1. Makes me think of that mashup between Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ and the Andy Griffith show theme. I actually like this version.

  2. LOL–the jolly Office theme song is so out of place here! Hilarious! I don’t know Lil Wayne’s song repetoire at all, but Googled this and think it’s Hustler Musik (could be wrong though).

  3. Thank you #1 Daniel for mentioning that Andy Griffith/Beyonce mashup! It’s oddly catchy and I may put it on my iPod. As for the Lil Wayne one – yeah, I’d really like if there was a censored (or PG) version.

  4. I believe the song is Hustler Musik

    Anyway, I think this song is brilliant. I’m a huge fan of mashups, and this one is great!

    Thanks for sharing tanster.

    [from tanster: thanks for the link, JR! :) ]

  5. I’m not a huge rap fan but I really like Lil Wayne, so I kind of like this! My favorite part of this is the music though, I love how they remixed my favorite TV theme song.

  6. As horrifying as the language is I must admit….this is oddly catchy. It actually works well!

  7. Ahhh this is awesome!! 2 of my favorite things – Lil Wayne and the Office. Has anyone found a way to download it? Great find!

  8. On first listen, it’s brilliant. After looking at the lyrics, it’s horrifying. Either way, I’m very impressed.

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