Paley Fest ticket update

As many of you diehard Office fans know, nearly the entire Office cast (sans Steve Carell and John Krasinski) is scheduled to appear at the Museum of Television and Radio’s Paley Fest on Friday, March 2nd, in Los Angeles.

Obtaining tickets to this event has been a frustrating experience for many people.

Paley tickets went on sale to MTR members two days before the general public, and so naturally, many people signed up (and paid) to become MTR members to take advantage of the pre-sale. Little did anyone know that the tickets would sell out in mere minutes!

Dolly at Myspace wrote to tell me that she also could not get pre-sale tickets because of a membership number snafu. She called her credit card company to remove the MTR membership charge, and was consequently contacted by MTR and then offered Paley tickets! So we have at least one happy ending to this ticket debacle.

If you are in a similar situation, try doing what Dolly did and cancel the MTR membership charge through your credit card company. You may not be offered Paley tickets, but at least you should try to get that membership fee back. It’s definitely worth a try!

Also, if you have any leads on how to get tickets, please post a comment here. I know many people are looking! Thanks …

(And yes, I hope to be there!)