1. OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m Mrs. John Krasinski [on myspace] for a reason!! ;]

    thank you so much! i never had any doubts about how cute he is.

  2. What great news that John made the list! Given how cute he is and how he has such a great personality I’m not surprised in the least. In fact, I would’ve been surprised if he hadn’t made it.

    Congrats John!

  3. Let me be the third Melissa to add a comment :)

    As Kevin Malone would say, “NIIIIIICCCEEE…”

  4. wow thats really cool that he’s on it again. I agree, I see him getting bagged on by his buddies. I would so the same…Mr. Sexiest Man Alive.

  5. You know its funny because somewhere I read (or heard) about Jenna saying that they’ve started calling him “Salesman McDreamy” (in reference to Patrick Dempsey’s “Dr. McDreamy” from “Grey’s Anatomy’). And what you know … both of them made the list!

    I’m really very happy with this list since John as well as two other men from my top 10 (George Clooney & Josh Duhamel) made the list!

  6. Does anyone else not really think of him as SEXXXYYY?
    I know i’m gonna get shit for that, but I think he’s more cute/adorable/whatever than ONE OF THE SEXIEST MEN ALIVE.
    I’m kinda not feelin that ‘do, also. He looks too slick, i dunno, it’s like he’s supposed to look like some young rich egotistical prince or something.

  7. Seriously, I feel like a little 13 yr old with a celebrity crush, but thankfully I know that many of my friends my age (22) and even older feel just the same.

    He’s the hottest “average” guy ever.

  8. Oh yeah, seconddrink, I’m older than both you and John (38) and I definetely feel the same!

    He really is just too cute for words!

  9. Seriously, it goes without saying doesn’t it? Now I’m just worried about all the non-Office fans that are going to join the JK rocks parade – we knew him first ya hussies! ;)

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