1. John looks cute, but wow! Jenna looks stunning! And she looks so different wearing eyeliner — I didn’t even think about it. They look great. It’s a real shame that both Steve and “The Office” lost out.

  2. is that puzzle piece thing some inside joke or something? i saw steve and dwight wearing one too. anyways, they all looked great! jenna is so beautiful :)

  3. Also, I must note, I love the woman in the background of the second photo of those two, haha! And I just placed why I was so surprised at Jenna — something about the hair and dress make her look just a bit like Debra Messing, don’t you think? Which is a great compliment, but I just thought it was funny. :)

  4. The puzzle piece represents the fight against autism or something like that. Read about it somewhere but forgot where.

  5. What a great looking couple Jenna and John make. A lot of the NBC people were wearing the blue puzzles to show support for Autism Speaks. Bob Wright, the chairman and CEO of NBCU is a co-founder of the organization. I believe his grandchild is autistic.

  6. Wow, these are in AMAZING quality! Thanks for sharing these. ^_^ They both look so gorgeous! I wish they had won though.

  7. I’d rather have seen James Gunn there.

    The woman beside JK is a publicist apparently, judging by her name tag.

  8. By the way, the eyeliner really makes her look more midwestern doesn’t it? :) She looked incredible of course, and she looked healthy which is a relief after reports of her being very sick.

  9. I thought Jenna’s eye makeup was great-really made her eyes pop. And her dress was gorgeous, but something about the cut wasn’t as flattering as it could have been. It almost makes her look a little heavier than she really is. (Please don’t throw garbage at me) But I think she always looks stunning at events and talk show appearances.

  10. I think it was just an unflattering pose in that one picture.. unlike some stars, she probably spends more time perfecting her acting than she does perfecting her pose.

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