Mindy Kaling on ‘Letterman’

Mindy Kaling visited David Letterman last night.


At around the 9:45 mark, he does his best to find out if Steve Carell will appear in The Office finale.


  1. Wow, I had written him off for the finale until this. Here’s to hoping at least!

  2. I really believed he wasn’t going to be in it, but now it’s looking likely that he will be. I think what happened was that Steve originally said no, for the reasons he’s explained, but when they saw how much the fans wanted it, the producers managed to twist his arm at the last minute. However, given both Steve’s reservations about it, and the amount of time needed to wrap all the stories this season, I think his appearance will only be a brief cameo. They don’t really have time to give Michael a storyline in this episode.

  3. While it is good news that Steve will probably be back, I am a little disappointed that Mindy said this. I am all up for speculating but this kind of spoilt it for me. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if all the cast and crew etc went along with the charade, and then being totally gob-smacked when you saw Michael in the finale, rather than knowing in advance what is going to happen…

    But I guess some MGS is better than none! and by the way, Mindy was really funny on Letterman :)

  4. She’s hilarious!
    My husband and I started quoting lines from Murder after watching this. Remember when Meredith tells Pam she sounds like Forest Gump? Haha! Everything comes full-circle when The Office is involved.

  5. @Lin Beifunk – thank you for posting that link. That is one of my favorites of that series!

    Mindy’s awesome.

  6. Mindy’s a smart girl. Saying a flat no kills our hope that Steve might make an appearance. And obviously she can’t come out and say yes. I think she did a great job teasing about it :)

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