Congratulations, Jenna Fischer!

Sunday, May 15th, 2011 | 33 comments


Congratulations Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk

Us Magazine reports that The Office’s Jenna Fischer is pregnant with her first child.

Congratulations to Jenna and her husband, Lee Kirk!


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  1. 33. Gina  

    They could always pull a “King of Queens” and not bother to hide the pregnancy, but make no reference to her expanding belly either.

  2. 32. Aimee  

    Awww, congratulations Jenna!

    If she’s only 5 months pregnant now, she would definitely still be pregnant when they start filming in July. Maybe they can just downplay the 2nd JAM baby: “BTW, we’re having another kid and this time the stupid cameras will not be following us to the hospital” Problem solved. Jenna won’t have to hide her belly and there won’t be another baby plot.

  3. 31. Julie  

    OMG THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! YAY my sisters made fun of how happy I got…congrats Jenna and Lee! enjoy your little bundle of joy

  4. 30. absolutelyido  

    Congrats Jenna and Lee! Wonder if they’ll also use it on the show.

  5. 29. Ginger  


    It would be cool to have JAM baby #2. Just depends on when they start filming how far along she is. I just hope they don’t pull a NYC art school bit if she is pregnant when it comes time to start filming the new season.

  6. 28. Lucy  

    Congratulations to Jenna and her husband, that is such great news!! I’m sure she’ll be an amazing mom.

  7. 27. soup snake  

    Congrats Jenna! How exciting!

  8. 26. diahern  

    Yay! Congratulations!

  9. 25. Angie  

    Such wonderful news! Congrats Jenna! So happy for you. I wonder what Angela’s reaction was.. i remember the story of Jenna’s response when Angela told her she was preggers. That was so great.

    I’m super curious as to how they’re going to work this into the show. Pam is a main character. I hope it doesn’t mean less Pam. I can’t imagine what they’re going to do. It’s weird, last night i just had this feeling, like they were hiding her belly. Who knew!

  10. 24. Em  


  11. 23. Sarakaya Komezin  

    I thought Jenna looked like she might be preggers in the episode last night! And I also screamed out loud when I read this. I feel like she’s a friend!

  12. 22. Lauren  

    Well that explains why Pam appeared to be wearing Jim’s shirt at the start of last night’s episode and sitting down the rest of the show.

  13. 21. LovesItalianFood  

    What happy news!!!!

    Wishing Jenna and Lee all the best during this time.

  14. 20. Koos  

    Oh wow, how wonderful! She will be a great mom!

  15. 19. Katy  

    She is one of the most likeable people on television. I think she’ll be a wonderful mother. Congratulations to her and her husband! :o)

  16. 18. Emily  

    Congrats Jenna! All my favorite people are getting pregnant!

  17. 17. Glasses  

    I feel almost like these actors are my friends (I know), and this news makes me really happy for Jenna! Congrats Jenna!!

  18. 16. Brigette  

    Aw! That’s so great! Does this mean another baby for JAM?

  19. 15. Amy  

    That’s crazy, just last night I was wondering what they’d do if Jenna actually was pregnant. Whooaaaaa…

  20. 14. Roy's Mugshot  

    I wish them all the best. It will be interesting to see how the pregnancy plays out with the show’s schedule.

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