1. The john/jenna nbc promo at the end of this is my favorite part! I love that little exchange between them, everytime I see it I get all gushy.

    boy, john krasinki, YOU are cute.

  2. MOSE + Michael sitting at reception + lots of laughter = awesomeness!! The Surplus is gonna be amazing!

  3. The whole “Schrute farms, gutentag” probably isn’t new, right?
    Urkleonical – yes, Michael, very.

  4. What I’d give to even just have JKras look at me, let alone call me cute… Jenna Fischer is a lucky, lucky woman. ::sigh::

  5. “11. Alexis” is right. The “schrute farms, guutentag is from the episode Money.

  6. They just had another promo during the run of “Weight Loss.” Andy and Angela were making out!

  7. Next week’s episode is looking good and people are making out like crazy. I love Jim’s reaction after Pam slightly kissed him. Also, Angela kissing Andy. I can’t wait to see the look on Dwight’s face.

  8. Does this mean that Andy is finally getting some??? I sure hope so! “A guy needs intercourse!” ;)
    Also: Mose is back! Can’t wait!

  9. Meh, what’s with that weird kiss? The JAM one I mean. The Andy/Angela one looks pretty hot (;

    And MOSE! WOO!
    This should have been the sweeps week ep.

  10. Whoa, Andy and Angela! Can’t wait to see what brought that on! And, of course, MOSE!!

    Is it Thursday yet?!

  11. Even if it’s for 15 seconds. Having Mose in an episode usually means instant classic Office moment. I still burst out in spontaneous laughter just thinking of him running along side Jim and Pam’s car.

  12. wooow. i’m So excited. this episode…looks like it’s going to be amazing. just…wow. ;)

  13. LOL Jim made me laughed so hard at 0:02
    His face is priceless (maybe after seeing Andy and Angela’s kiss xD)

  14. I can’t wait for this episode. Mostly out of curiosity b/c nothing really made any sense…

  15. That was a weird Jam kiss… or was she whispering something to him? And I think Jim’s twitch was finding out about Angela and Dwight…

  16. I love the JAM kiss and Jim’s shudder. Yeah, MOSE!

    BTW, Tanster, we know you know things, can you divulge where they get Pam’s clothes from? They are super cute!

  17. 42-(response to Ann)

    b/c Angela is kissing andy! Passionately! :(
    That’s not supposed to happen!!! :( :( :(

  18. I have a feeling this is going to be a great episode. Lots of twists and turns.

    What’s up with the JAM kiss and the Andy/Angela kiss? Man, Dwight must have really made her mad!

  19. After spending weeks watching episodes written by new writers (most of which were good), I’m relieved to see Lee and Gene back in the fold writing what promises to be a great episode.

    Classic writing duo for the show; I always LOVE their approach. So, this should be a good one.

  20. to me it looked like pam was teasing jim by barely kissing him. his reaction to her tease was the following scene.

    but that’s just how i interpreted it.

  21. “That’s a good looking line-up.”

    “You’re a good looking line-up”



  22. I haven’t been a big fan of Pam’s outfits this season, but from that split second of her in that second preview, she looks SMOKING.

  23. I am a automatically a fan of any episode with Mose in it. This should be good!

  24. Just a guess regarding the JAM kiss- I’m thinking since this episode is about people breaking off into factions over how the “surplus” is spent that maybe she and Jim are of different opinions and she’s trying to playfully coerce/manipulate/bribe Jim over to her side. ???

    But I think Jim’s shudder has to be in response to the Andy/Angela kiss! WOW! I’m with the person who said that Dwight probably pissed her off big time and she’s using it as payback!

    And MOSE!

    Looks like it’s going to be a fabulous episode- can’t wait!

  25. Ohh I did notice that Jim’s little shudder is very Dwight-esque. Perhaps he is imitating Dwight’s reaction to Andy and Angela kissing (or maybe just something Dwight did during the episode??)

  26. MOSE!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! Is it Thursday yet?
    And I absolutely love Pam’s outfit!!! It’s adorable!!! *runs off to find matching scarf*

  27. There’s a new picture from this episode in the caption contest area– it looks like it’s from the same scene where John, Steve and Oscar are laughing. Does that mean it’s not an outtake? Hmm…

  28. I think the “shudder” of Jim’s could be to the kiss from Pam?? I know it may seem strange but he could be describing how her kisses just make him “crazy”

  29. I’m with you guys, I can’t wait to see what Mose will be up to! And the whole Andy/Angela making out thing…what!

    Also, am I the only one who finds Michael’s butt shaking hilarious? Totally brings to mind “The Negotiation” where he’s wearing the women’s suit and flashes his butt at Pam! Can’t wait till tomorrow. :D

  30. lovinJAM, i was thinking the same thing! ’cause that teeny-tiny kiss is actually pretty dang hot!

  31. Those two kisses (from both Pam and Angela) are coming from two women who are definitely trying to pursuade their men to get them on their side so they can get what they want from the surplus.

  32. #62- That’s was my guess about the JAM kiss, too! (#53) I wasn’t really thinking that the Angela kiss would be the same motivation but it makes perfect sense. Guess we’ll find out for sure very soon… Hooray for Office Thursday!

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