P

  24. Ok, seriously, 30 Rock & Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy are funny, but not THAT funny. Whatevs. The Office will always be the winner in my book.

    Now I can definitely just watch the 24 premiere.

  25. So sad to read hate for 30Rock. I think it is an awesome show. Tina Fey is brilliant. And, if The Office doesn’t win, it should go to them.

    The Office will always be my number one love though. *sigh*

  26. Who has 2 thumbs and may stage a coup if 30 Rock beats out The Office at one more awards show??


    Seriously, what is going on here!?! The Office is hilarious, Steve is hysterical, and I need to see me some John Krasinski in a tux ASAP. This is depressing.

    On the other hand, this gives me a perfect reason to dress myself as a golden globe and mail myself to the LA studios for The Office, c/o JKras… ::taps finger to chin and runs to buy gold paint and a big box::

  27. I’m really bummed Steve didn’t win. I hope he knows how incredible the character “Michael Scott” is.

  28. omg…haha…that what has two thumbs line is my favorite all time….nice! (where is our halpert eye candy??? haha)

  29. Boo! It makes me want to stop watching 30 Rock after The Office. What’s with Steve’s beard? I wonder if it’s part of a future Office plot??

  30. oh man I am real sad :( when will the office ever beat out 30 rock!? hopefully soon! also, missing JohnKras…

  31. I think I’m never going to watch 30 Rock out of principle. I’m sick of them taking awards from The Office.

    Ok, I’ve vented enough. :)

  32. and also I must say phwoar!!!! Jenna is a HOTTIE! I love her dress this year! thanks for posting the pics as I missed her on the red carpet :( everyone looks real fab!

  33. I’m on the West Coast and wondering why they don’t show it live or at least not so delayed because I don’t want to stay up that late. Sorry to see The Office and Steve Carrell not win, but seriously people, 30 Rock and Alec Baldwin are hilarious! Back to watching “E!”. All the Office cast have looked great so far.

  34. Re: #59. I think I heard Steve say in some red carpet interview that the beard was being shaved tomorrow. So maybe it was a hiatus beard? Doesn’t seem to be Office related, but I’m not sure.

    And, I totally agree with the others who have said they miss their Read Carpet JKras. It’s just not the same without my favorite tall, lanky drink of water :-)

  35. Man, these award shows love 30 Rock. Personally, I think it’s hilarious, and right up there with The Office. So are these nominations for Season 4 of The Office and Season 2 of 30 Rock? If so, then I do think 30 Rock should have won. Season 4 was not a very good season in my opinion, it just had too much drama and not enough comedy. I think 30 Rock deserved this award, but I am a little upset The Office didn’t win anything.

  36. Yeah, it’s a bummer, but at the end of the day, joke’s on them…


  37. I’m really upset The Office didn’t win anything! But 30 Rock is pretty fantastic and Tracy Morgan’s speech was hilarious!!! Jenna’s dress is really pretty!!

  38. I think 30 Rock is very funny, but The Office has my heart.

    I believe Rainn is supposed to present an award. I’m looking forward to that!

  39. Ah, it sucks, I was hoping The Office would come up a winner somewhere.

    On another note,
    I can relate to Steve’s beard phase, I just recently shaved a beard just like that… just a totally random happenstance.

    … not really.

  40. It’s not the Frasier/Friends thing, it’s the Frasier/Seinfeld thing. Frasier always won all of the awards even though Seinfeld had a much larger audience.

    Let’s be honest, I don’t think we can say that this season or last season of The Office have been as tight as the last two seasons of 30 Rock have been. That said, I can’t figure out what is so funny on that show.

    Oh well. We’ll always have season 2.

  41. I much prefer TO over 30 Rock – TO doesn’t use stupid jokes just for laughs. It has, in my opinion, a much smarter and more subtle tone that makes it so much more humorous. Steve brings so much depth to the character of Michael(if describing Michael as deep is at all possible), whereas Alec seems to just be a parrot for punch lines. I feel like the SAG knows that, and TO should definitely get best ensemble, for sure. Of course, TO should win everything, every time!!!

  42. Aww…Steve and TO should have won! Seriously, especially Steve. The cast looks just incredibly beautiful all dressed up. Hope they all have a really, really fun, memorable night anyway!

  43. I can’t help but feel that TO got robbed. Oh well, they just need us to watch them all more now :)

    Steve is looking great, and his wife is stunning as always. The whole cast looks very happy… Good times.

  44. 30 Rock is funny but The Office makes me laugh every show. 30 Rock can be hit or miss.

    I can’t help but to laugh at some of the stars. Drew Barrymore looks she stuck her finger in a light socket to get that hair do. And Mickey Rouke needs a shower.

  45. I love Jenna’s interview. I saw it up on LJ and I’m pretty sure one of the girls from FNW recorded it. Credit, maybe?

  46. Congrats to 30 Rock! I love both shows but to be honest, I think The Office was at its peak in Season 2. I don’t think 30 Rock uses stupid jokes for laughs either, they actually some very subtle jokes at times.

  47. It seems to me that the Golden Globes just picked a movie or a show and kept giving awards to them. Best Director, Movie.. same. Best comedy, comedy actor & actress.. same. Miniseries, miniseries actor & actress… same. Honestly it kinda seemed like a multiple choice test, where they all answered C. GAHHAHA

  48. I think NBC rigs these awards for 30 Rock so that they can justify the show’s existence. Here’s how I judge whether a show is a great comedy or not, re-watchability. I have watched each episode of The Office 30+ times and still find it great, just like shows like Arrested Development, Scrubs, Friends, etc. Now, I have 30 Rock on DVD and watch the episodes once and have no desire to watch them again, because the jokes aren’t funny the 2nd time around. After seeing who won all these awards tonight I have to say that the Golden Globes are a joke. Also, how is How I Met Your Mother not nominated for anything?

  49. I love Jenna’s dress! Her blog had me thinking it was going to be totally crazy, but it was very elegant. Props.

  50. I love 30 rock but I love The Office way more! Sorry it didn’t win, but I still love it!

  51. I am bummed out about Steve not winning. Alec Baldwin deserves it, no doubt, but Steve hasn’t, in my opinion, received enough “tangible” acclaim for his performance as Michael Scott.

    However, as sorry as I am to say it, 30 Rock deserved their Emmy. It’s a repetitive mantra of mine, but I’ll say it anyway: Season 2 is the Office I fell in love with and the only way I’ll ever remember it. Somewhere along the way, our great little show lost some of its magic and cleverness (not all of it, of course). 30 Rock, as of now, is just a smarter show. My heart will always belong to the Office, but I hope that tonight serves to move it back to its roots. Of course, I said that the last three times we were beaten by 30 Rock, so I guess nobody cares what I think.

    Ricky and Stephen escaped this situation we’re in the easy way: ending the show at their prime (after two pitch-perfect seasons of hilarity). So I guess things could be much, much worse ;)

  52. I missed 2/3 of the ceremony due to work and grocery shopping so I didn’t see Steve losing to Alec, but I did see The Office losing to 30 Rock again (boo!).

    Jenna looked really pretty in that dress. Her Globes sure were on display (cue groaning at the bad joke).

    I loved Jenna’s comment on Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. It shows that while she may be on a high profile television show, she’s still a normal person.

    Maybe next year, Office, maybe next year.

  53. Wow, the 30 Rock hate going on here is strong. I just think that it’s fantastic that there are two such strong comedies on television. It’s hard to choose between both of them and I think that when either one wins it’s fantastic. Let’s face it, at least the awards are going to a deserving and intelligent comedy and not something like ‘According to Jim.’ A silver lining is always good.

    On a lighter note, it was great to see everyone so glammed up tonight and their red carpet interviews were cute, I especially loved Ed and John’s interview. Rainn and Blake Lively were a bit of a weird duo though.

  54. I just saw a quick interview with Angela and Brian on E! at the after party–Angela was funny and cute as usual!

  55. Jenna was just amazing tonight- those colors in the dress made her absolutely glow. I don’t know if she’s ever looked more beautiful, but I say that nearly every time she walks a carpet!

    Also, Jenna and Brian gave an adorable post-Globes interview– loved!!

  56. I think 30 Rock is great and always watch it. But every time I watch an award show, I kinda despise it for a few days.

    If a different show won every time, I’d be less annoyed, it’s just that 30 Rock wins every award, every award show. It gets really annoying for some reason.

  57. I thought overall the Globes was a good show. Granted, like everyone else I was disappointed to see my favorite shows lose. I always felt The Office deserved more credit than it got. I was also disappointed to see Hugh Laurie and Tony Shalhoub lose, but I still think the winners were quite worthy of their awards.

    Everyone from The Office cast looked great and was hilarious as always. Also loved seeing Ricky Gervais presenting!

  58. I love 30 Rock. I really do. It has been funnier than The Office lately.

    But I enjoy The Office more. Does that make sense?

    Everyone I talk to that I enjoys both shows agrees that The Office has far more developed characters and cares about them a whole lot more.

  59. I honestly feel that 30 Rock only wins all these awards for two reasons: Alec Baldwin, and because it’s about “the business”. The people that vote and nominate are in “the business” so they love this show and vote for it. Granted, it is a funny show and I’ve never watched it and not laughed a little, but The Office is a phenomenon and deserves more accolades for what it is.

  60. 30 Rock, by all accounts, is an amazing show. But, so (as we all agree I’m sure) is The Office. Tina Fey has experienced a lot of publicity lately, both with her show and the Sarah Palin/SNL appearances, which has probably played into the award buzz of 30 Rock. I guess I just want to reassure the many Office fans that just because they’re not winning every award doesn’t mean the show is no longer critically acclaimed or comedically substantial. Even AFI listed The Office among their 10 best TV shows of 2008; a list that 30 Rock did not make.

  61. I was sad that the office didn’t get any wins, but I did LOVE the clip they showed. I definitely laughed the most at that clip compared to the others =)

  62. Wow, I wrote Jenna and Brian, instead of Angela and Brian in my earlier comment! Haha whoops, as far as I know, no post-Globes Jenna =( I just had her on the brain!

  63. Even though The Office was shut out tonight, it’s still an amazing show. I am getting quite annoyed that 30 Rock is getting so much acclaim; I beleive it’s too over-the-top, while The Office infuses much heart into its characters and storyline.

  64. I’m beginning to think that 30 Rock is paying people off. The show is NOT as funny as The Office. It’s quirky weird funny yes, but not Office funny – smart, relevant to most people. So BOO! to the Hollywood Foreign Press.

  65. Jenna’s dress was gorgeous! I don’t get what’s so great about 30 Rock…It has a lot of great actors, but the show doesn’t even compare to The Office.

  66. thanks for the great pics, tanster!

    i love the close up of BJ–he can definitely be dreamy!, Steve’s beard, Jenna’s dress (and she looked AMAZING!), how tiny Angela looks, and Rainn’s skinny belt/pink tie.

    The Office deserved the win!

  67. I don’t know if you have a Getty account but there are pictures of the cast at the NBC/Universal party here
    (Paul, B.J., Brian, Craig, Oscar, Mindy, Kate, Rainn, and Angela)

    And here’s Jenna at the InStyle party

  68. For those of you wanting a JKras fix, I’ve only been able to find one picture. It’s posted at Enjoy!

  69. I love “The Office”, but “30 Rock” did deserve it. It has just been so much funnier lately. Both are the funniest shows on tv, though. No question.

  70. You know, I haven’t ever even watched 30 Rock, but I’m just not into Alec Baldwin or Tina Fey. Guess I’m one of the minority… But I do LOVE Ricky Gervais! He was awesome last night! (TWSS?) hahaha

  71. Okay you all know I’m a die-hard Office fan…. but even I know that 30 Rock is just as deserving of those awards. So I think it’s fine that they won… fact I think Tina Fey’s speech was hilarious, and one of the high points of the night.

    Meanwhile more important things….. fashion. :)

    Jenna’s dress and hair looked AMAZING. I’ve already seen her on a worst-dressed list which is horrible…… those people dont’ know what they’re talking about.
    I love the color of Angela’s dress and Kate’s dress was gorgeous…. but Mindy?! yet again I have to say for someone who I admire so much for her fashion taste on her blog…. that dress and hair didn’t really do much for me. I’m sorry Mindy!!

    The guys all looked great, per usual… but is it just me or does BJ look awfully skinny lately? I hope everything’s okay. And yes, I did get very excited when I saw John’s interview on E…. hehehe that never fails to make me happy.

  72. I think the 30 Rock hate gets a little excessive. People from both shows have made it clear they have nothing but respect and admiration for each other. I know that when Tina’s been asked what her favorite shows are, she’s cited both the US and UK versions of The Office. And I know that Steve and Jenna, at a minimum, have gone on the record about enjoying 30 Rock. If they can all be happy for each other and appreciate each other’s work, I don’t think bitterness amongst the fans is really necessary.

    I can understand a certain amount of disappointment. I would have liked to see Steve win in his category, personally. And I get that some people just don’t like 30 Rock for whatever reason, and that’s fine.

  73. One of the “best-dressed” is no surprise! I knew it even without a list ;)

    http://omg. yahoo. com/photos/best-dressed-at-the-golden-globes/2578/22

  74. 30 Rock is not nearly as deserving as The Office. I’ve made an effort to watch 30 Rock lately because I enjoyed Tina Fey’s Palin impressions, but it is just not remotely as entertaining or funny as The Office.

  75. I didn’t watch the show last night, but sorry to hear we didn’t win in either category. I am not on MySpace so I can only comment here that I lovedlovedloved Jenna Fischer’s dress! She looked so beautiful.

  76. Even though The Office or Steve didn’t win any awards last night at the Golden Globes, I still relished the time I spent watching the TV Guide Channel’s and NBC’s coverage of the red carpet interviews. It was a good thing I had 2 VCR’s! Steve did look a little more natural with his “manscape” but I liked it anyway. His winning a Golden Globe would have made the actual awards show a lot more interesting, but seeing him live, not in a character, healthy and happy with his wife makes me smile (inside and out!).

  77. I LOVED loved loved Kate’s dress- wow! Jenna looked great as well. E showed a lot of the office cast walking the red carpet which was nice- I didn’t watch the whole NBC broadcast because I was a little disappointed the Office was snubbed this year. Good luck next year!

  78. I’m sad The Office didn’t win, but I am soooo happy because Mad Men won. Everyone should watch that show for realsies.

  79. I just don’t understand all the love for “30 Rock”. I have really tried, with an open mind, to appreciate the show and I just can’t do it. In my opinion , it is silly humor without any depth. As long as “30 Rock” is nominated along with “The Office” at an awards show, I will not watch it. i can’t take the disappointment when they announce the winner.

  80. I do NOT understand why 30 Rock keeps beating out The Office in every category! 30 Rock gets less viewers week after week, and is much less entertaining. I just don’t understand it, 30 Rock is nothing special. I don’t know why the committees drool over it. UGH.

  81. I totally get that people don’t like 30 Rock. It’s not everyone’s style of humor. I love it, but I don’t expect everyone else to.

    But here’s the deal. The Office has been pretty weak for the last couple of seasons. There’s been an occasional great episode (THE SURPLUS!), but in general, it’s not consistently LOL funny.

    I still love the office. ;o)

  82. The highlight of the night was absolutely Ricky Gervais. It would be amazing to have him host an award show. I’d actually sit through the whole thing!

  83. Superficially: Jenna looked so beautiful – the print was gorgeous, hair perfectly in place, and I wish I had a dress that made “my girls” look that awesome! I thought Mindy’s hair was very cute and I love that picture of her and B.J., where she’s making the badass face… haha.

    And to chime in on the 30 Rock discussion, it’s a different style of humor from The Office so I understand that not everyone digs it. These award shows tend to drift towards the cool thing of the moment and right now, that’s 30 Rock (and HBO miniseries, apparently). No need to hate though – there are a lot of great shows out there that never even get nominated for anything! The Office is fantastic and it doesn’t make it any less fantastic just because it’s not winning awards. :)

  84. The live video of Extra covering the after party was one of the most cringe-inducing things I’ve ever watched! That could have been a comedy in itself. (Who was that blond lady with the mic wandering about the party, going into the dark “vip” room?) I gave up watching because I was cringing to the point of practically wanting to take a bath. Did anyone stick with it long enough to see the Office staff interviewed?

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