1. I sense a number of Dwight-Jim pranks! Looks like an awesome Christmas episode…I missed it so much last year.

  2. hmmm…all that festivity looks like more than Dwight can handle. Also, I’m a big fan of the wrapping paper on monitor, haha.

  3. YES! Lots of Jim pranks on Dwight! This should be an amazing episode! Of course, every Christmas episode has always been amazing.

  4. Heyo! What is that fancy new machine behind Jenna?

    Could this be a spoiler for the surplus? Did someone in the office want a new fax machine, or whatever that thing is?

  5. #20-

    I think that machine is the gigantic paper shredder. It was seen in “Take Your Daughter to Work.”

    Although there have only been two Christmas episodes for the show, they’ve all been great. And season 5 is pretty good so…this episode should be all kinds of epic.

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