‘Goodbye, Toby’ videos

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Watch the Canadian promo of the finale!

Here is a slightly different promo that airs on GlobalTV (Canada):

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  1. This has me almost literally peeing in my pants.

    I haven’t read any spoilers for three weeks, so I have absolutely no idea.

    I’m ready to be shocked. BRING IT.

  2. I swear I will cry if Jim and Pam get engaged!!! It will be the happiest day in Scranton. :)

  3. I’m going crazy for this finale! Too bad I have to try to study for finals next week…

  4. any thoughts on the pam/jim hug in the promo? pam seemed sincerely happy, and jim was eye level with her while she was apparently sitting…perhaps he is kneeling? (but the break room is a really lame place to propose)

  5. Oh boy, a security guard by michael and toby, and michael by another microphone. It can only mean side-splitting laughter!

  6. i’m so excited for next thursday!
    but then i realize that there will be no more office until september—but we survived the writers strike, we can survive the dreaded summer hiatus.

  7. I like to think that the ferris wheel is there because Michael is throwing a carnival for Toby’s going-away. Wouldn’t that be great?

  8. Oh my God!!!! I can’t wait to see this episode!!! Good things better happen! I don’t want a huge cliff hanger.

  9. I just laugh every time I see Dwight wave his hand and say, “Pam! I’m over here!”

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