Paley Fest ticket update

As many of you diehard Office fans know, nearly the entire Office cast (sans Steve Carell and John Krasinski) is scheduled to appear at the Museum of Television and Radio’s Paley Fest on Friday, March 2nd, in Los Angeles.

Obtaining tickets to this event has been a frustrating experience for many people.

Paley tickets went on sale to MTR members two days before the general public, and so naturally, many people signed up (and paid) to become MTR members to take advantage of the pre-sale. Little did anyone know that the tickets would sell out in mere minutes!

Dolly at Myspace wrote to tell me that she also could not get pre-sale tickets because of a membership number snafu. She called her credit card company to remove the MTR membership charge, and was consequently contacted by MTR and then offered Paley tickets! So we have at least one happy ending to this ticket debacle.

If you are in a similar situation, try doing what Dolly did and cancel the MTR membership charge through your credit card company. You may not be offered Paley tickets, but at least you should try to get that membership fee back. It’s definitely worth a try!

Also, if you have any leads on how to get tickets, please post a comment here. I know many people are looking! Thanks …

(And yes, I hope to be there!)


  1. Jeez. The cast are now rock starts, if them on a stage sells out in minutes.

    I hope that for the season 3 DVD, they have the MTR interview in it’s entirety on the DVD, like when the cast of FREAKS AND GEEKS and UNDECLARED did appearances there and they had that on the DVD.

  2. I’m going to try that credit card refund thing! We bought the membership but couldn’t get tickets through ticketmaster so we ended up getting them through Ebay.

    There are 2-3 pair on Ebay at any given time but they are quite steep in price :/ I’d also check Craig’s List and sites like that and if you’re from the area they said tickets are sometimes available in lobby before the show.

    Yea, the cast are totally rockstars! It sold out in TWO MINUTES.. which is just insane! It makes me both proud and a little annoyed because half of that was probably scalpers.

    Anyways, hope to see some of you guys there! Even if John and Steve will be absent it will be an AMAZING experience and WOW – to be in the company of that many office fans!

  3. i think john’s gonna be in south carolina. filming a movie w/ george clooney (sigh) and renee zelleweger. anyone want to drive down there for spring break??

  4. Luckily, I was one of the people to be able to get seats during the presale. We were lucky enough to get two tickets nine rows back! Let me tell you that me and my friend are ecstatic to be going! We are looking forward to meeting the cast and other fellow Dunderheads like us! We don’t even mind the 6 hour drive from Phoenix.

    Road Trip!!!

  5. Want to hear some irony? I am from South Carolina… we were going all the way to LA to see John (and everyone else ofcourse :P) and he comes here instead. Damn him!

  6. Yeah, John’s staying downtown where I live. He’s already been spotted eating at the same place 3 times this week. My wife and I are trying to “bump” into him so to speak but haven’t as of yet.

  7. All my hopes are resting on my aunt’s connection to a ticket scalper. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  8. My friend got the same offer because of the same problem, but for a different show she wanted to see.

    I wonder what the odds of being able to see anyone if you go without tickets is? This event is held at a different venue than previous MTR events, but those were so stalker accessible if you just showed up… you’d meet everyone on their way in.

  9. I really wanted to go! But I might go to see if they have tickets left.

    Christina I was thinking the same thing. I was hanging outside when Jenna, John, BJ, and Rainn did a Q&A at the SAG and I got to meet them on the way in since I couldnt go in.

  10. Thank you so much for this tip. I had a very frustrating experience trying to get a Paley Fest ticket, and I ended up feeling unfairly screwed over. I am in the process of trying to cancel the charge, but my credit card company told me I need to speak with the MTR first. I’m going to call them first thing in the morning, and I’ll post a comment here if I make any progress. Thanks again, Office Tally, for this tip. I now have a renewed sliver of hope!

  11. it’s possible that john might be done filming by the date of the festival, or depending on his schedule, he might have a couple of weeks off to return for the appearance. (since he’s listed on the mtr site as appearing, though of course it’s no guarantee.)

  12. I had the same frustrations with the Paley pre-sale fiasco. My father-in-law renewed his membership just so we could get tix. I’ll give him the heads-up about Dolly’s solution.

    MTR pulled some crap like this last year, too.

  13. I spoke with someone in the MTR membership department this afternoon. She told me to email her the details of what had happened, and to let her know which event I wanted tickets for and how many. They are apparently in the process of creating a file for all the people who paid for the MTR membership and then had problems getting Paley Fest tickets. She said they were going to be following up with us all by phone. She gave no guarantee that I would end up getting tickets, but it did sound somewhat promising…and at the very least, it made me feel a bit better to know that MTR is planning to address this issue somehow.

    The email address she gave me was [email protected]

  14. I had trouble with my membership, too, and contacted people like crazy. The woman I ended up talking to was Yoko at 310-786-1038. I now have a ticket in the THIRD row!

  15. Oh Wow!! How much did you have to pay for the tickets? Wish I had seen this before I bought mine on eBay! I had the same problem too. Maybe I’ll call them too & then just sell the other tickets! Man!!!

  16. Steve Carell will definitely not be at the MTR Paley Festival but there IS still a possibility that John WILL be if that’s what your attendance there is depending on. :) John has been here in SC earlier than we originally thought & will be finished filming around the last week of February. The Paley Festival is on March 2. So far his name is still on the list but his attendance is tentative.

  17. Long time lurker. First time poster.

    I AM GOING! I was lucky enough to get tickets through the on sale!

    I’ll have to write in afterward.

    The Museum records all of the Paley Festival events and they are free to view at the Museum of TV & Radio in Beverly Hills.

    Also, they released a couple of their programs on DVD a couple of years ago. Let’s hope they do the same for THE OFFICE.

  18. I was one of the lucky ones to get tickets during the presale. I actually bought an MTR membership through the MTR website but when I found out that you’d have to purchase it through Ticketmaster to get access to the presale I called to cancel my membership. I ended up contacting an MTR staff member from the LA office (i don’t remember her name) and she gave me the password for the presale.

    I bought a bunch in hopes my friends and I could geek over our favorite show together but a couple of them couldn’t make it. So instead of them going to waste I put them up on eBay. I have 2 tickets but they aren’t next to one another. To check them out just click on my name for the link.

    See some of you there!

  19. This posting says that JKras and Steve won’t be there. JKras is listed on the official site, but Steve isn’t. Hmmm I know John is filming that movie with Clooney, so I wonder if he IS going to be at the event. Hopefully, for those going, you’ll be able to see him, too! I’m JEALOUS!!!

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