1. The elf ears are back! I could not be more thrilled. And Jenna Fischer was absolutely right about that little red dress – Pam looks adorable.

  2. Loving Phyllis!

    I can’t believe this episode might finally have some Angela goodness… I miss Angela.

  3. Aww, Jim and Pam look cute. Here’s hoping for a sweet JAM moment or two.

    Also, I like the looks of this. After last year’s abysmal Christmas episode at least this one looks festive.

    Sad that this will be the last episode for two months. Boo.

  4. YES! The Dwight elf-ears are back!! The only thing that would make this better is a homemade oven mitt and a video iPod.

  5. LOVE Dwight’s suspenders and bow-tie and the picture of Michael on Phyllis’ lap (with the fat Santa pants on).

  6. I am SO excited! 1. yay for Darryl!! 2. Pam looks adorably cute! 3. The return of the elf-ears! Christmas has come early this year :)

  7. How cute are Pam and Jim? Their first Christmas as a married couple! Not sure how I’m feeling about Pam’s white tights though. I think the last time I wore white tights, I was 8 years old.

  8. The photo of Michael on Phyllis’s lap made my day. And Angela and Darryl? Let’s start the speculation now! Can’t wait for next week!

  9. The pictures look like this could be a pretty great Christmas episode! :) Here’s to hoping this episode is some of the classic great Office that we all love.

  10. I agree, I feel Oscar is being neglected. Look how much shorter Pam looks compared to Jim! Gosh she’s not even short. I would probably come up to his ankle.

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