1. I saw clips of the movie on Extra today, and it looks REALLY good. Anytime someone says George Clooney and comedy, I get scared, but this looks really good.

  2. I’m really happy to finally see a trailer for this movie. It looks like it’s gonna be funny. John and George in the same movie…yay!!!

  3. I went to the movies yesterday and one of the “behind the scenes” things they showed before the previews/movie was for Leatherheads! I was so excited! They interviewed John Krasinski and showed lots of behind the scene clips! I can’t wait for this movie!

  4. this looks great! i am so happy to see john in a movie i want to see (even if renee zellweger bugs the crap out of me)

  5. It looks good, so I hope it is. It was supposed to be out this Christmas and was postponed until April. That’s not a good sign. Plus, football movies usually come out during football season.

  6. I’m not a sports or sports movie person, but this actually looks pretty funny so I’ll definitely go check it out. Thanks for posting this, the other trailer didn’t have me convinced.

  7. the trailer looks awesome and it doesn’t hurt that john looks awesome in it =D. i still wonder why they pushed the opening date back…but anyway, with the star power in this movie, it should at the very least be entertaining.

    btw, clooney in comedy doesn’t scare me =) — have you seen one fine day? *sigh* i can only imagine what will happen when john and george share the screen together…!

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