Mindy Kaling visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

Mindy Kaling

We were super happy to welcome Mindy Kaling to the OfficeTally Chat Room tonight!

Mindy graciously answered fan questions for a full hour — on everything from the letter Pam reads to Michael in ‘Lecture Circuit,’ to her favorite Oscar night fashion, to who’s hottest in the writers’ room. And of course it wouldn’t be an OfficeTally chat without a few spoilers thrown in!

Thanks, Mindy, for an awesome evening!

Here is the full transcript.

tanster: Hi Mindy!
Mindy Kaling: Hi tanster!
Mindy Kaling: This is so cool.
tanster: Welcome Mindy Kaling! If you’d like to ask Mindy a question, please enter it in the queue. We’ll get to as many as we can!
tanster: I’m so glad you’re here! Yay!
Mindy Kaling: Me too. Thanks for arranging this. It’s fun to chat instead of rewriting stories.
tanster: lol

tanster: we’re queuing up some questions. are you ready, mindy?
Teheheman: Hey Mindy
Kenna: Hi Mindy!!
Kate: Hello from Canada, Mindy!
Mindy Kaling: So international! Hi Kate!
tanster: ok, let’s get started …
Mindy Kaling: Hello everyone. You’re all my friends now. Hi friends.
Kate: Hah, yes Canada, America’s hat
Danny: yes! i finally got a friend!

kalsop: Mindy – Can we get more IAmKellyFierce tweets? It’s so Kelly!
Mindy Kaling: I have to get on twitter! I keep hearing about Iamkellyfierce–it’s written by our adorable and hilarious writers’ assistants Jonathan and Nate
Mindy Kaling: I’m 29 though — isn’t that too old to be twittering?
christy323: no way, Rainn has a twitter
Mindy Kaling: Cuz if not I’ll soooo do it
Kate: pffft, there’s no age limit on awesome!
Mindy Kaling: Rainn’s weird tho
Mindy Kaling: Okay. I shall reconsider.
tanster: lol. he’s like taking over twitter. he’s got like 90 million followers
Denise (ddker): lol
Mindy Kaling: Rainn is starting a religion is why

Kenna: I cracked up during Part Two of “Lecture Circuit” when Dwight smacked Kelly on the rear as she left the conference room. Did Rainn improvise that, or was it written? Dwight and Kelly have always seemed to have a sort of weird chemistry-like thing going on!
Mindy Kaling: Ken Kwapis came up with that actually. I cracked up too. Our characters don’t interact much.
Mindy Kaling: Those scenes, of Dwight-Jim-Kelly in Lecture Circuit, is the most any of the three of us have broken this season.
Mindy Kaling: I believe there is only one usable take of Jim and Dwight in that initial “It is your birthday” banner scene

tanster: good segue into the next question:
MNFan: Mindy, you are known for “breaking” during scenes. :) Which already-aired moments of this season have been the most difficult for you to get through?
Mindy Kaling: It is true, I break the most, and constantly.
Mindy Kaling: I like to believe it is because I have a very European quality of enjoying life to its fullest
Mindy Kaling: But the scene where Dwight is screaming in my face about what I learned in juvie, I honestly did NO takes where I didn’t laugh
Mindy Kaling: Even in the aired scene, you can see my eyes are laughing.
Mindy Kaling: It’s terrible. I should be fired.
tanster: lol. kelly definitely has that joie de vivre

Mindy Kaling: Chillisbannedme is an amazing chat room moniker
Denise (ddker): we call her CBM for short
ChillisBannedMe: THANK you!!!! hahahaha that seriously just made my night.
Mindy Kaling: I keep wanting to call that joke back. Like Jim says to Pam “Feel like Chilis tonight?” and Pam nods sadly and says “Can’t. Banned for life.”
MNFan: lol!
limonada: Niiice!
Mindy Kaling: If we ever do Dundies again (I hope, I hope) maybe it can be a plot point.
christy323: Please do!!!
Skillet86: I love the Dundies
Kenna: More Dundies please!!!

kalsop: What’s happening with Kelly and Ryan? I’ve forgotten where Ryan disappeared too…?
Mindy Kaling: Thailand!
Mindy Kaling: We’re just writing his return, and it is so, so, so funny, I think
Mindy Kaling: When I think of the Ryan who was picking up filet o fish wrappers to where he is now, it makes me laugh
Kenna: LOL!

Amee: Kelly seems just fine after Ryan left… Why isn’t she reacting as strongly as she did the first time?
Mindy Kaling: Amee, you have a point.
Mindy Kaling: Maybe she is having this meltdown but camera doesn’t see it?
Mindy Kaling: Or they’ve broken up so many times, she just assumes they’ll get back together

Mindy Kaling: Soon though, we’ll see she has a hot new crush
tanster: oooooh! spoiler alert! lol
Mindy Kaling: And so will America!
Teheheman: Is it Dwight?
christy323: hot new crush?! oh i can’t wait
aklarkin: As long as it’s not Andy!
andirr: I’d love for Andy and Kelly to hook up
Mindy Kaling: Teheheman, are you serious? Dwight? I said “hot new crush.”
tanster: *giggle*