1. Yes! I saw this during the awards show and screamed and rewound and watched again…and again…and again. Did you all notice the pause Jim did after Karen asked him if he still had feelings for Pam??

    Me being Mexican, I have been waiting all season for them to do an episode where they celebrated Mexicanity (as only Michael would say) :D

  2. Oh, wow! I can’t wait. I really hate the fact that I have a class on Thursday nights right now. Plus, my VCR doesn’t work. I hope iTunes gets it up ASAP.

  3. ahh! What is that look that Pam gives when the camera focuses on her face right after Jim’s face… I see a little eyebrow raise… and the hint of a smile!! What does it mean?!? Can’t wait…

  4. How dare they advertise The Office after it got shafted during the awards! Let’s just do an all Ugly Betty commercial segment. I’m so depressed!

  5. thanks for posting the teaser for next week. Exciting!!!! =) This is much like the Diversity Day episode where Jim has a hell of a day and Dwight steals his sale but at the end Pam falls asleep on his shoulder and he tells the film crew “Not a bad day” That clip makes it a little less bad.

  6. aw, it makes me so sad to see it snowing through the window behind Jim! we’ve had an unusually mild winter here in scranton. lame-o.

  7. Ugly Betty is awful. I gave it a chance but it just isn’t that entertaining.

    “Do you still have feelings for her?” Obviously Karen found a little more out…ut oh.

  8. It seems pretty obvious Jim is going to say no (damn) to karen’s question. Just like Pam in S2 he’s in denial.

  9. I’m a little leary of Jim being 100% honest here. I think he kinda fudges the truth a bit. Because I don’t picture her staying around after knowing her boyfriend is into another girl. And based on the ep in Feb, and now the spoilers for later, we know she sticks around. I’m worried about this.

  10. I don’t think Jim is honest here either. I think he’ll re-inforce that whatever he felt for Pam, she didn’t feel the same way which leads to the following episode of Karen finally taking it up with PAM.

    The big kicker here is going to be when Karen finds out about Pam’s engagment, because that will blow Jim’s “crush” story out of the water. You don’t confront a simple crush a month before her wedding. And that crush doesn’t call off her wedding for “unknown reasons” after you leave either

  11. Jim has to do something to move this plot forward a little bit–I miss the fun tension of season two, and while it’s still here this season, it would be so interesting to see the Karen/Jim thing with the added dimension that he’s still “getting over” (yeah right) something that wasn’t just a crush.

  12. Jim’s a really bad liar. Karen isn’t buying it, and he shouldn’t be selling it.

  13. If Jim says no I might die
    If Dwight isn’t in the episode I might die

    I do love me some Oscar though!

  14. Are you serious, CH? There’s TONS of tension in this season!! I mean, I nearly go insane waiting for the next episode to see what happens to move the plot forward. Each episode prolongs it just a little bit more – and leaves us with almost more questions than we started with! The tension is unbearable :)

  15. Perhaps I expressed myself wrong—I agree that there is TONS of tension, it’s just a very different kind than last season. I think what I’m getting at is that I’m curious to see more tension between Karen and Pam as the force of JAM collides with this new relationship Karen and Jim have together. In NO way do I think this is a weaker season (or less sexual tension, though last week’s episode had hardly ANY Jam interaction—hmpf)! Better? :)

  16. Wow-I really didn’t expect Karen to confront Jim again so soon, like before she confronts Pam. Hmm-what does he (and Pam) say that still keeps Karen around for the wedding. They must both lie. My prediction-at the wedding, the pattern of Phyllis’ ‘helping’ JAM along will continue and something will be said to encourage Pam to make her move a la Michael’s ‘never ever give up’. Karen gone by March 1st.

  17. well come on.. jim’s gonna answer no- because why else would karen confront pam next week… but its not like we’re finding out his felings

    we know he’ll end up with pam in the end

    oh and by the way- thats a cute look jim and pm give th camera

  18. I agree with the general consensus. They’re both going to lie, Jim this week, Pam next week and it will drive me insane! But I do see the whole thing being blown out of the water at the wedding… I wonder if they’ll push for another hour episode?

  19. I wonder what Jim is going to say exactly, should be interesiting!

    And is there anyway we can’t post future spoilers here, I mean just current ones would be good, I don’t know the rules, so maybe I’m wrong, but yeah I don’t want to be spoiled about the episodes in Feburary and who sticks around or goes(as I was already spoiled in a comment below) :(

  20. But yeah, to add to my comment, I forgot to mention how something should be happening at Phyllis reading for one of the four major couples(JAM, Jim/Karen, MAN, and Dwangela) if not all. I can’t wait for that episode! BUt I can’t see all be resolved for JAM in that episode, I can see Karen leaving but that’s it.

  21. The post warned everyone about spoilers… unfortunately it’s just not possible to limit certain spoilers to “current” if they’re already out there and being discussed, according to me (someone who reads all spoilers as soon as they’re posted). Just don’t go to the actual spoiler post, there’s no way to avoid future spoilers there. I say if you want spoilers, you’re probably either gonna have to go all-out, or none at all.

  22. I agree with Number12; I can see Karen leaving around Phyllis’ wedding, but nothing much more for Jam. In fact, I hope that’s the big development of the season. I like dragging it out; I definitely think “The Office” is a show that could keep going (with great results) if Jim and Pam got together soon, but it just makes it that much more fun waiting on them to get together!

  23. Haha “MAN”…I get it. At first I was like, what? That’s perfect for Michael/Jan. LOL

  24. Why does it seem to me that everyone is assuming that the minute Karen decides it’s a lost cause with Jim she will just simply up and leave Scranton. I mean, isn’t she there for the job, too? Is she going to leave just because she sees no future with Jim? That doesn’t necessarily seem realistic. She at least has the security of a job. I think it is just as likely that she sticks around even if she breaks up with Jim. Remember that in “Branch Closing” she was considering moving to Scranton even before she knew whether Jim was going to go too. Maybe she’ll make a play for someone else (Ryan?, Toby?, some other heart-throb that they add to the cast?).

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