Talking Head Contest finalists

The Office’s Co-Executive Producer Kent Zbornak is sending me the list of the 20 finalists for the OfficeTally Talking Head Contest and I will post it later today, along with a poll so that you, the OfficeTally reader, can pick your favorite.

The top five vote-getters will each receive a cast-autographed copy of The Office Season 3 DVD!

Can you stand the anticipation?


  1. pretty sure i’ve been checking every 10 minutes since i woke up. this is crazy!

    queeestion though. will the poll be closed results or will you be able to see whos winning throughout the week?

  2. Okay, first off, my name is Erin. Always has been, but I’ll go by Erin V. if its gonna start a fight :P I really can’t stand waiting!

  3. Can’t wait to see all of the videos. Although I don’t think mine will be picked, my friends and I did have a TON of fun making them. We all laughed so much! This was a fun contest!

  4. Although I didn’t enter (stupid shyness), I’m still super excited to see the finalists and if any of my favorites made it. :)

  5. I can’t wait!! I keep checking too! I’m quite sure I won’t be in th top 20, but hey, I can hope!

    good luck everyone!

  6. I’m suuuuuper excited to check out all the finalists’ videos! I’m sure i’m not one of ’em..but at least i tried! :). Mucho luck to the 20!

  7. It’s weird to think that people who make The Office have watched my stupid video. I find that idea part exciting, part appalling.

  8. joyray, it’s interesting that you say that. A handful of people removed their submissions after entering them in the contest.

    Performer’s remorse?

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