The Office: Jim Halpert Halloween costumes

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 | 23 comments


Jim Halpert Halloween Costumes

The Office’s Jim Halpert spends as little effort as possible dressing up for Halloween.

Here’s how to get his look:

Other costume tips: Pam | Mose

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  1. 23. George  

    I’m definitely going to go as Dave this year but i can’t seem to find Hello my name is stickers… :(

  2. 22. Brandon  

    Already Did The “Hello My Name Is Dave” Thing And It Was Great.

  3. 21. Zack  

    Does the author of this article know that he was supposed to be “Facebook”?

  4. 20. Justin Closs  

    Went as three hole punch Jim last year for halloween. Went to a large party and everyone came up to me and told me how much they loved my costume. Of course by the end of the night people were referring to me as three hole punch Justin. But BookFace will definitely be a great costume this coming year!

  5. 19. EstherOkure  

    I love Jim’s popeye costume, first time in history.

  6. 18. Mr. Bill  

    Love Jim’s “awesome” costume. A classic… right? :)

  7. 17. Christy  

    I love all of Jim’s costumes. I thought I read a comment somewhere that called it “a new level of uncaring” or something like that. I also love how much thought he apparently puts into looking like he puts no thought into his costume. Can ‘t wait how Thursday!!

  8. 16. Nathan  

    I agree, Jimmy. Plus, he said “Suicide is no joke”… haha but when Michael pretends to… maybe. I mean, he was dressed as D*ck in a Box! How could you take him seriously?

  9. 15. Jimmy  


    They took it out because people complained about Michael pretending to hang himself at the halloween party, completely ignoring the fact that the joke was that Michael was (yet again) being inappropriate.

  10. 14. Zac  

    I went as three hole punch Jim two years ago, Chuck Bartowski last year and will go as Don Draper this year. I’m sensing a pattern here…..:)

  11. 13. Wait a second!  

    Whoa! I didn’t notice that scene was missing till I saw this! What’s the deal? Does anyone know why it was edited out?

  12. 12. Nathan  

    So this season’s Jim is “Popeye”, with just a pipe because he “retired from the Navy, got a desk job… and a cool new haircut”. Haha I never thought his “costumes” can get any lazier.

  13. 11. Sal  

    Oh three hole punch Jim, how I love thee!

  14. 10. Anth  

    I did “Three Hole Punch Anthony” two years ago. People seemed more confused by the fact that I was wearing a dress shirt than the three random black circles, haha.

    Bookface only reminds me of how much I hate the unnecessary edit on the S6 DVD. I really miss that scene.

  15. 9. absolutelyido  

    Callan – I had the same idea. I thought he had his nose in a book!

  16. 8. phyllis*farm  

    The repetitive description of light shirt, dark pants, etc. had me rolling. Well done.

    [from tanster: thoroughly repetitive. that’s how i roll. :) ]

  17. 7. Nathan  


    That was totally my first idea too! I didn’t really catch it until after the episode…

    “Bookface + social networking site =….Facebook! Oh I get it!”

  18. 6. jkfan9989  

    I love three hole punch Jim.

  19. 5. Callan  

    You see, when I first saw “Koi Pond” I thought Jim was “nose in a book”. Doesn’t make that much sense now that I think about it, haha!

  20. 4. Ross  

    Those are what myself, son and wife (respectively) went as last year.

    [from tanster: awwwww, how cute! got pics?]

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