Notes on The Office Season 3 DVD

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of The Office Season 3 DVD (thank you, NBC!). Over the past several days, I’ve watched every single new minute of it. Here are my notes and a few screenshots.

A few screenshots

The Office Season 3 DVD

The Office Season 3 DVD

The Office Season 3 DVD

The Office Season 3 DVD


  1. I literally cannot wait for my DVD to arrive here in New Zealand. It might even make my year.

  2. did you get the special target edition with footage from paley? or was this just the standard dvd? and do you know if the paley footage will be on a separate disc or tagged on to an existing one?

    [from tanster: no paley footage on my copy, sorry.]

  3. This is awesome i can’t wait for the dvd! The blooper real was my favourite extra on the season two dvd..this one sounds like it is every bit as good!

  4. All I have to say is “WOW” Tanster – that must’ve taken a LOT of work. Thanks!

  5. I hope they go back and redo the dvds for season one. It deserves more goodies. Maybe they will when they do blu-ray or hd-dvd releases…

    I could only look at the first page of graphics. I don’t want to be spoiled :D

  6. Are the episodes on the dvd’s the directors cut or are the deleted scenes separate?

  7. Boy does NBC know how to get all the Office fans excited for the DVD release – just give Tanster a copy!

    Thanks for the notes Tanster! Now we’re all waiting in intense anticipation.

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAH what IS the story behind the actor who plays David Wallace? How did they get a registered nurse to play Dunder Mifflin’s CFO?? *WHY*, even, because he’s so amazing. I want to knoooow.

  9. thank you for sharing. I can’t wait till next tuesday. I’m still torn between which version I’m going to get. I would love to hear the Q & A session but a bobblehead and dundie sounds good too!!!

  10. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited!
    Thanks Tanster for all your hard work on this =)

  11. Tanster,

    You lucky girl you! I’m counting the days until next Tuesday … I can’t wait!


  12. I’ve already ordered my copy from Amazon but it won’t have the extra Paley Q & A. I’m so torn about what to do – I don’t think I’ll be able to get to a Target next week so I’m thinking they might sell out of the special edition anyway. Well, in any case I definitely can’t wait for all the extras that are on the regular version, especially all the deleted scenes that weren’t put up on!

  13. i agree the blooper reel is amazing. i actually need to return mine though because the inside packaging was ripped.

  14. i actually hate you tanster! i’m so so soooooo jealous and i’m not going to be able to buy season three, i’ll have to wait for someone to buy it for me as a gift because i’m broke. so i probably won’t even get to see it at all untill like, 3 months and you just made me sooooo freaking excited that i can’t even contain myself.

  15. Could someone give me more info? mg714 mentioned that Target will offer extra stuff on the season 3 that they will be selling. Is that true? Does anyone know? Thanks!

  16. omg i didnt think i could get more excited for the dvd but ahhh i literally cannot wait!!!!! thanks for this tanster!! :D!!!

  17. Thanks tanster, you’re the best! This is just enough to hold me until next Tuesday!

  18. Is anyone else planning to call in to work “sick” next Tuesday . . . or is it just me?

    Thanks again for all the scoop, Tanster! Now I understand why you were distracted this past weekend. :)

  19. Kathy, Target is supposedly offering some Q&A session from Paley. I checked their website and while I can’t confirm that, Target is doing the same thing with the Heroes DVD release. That would lead me to believe those rumors are true of The Office DVD Set.

  20. If Target’s offering the Paley Fest night on DVD, then I’m buying it there. I heard Best Buy was the one including the Paley of Heroes, but maybe I got that wrong. Someone please speak up if you hear anything else! :)

  21. Ok why does every store have to offer a different version. I already bought the one on Amazon! Does that not include everything??? what the heck?

  22. Brad, Best Buy will have an exclusive similar to Season 2, but w/ a mini Dwight bobblehead and Dundie, but I’m not sure what Target will have.

    OT: Target has an exclusive deluxe edition w/ 45 min. of extra “content” and 4 mini replicas of Issac’s paintings for $44.99. So, not sure if the extra content refers to the Paley panel.

  23. Is it wrong that I’m ridiculously excited my roommate is leaving on a two week business trip next Wednesday, so I can take over the living room and do nothing but watch Season 3 and not feel guilty?

  24. Lew, there is nothing wrong with that. i think i am going to kick out my roomate for the day because he hates the office.

  25. is there a way to get the target special edition online? i only see the regular one on their website.

  26. Laura, Mexicanity and I are both taking next Tuesday off so we can enjoy our DVDs. There’s nothing like watching Office with other people who love it!

  27. umbra, how can anyone hate the office? =P I know a couple of folks who do and I just don’t understand.

    calindigo, I believe if you order any DVD from the Target website it’ll be the standard edition because it ships from The only way to get any exclusive is to go to the the physical store. And make sure to read the box carefully so you know you are getting the exclusive edition.

  28. You know, I was pretty patient about the Seanson 3 DVDs coming out. But now with your descriptions, I can’t wait!!

  29. silsont, thanks for the fast answer! i’m nowhere near a Target unfortunately, so i’ll just have to hope someone posts the exclusive footage part online. oh well, i can’t be too annoyed when the regular extras are this good!

  30. No problem, calindigo! I’m sure someone (hint, hint tanster) will post the Paley vid so you won’t miss out. ;)

  31. tanster! I can not be in suspense for much longer!
    Which item of clothing is forgotten by John…
    Just give me a hint!
    A top? bottom? accessory???
    I’m begging you…

  32. Someone please do a breakdown or a synopsis of what’s on the Target edition and what’s on the Best Buy edition. This is the biggest decision of my life! Ok maybe not my life but the biggest decision of my DVD buying life. “Seacrest Out!”

  33. Thank you so much, tanster, for the info on the DVDs! It sounds like a great set.

    Thanks also to silsont for the info on the Target set. I was afraid that the Target exclusive might only be available in the actual stores, and like calindigo, there isn’t one close to where I am. The Paley footage sounds like something really worth having though, especially if it really is 45 minutes long.

  34. Are the episodes on the dvd the director’s cut versions that were online? And what about “Traveling Salesmen”? Does that include the bit about Pam winning the art contest that was in the “newpeat” or is that just part of the deleted scenes?

  35. I can’t wait to hear WHEN Jim decided to go for the position in Stamford. Not knowing and assuming he went for it behind Michael’s back was the low point of the season for me, because it was the closest thing to tarnishing my Jim love.

    I can’t wait for the DVDs! Thanks for all the info

  36. And to think the Season 3 DVD has only just come out here in New Zealand. Yay for!

  37. Are the episodes on the dvd the director’s cut versions that were online? And what about “Traveling Salesmen”? Does that include the bit about Pam winning the art contest that was in the “newpeat” or is that just part of the deleted scenes?

    All the episodes on the DVD are the extended versions.

  38. tanster, anything about a new title sequence for season 4 in the commentaries?

    Haven’t heard anything about a new title sequence.

  39. Errr – regarding my post 58, I meant “the position with Corporate”, not the position in Stamford. Thankfully that arc ended waaaay before the finale.

  40. I freakin’ love the commentaries – my favorite part. It’s a strange feeling to be excited for Labor Day Weekend to be over!!

  41. i just got my international copy yesterday because i live in hong kong, the store clerk said apparently the release dates are different from the US. but im not complaining! and i’m absolutely loving every minute of these DVDs. so good!

  42. *dies* Thank you so much Tanster!!!
    I badly want to see the bloopers and the deleted scenes they sound awesome!

  43. i can only think that the spoiler alert is referring to jan moving into michael’s condo. in the finale, it was implied but never confirmed. so that’s cool.

  44. i know this been ask before, but is any of the special edition dvd going to be available in canada? we dont have target up here, and the canadian best buy website only have the regular edition. (off topic: we do have a special comic book edition for Heroes, and i hear casts would be signing autographs in 1 location)

  45. tanster, on the commentary for “The Job”, was there any discussion about the alternate ending or the alternate way to get to the same ending? Thanks for the posting – just whets my appetite for the dvd and the new season.

  46. I have now received a copy of the Season 4 DVD thanks to my job at Blockbuster. (We get advanced DVD’s 6 days in advance!) So if you have any questions about the DVD set (other than about the packaging, because Rental packaging differs from standard retailer’s) let me know…I’ll be glad to answer them!

  47. me too! I work at Blockbuster! I got it last night, and oooooh man. So worth being called in for work at the last minute. :)

  48. To those who have achieved this Holy Grail-

    Are Jim’s “magic beans” and Pam’s “maybe that’ll stop now” talking heads included in the deleted scenes of Branch Closing since they were replaced in the producer’s cut?

  49. No one pronounces Susquehanna like “Susquehawna” in this area — I’m from Wilkes-Barre.

  50. for everyone who already pre-ordered season 4 on, you can cancel it if you want the Target or Best-Buy version…I just did! Sorry Amazon! It’s funny though because there’s kind of a price war going on with it, when I first pre-ordered it was aroung $37 and when I went to cancel it, it was at $31. I’m still shelling out more for the Target one though!

  51. reply to 74: the one from the target site looks like the normal edition only, and i don’t think they ship to canada anyway

  52. To answer everyone’s questions,
    “Dunder Mifflin this is Pam” and the “Magic Beans” are no where to be found on MY discs. Maybe they are on yours. Also…for some reason, “Traveling Salesmen” & “The Return” have been edited into one episode. No cutting was made, but they are put together.

    There is 160 minutes of Deleted Scenes.

    The gag reel is 13 minutes.

    My only complaint about this set is that if there was a multiple cut version of each episode (Producer’s cut, or a “NewPeat”) each episode is only included in one form. (Usually the Producer’s cut if one exists.)

  53. Jay, here’s the breakdown as I know it, but nothing will be confirmed (for me) until I see the Sunday ads:

    Best Buy: Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition (Dundie Award, mini Dwight Bobblehead, etc.) in a box set similar to Season 2’s Collector’s Edition.

    Target: Not positive, but if the Heroes Deluxe Target Exclusive is any indication, it should come w/ a Bonus Disc w/ footage from the Paley Festival (Q&A w/ cast, producer’s, etc.). The Heroes Bonus Disc from Paley was 45 minutes long. And of course the Standard Edition. Standard Edition. I’ve never seen Amazon have any kind of exclusive DVD.

    NOTE:’s DVD section is esentially So, if you order any DVD online from Target it will be processed and shipped by Amazon. = = Standard Edition

    Hope this helps!

  54. that1guypictures, what did you think of the deleted scenes and commentaries? Did you have any favorites?

  55. So far my favorite deleted scene is one where Stanly and Michael eat a pretzel together, and also one where Jan moves into Michael’s condo at the end of The Job. There is also some fun deleted bits with the woman who had the baby earlier on in the season. She does a breast pump at the office, and Karen walks by and asks her to put her “Udder” away. Funny stuff…also, there is a fun exchange with said woman and Jim where she shows him a baby-in-bathtub picture, then warns him “May contain nudity” Jim says that’s ok, then sees that it’s her husband that is nude, because he is in the bathtub with the baby. Another funny scene involves Ryan doing an inner monologue during Initiation, and then in an office first, there is some Office unblurred nudity in the Schrute graveyard of this episode. We finally DO see the teenager’s using Dwight’s beet farm for sex. And no, you don’t really see anything. I think this specific one was on the internet, but it was really blurry. :-)

    Got any more questions for me?

  56. If anybody is still reading this post, we finally know what the details and pricing of the upcoming Season 3 Exclusives:

    Both Best Buy and Target will have the standard edition DVD’s priced at $32.99. Best Buy also has a “Welcome Aboard Kit” which includes a Dundie Award, Dwight Schrute mini-bobblehead and welcome aboard letter all packaged in a mini-cardboard box. This edition is on sale this week for $42.99. Expect it to go up to $49.99 next Sunday.

    As for Target, they have a Deluxe Edition for $37.99 which comes w/, “Q&A with the cast and crew at the Museum of Television and Radio.” And judging by the ad, it will come packaged in a either a pictured or actual paperbag labeled “Nifty Gifty.” Very cool!

    Bottomline: For $10 more at Best Buy you get 3 exclusive items in an exlusive box and for $5 more at Target you get (most likely) a bonus DVD w/ footage from Paley in a neatly decorated DVD case.

    Myself, I’m getting both exclusives. YAY!!

    NOTE: Target exclusive is only in stores as any DVD you buy via is processed and shipped by

  57. silsont, thank you so much for compiling all the information regarding the various DVD sets!

  58. You’re welcome, _bales! I’m just glad that at least one person found this info helpful. Less than 48 hours to go…can’t wait! =)

  59. I just finished watching/listening to all of the commentaries. What I am wondering is, was anyone else disappointed with the Job commentary? Although I love Melora Hardin to death, it seems like on every commentary I’ve heard her on she does not know when to shut up. I feel like she ruined the end and didn’t allow for Jenna or John to add more of their comments on what it was like for them to shoot that last scene together. Oh well, they were still great commentaries though. I just love the Job so much that I was saddened that she talked through most of it.

  60. Rachel, I couldn’t agree more. Just finished watching The Job with the commentaries, hoping to hear what John and Jenna had to say about that incredible final scene with the two of them and Melora just kept talking. She tends to do that on any episode she does commentary on. But I loved all the deleted scenes and bloopers. Can’t wait for Season 4!

  61. This hurts me to say it but I was pretty let down with the commentaries. I can’t really put my finger on it but I felt they were of a different vibe than the past two seasons’ commentaries, but I guess that coincides with the different vibe season 3 had overall.

    Although I will say that the Safety Training commentary where BJ was embarrassed by Mindy prodding into Harold’s past was priceless.

  62. i have to agree with some of the comments about the commentaries. I too waas a little disappointed. I was expecting them to be as enthusiastic as they were in the previous collections. oh well. also, there was a lot of really sweet moments in the deleted scenes between karen and jim that made me like their relationship more. scary thought. All in all, pretty great dvd.

  63. Melora does talk a lot, but nobody said anything during the job commentary. Everybody spent a ton of time just watching the episode. John especially was much less charming than he’s been in the past. As a whole, I was pretty underwhelmed by the commentaries this time around. I don’t know, maybe it was the fact that some of them had people in different rooms/on the phone, so it was harder for people to interact.

  64. I dont know if its just me, but during bloopers it often appears that BJ looks quite unnerved when they mess up.
    What do you think?

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