1. could those photos get any better?

    lovin’ the second one. looking at these is the perfect way to start any day!

  2. Just when I think I am getting over my crush, I see another picture and my heart goes pitter patter. Glad to hear updates on him!

  3. Wow….he looks totally hot!!! Those green eyes, that smile, the “Jim” hair….

    I miss my Jim so much!! I am to the point where I absolutely NEED new Office episodes. I hope the strike gets resolved very soon.

  4. I know I’ve said like a gazillion times, but I’d climb him like a tree. This has totally renewed my crush. Me love you long tim.

  5. Uh, is it me or did it just get very hot in here. And is that my pulse quickening? Yep, easily more effective than the stair master.

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