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  • Women’s Appreciation (r), NBC: there’s a special place in my heart for this episode, because it marks one of the most exciting days of my life.
  • Craig Robinson, Tempe Improv: Craig’s at the Tempe Improv for the next four days, go check out the show! Read a Tallyhead’s review of his Chicago performance, and then go buy tickets for Tempe. Fan report after the jump.
  • Valentine Card giveaway, OfficeTally Chat Room: Matt and Mosby pilfered my last box of Office Valentine Cards, and are giving them away every Thursday night, one card at a time, until they’re all gone. You may have to answer a trivia question or stand on your head to get one, who knows … click the chat room link over there, under ‘Notable Posts’ – – – – – – – – – ->

lemoñadé and mexicanity’s trip report

The Office Craig Robinson

Mexicanity, my husband and I attended Craig Robinson’s show at the Tempe Improv on Thursday and we were lucky enough to score front row seats. Craig’s act consisted of him singing and playing his famous synthesizer. His show allowed for a ton of audience participation so a lot of his act was improvised. It’s amazing how he can incorporate “take your panties off” into any song so seamlessly, needless to say he had the whole room laughing and singing along.

At one point in the show, we got a special treat because he asked his older brother to come up onstage with him to perform. His brother was sitting in the audience and you could tell that he didn’t expect to be called up. He sang, “You Make Me Feel Brand New” by the Stylistics and man o man did he have pipes. He couldn’t just sing, he could sang!

After the show, Craig went to the bar area and signed autographs and took pictures with fans. We waited to be last in line so we could have a chance to chit-chat with Craig. He was such a sweet guy and so down to earth. He was very appreciative of all of The Office fans and said he was really lucky to be on such a great show. We talked a little bit about Paley and how crazy it was when everyone went up to the stage for autographs/pictures. We didn’t get a chance to talk to him there, so this was a treat. We also mentioned meeting a few people from the cast there and for one reason or another we got on the topic of Phyllis and how she was the biggest sweetheart when we met her, he also mentioned how much he loved her and how great of a person she was. We asked him if he was going to the Emmys and he said he was and that he was very excited because it was his first time going. He asked us to keep our fingers crossed for them to win.

Don’t worry Craig. You’ll probably hear us screaming all the way in LA when you DO win.


  1. Don’t worry Tanster, we’re taking our camera and we’ll report back. Just call me William Doolittle…aka Will Do.

    Angelica, if you go tonight you should come say hi to us. I will be there with my husband and Mexicanity. I think we’re doing the dinner there before the show so we can be assured good seats.

  2. I hope the shortened version of WA isnt a choppy mess like other shortened versions of super-sized episodes have been (more specifically, The Merger)

  3. I can’t go tonight but I am going to try to purchase tickets for tomorrow night or Saturday night.

  4. Hey there!

    I’m coming out of lurkdom to say hello and thanks for all of your work on this site! You’ve turned into a daily visit lately!! :-)


  5. I had the same experience with him in Houston, the week before the convention. He really is down to earth and he spotted me in Scranton and my friends and I joined him in the green room. It was Dawesome!

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