OfficeTally in the news

Our local paper, the Mercury News, posted a nice article (with photos even!) about my obsession with this thing called OfficeTally.

Link: P.A. woman’s site pivotal in success of ‘The Office’

There are a few people I’d like to thank: Merc reporter Mark de la Viña for listening to me prattle on about the show for hours, Angela Kinsey and Kent Zbornak, for taking the time to provide some amazing quotes, and last but not least, the hardworking and dedicated folks at for bringing this story to Mark in the first place!

P.S. A shout-out, too, to Michael Schur, who also provided quotes for the story that were unfortunately not included. My favorite — when asked “What sort of contact have you had with Jennie?”, Michael replied, “I did a lengthy Q and A with Jennie a few months ago, and it was brutal. She raked me across the coals. It was like Mike Wallace going after a tobacco company lawyer.” Giggle.