Matt and Mosby giveaway

No, I’m not giving away Matt and Mosby. (Although on some days, that’s not a half-bad idea.)

In honor of premiere night, OfficeTally’s chat room moderators Matt and Mosby are giving away Office goodies from noon to 8pm PT today, one prize an hour more or less.

I have no idea how they’re deciding who wins what. But you do have to be present in the chat room to find out. I hope they behave themselves.

Link: OfficeTally Chat Room

Sorry, U.S. players only.


  1. Wow-looks like too many people in the chat room for me! I think I counted about 35 on the list that are in there now!

  2. I won and lost within the space of about two minutes. I’ve always loved being a Brit but now it sucks!

  3. Tanster et al-

    Can you tell me why, when I click on either “chat” button, I get a window with an ‘X’ in a box and nothing else? I’m feeling chatty, with nowhere to go! Tech help would be appreciated….

    HDF (Ray)

  4. Matt-

    Thanks, but I’ll have to wait until I get home. Alas, I have no administration rights here. Or many other rights for that matter.

    Chat at ya later!


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