Got a question for Gene or Lee?

Do you have a question for the writers of last night’s episode, ‘Dinner Party’?

Submit your question for Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky here. They’ve graciously agreed to answer a few!

This post will be closed at 11pm Pacific Time tonight, so get your questions in today!

Remember, questions about ‘Dinner Party’ only. Thanks!


  1. I don’t know if I missed something in the episode, but when Michael and Dwight were on their way home after the cops broke the fight up, what was the reasoning for Michael hanging out the window? Thanks and great episode!

  2. I really want to know about the backstory behind Hunter’s song. I heard you guys wrote the lyrics, so can you talk about what went into that? Thanks and I loved the episode! Welcome back!

  3. We found out in the live blog that you two wrote the words to that incredibly bad but funny song by Hunter, and the music is by Todd Fancy of The New Pornographers… is that who is singing it? Was it hard to get Melora Hardin to dance around like that? That song is so stuck in me and my girlfriend’s heads today, thanks a lot! If we turn up dead on the train tracks you’ll have yourselves to blame ha ha :)

  4. The Dinner Party definitely goes down as one of my favorite episodes! great work! i wanted to know how much of the ackwardness and tension was written into your script and how much the actors were able to portray while shooting? I love you guys. keep up the great work!!

  5. Who wrote/ performed Hunter’s debut smash single? I’m dying to know. Great episode, guys. Welcome back!

  6. When you wrote the “That One Night” song, did you expect that it was going to be so catchy that viewers would be singing it long after the episode aired? (Trust me, it’s still stuck in my head…)

    Also, who did the lovely vocal on the song?

    Thanks for your time!

  7. My question: I thought the new Pam “Don’t Call Me Pammy” Beesly wasn’t letting anyone walk all over her? She seemingly let Jan and Angela slam her in the kitchen… All that aside, thanks for writing, love love love the show’s return!

  8. Are there any hidden jokes in this episodes that a lot of viewers might not have gotten when watching it, like in the background or something like that? If so, can you give us a clue about what it is?

  9. Did Michael actually want to invite Dwight to dinner, causing Jan to put her foot down and say no? Or did he only say that when Dwight showed up to get back at Jan?

  10. Is Michael’s condo the same location as first seen in “Office Olympics,” or did the shadowy overlords at NBC-Universal construct a duplicate in a soundstage? Also, did the script include an exact pillow count for the quantity of pillows on Jan’s bed?

  11. I thought the episode was amazing!

    there was just one odd part where Jim was ready to leave Pam at the dinner party –

    after the party Why wasn’t Pam upset that Jim was going to abandon her?

  12. Did Michael call Dwight or did he just show up?

    Was Dwight’s date homeless or just waiting for a bus?

  13. How did you decide on who Dwight was bringing to the dinner party? I’m also curious on how much truth there was to her being his former babysitter and whether or not he just picked her up from somewhere.

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