Greg Daniels/John Krasinski press call

Question: A lot of times people go into the arts to sort of avoid the corporate world and everything, but I was just wondering, because the show is so really realistic to that world do you feel that you got an idea of what it’s like to be part of the corporate world, and an appreciation of that kind of lifestyle?

John Krasinski: That’s really funny. I definitely remember Rainn Wilson in some of the scenes we were doing background work for, where you had to just pretend to do paperwork. He was like, “Oh, my God, this is exhausting. How would you ever do a 9:00 to 5:00 job?” And I remember laughing really, really hard. I mean, I think there were definitely tastes of it here and there. But yeah, when you’re surrounded by it, it does feel like you’re just working in an office, and that you’re not on a TV show. I think I’m sure Greg can agree, the number one comment of people who visited the set was, “Oh, my God, it looks just like an office,” which I loved. I don’t know what they expected, that it would be, huge CGI walls and places for us to wire work and stunts. I don’t know what they thought, but it was really funny that everybody was like, “Oh, my God, it looks just like an office.”

Greg Daniels: The experience was not very Hollywood, compared to so many. We were in this little industrial street in the corner of Van Nuys surrounded by stone cutting businesses, and we looked at the set when we wrapped. I walked the set trying to think of what I would take as a memento, and there was nothing that out of context was very special. It was only special all together on the set.

All the decorations were motivational posters like “Inspire” and a picture of a sailboat, and the same things that are in any office anywhere. And if you took it and put it on your wall at home and said, “Oh, this is from the office,” you would go, “Yeah. Okay, I guess.” You could have just gotten it from the insurance agent’s office down the hall.

Question: Now that the show’s come to an end were there any fantasy storylines that you wished that you had had a chance to explore, but just never could quite get them together?

Greg Daniels: This season we hit a few of them. For example, the Belsnickel episode for Christmas was something that we had had on the board for years, and actually had been written during the year of the writer strike. That was going to be our Christmas episode that year. And then, another time, another year and, it got changed. So, that was one that we really wanted to hit from the writing perspective.

But yeah, the sad aspect is you still are coming up with ideas for the show and you’re like, “Well, the sets have been torn down and the actors don’t work here, and we don’t have any crew.”

Question: Is the set down already, Greg?

Greg Daniels: The set, yeah. It’s sad, man. It’s just empty. They’re painting everything to look back the way it was before. You don’t want to see it.

John Krasinski: Oh, God.

Greg Daniels: Yeah, but all the future ideas will be the fan fiction comic books that I’m going to be doing.