Happy Birthday, OfficeTally!

OfficeTallyOfficeTally turned two yesterday!

(What is that in blog years? Like, 11?)

Thanks to all the amazing people who supported OT this year — Matt, Mosby, Tori, Allison, Red, Jeff, Tess, Joanne, the kind folks of Scranton, and of course, the most wonderful and talented cast, writers, and staff of The Office.

I love the show. And I love to blog about the show. It continues to be a most pleasurable obsession.

Thanks, Tallyheads, for helping me chase that feeling.

Tipster: JimHalpertIsLife. (Yes, it took an OT tipster to remind me it was OfficeTally’s birthday yesterday. I need more sleep.)


  1. Happy Birthday OT! I have loved this site since I found out about it, and am amazed at all the time and energy you put into it. Go OfficeTally and Go Tanster!

  2. Aww see I KNEW there was another birthday to celebrate yesterday. Happy Belated Bird-day OT!

    And Jennie, get some sleep! ;)

  3. It is embarrassing how many times a day I check/refresh this site. Thank you for fueling my obsession Tanster!! Happy Bird-day and get some sleep!!

  4. Happy Birthday to the OT! Thank you to Jennie so much for this site – I can’t imagine life without my fellow Tallyheads! :)

  5. Woohoo! I have to say that this site is part of what keeps me truckin’ through the strike. I love what you do and it was great to meet you in Scranton…you are the linchpin of the fandom!

  6. Happy Blogday!! You do such an excellent job here Tanster!! I really appreciate all your efforts to keep us fans informed. This is the classiest fan blog around and the only one I frequent.

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