Steve Carell in ‘Ambiguously Gay Duo’

Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell returned to voice ‘Ambiguously Gay Duo’ during last night’s Saturday Night Live.

The Dark, Clenched Hole of Evil:
Ace and Gary team up to fight crime in their usual, awkward fashion.

[Video no longer available]

The live-action version includes Steve (Bighead), Stephen (Brainio), Fred Armisen (Lizardo), SNL host Ed Helms (Two Face), Jon Hamm (Ace), and Jimmy Fallon (Gary)!


  1. What an awesome surprise watching last night. I loved that Steve and Stephen were in the sketch, but not as Gary and Ace! That’s OK because Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon were great. And Ed Helms in it too made it extra special!

  2. haha ! I saw it on SNL last night but had no idea that Steve was in it — awesome!!!

  3. Definitely the best part of last night’s show. So fun to see a mini Daily Show reunion w/Steve, Stephen & Ed! And that prosthetic head really disguised Steve well; it took me awhile to figure that was him.

  4. The combination of Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Ed Helms in one sketch brought back fond Daily Show memories.

  5. I didn’t realize it was Steve at first either! I was like, “Who is that, he looks familiar” then put two and two together when I realized it was the Daily Show gang. Awesome sketch! It’s so rare to actually laugh at an SNL skit these days.

  6. I actually just found out not too long ago that Steve voiced one half of the duo so I was really happy to see a new one on SNL. I was even more excited to see a live-action version. =P

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