Notes on The Office Season 3 DVD

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of The Office Season 3 DVD (thank you, NBC!). Over the past several days, I’ve watched every single new minute of it. Here are my notes and a few screenshots.

A few screenshots

The Office Season 3 DVD

The Office Season 3 DVD

The Office Season 3 DVD

The Office Season 3 DVD


  1. did you get the special target edition with footage from paley? or was this just the standard dvd? and do you know if the paley footage will be on a separate disc or tagged on to an existing one?

    [from tanster: no paley footage on my copy, sorry.]

  2. This is awesome i can’t wait for the dvd! The blooper real was my favourite extra on the season two dvd..this one sounds like it is every bit as good!

  3. I hope they go back and redo the dvds for season one. It deserves more goodies. Maybe they will when they do blu-ray or hd-dvd releases…

    I could only look at the first page of graphics. I don’t want to be spoiled :D

  4. Boy does NBC know how to get all the Office fans excited for the DVD release – just give Tanster a copy!

    Thanks for the notes Tanster! Now we’re all waiting in intense anticipation.

  5. AAAAAAAAAAAH what IS the story behind the actor who plays David Wallace? How did they get a registered nurse to play Dunder Mifflin’s CFO?? *WHY*, even, because he’s so amazing. I want to knoooow.

  6. thank you for sharing. I can’t wait till next tuesday. I’m still torn between which version I’m going to get. I would love to hear the Q & A session but a bobblehead and dundie sounds good too!!!

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