The Weekend Tally

Wow, this is really late. Sorry, guys. So completely distracted today …

Tipsters: Officeisms1978, Mike, Jason, Kell, AuntWeeza, Brittany, Shannon, Julia


  1. Melora updated her myspace blog too. A couple of times actually.
    Wow The Office game looks pretty awesome and they used Pam’s watercolor as the cover!!
    Thanks for the news updates Tanster!

  2. I got *really* excited upon reading “Mug Shot T-Shirt” only to learn it wasn’t Roy’s drunken face. Sad day.

  3. Love the fun run photo in the At The Office with Ed Helms article. Kevin running in his untucked shirt and tie cracks me up and are Andy’s nipples bleeding?

  4. OMG! I’m wasting so much time at work refreshing my iGoogle page to read a new quote!!!
    I love it!!!
    Thanks for the tip!!!!

  5. Anyone else played the “Office Games” on the TBS site? I sucked at Office Golf (took a 6 on the first hole – kind of mirrors my real golf game) but I think I did okay with the Coffee Break game.

  6. I love the Google Gadget too! It’s very addicting. I’ve only been giving 5 stars if remembering the quote makes me laugh out loud. Of course, it happens a lot. (In the interest of full disclosure, my buddy is the one that put it together).

  7. I just saw on the Teen Choice Awards website that Steve also won for Best Movie Scream for “Evan Almighty”. :)
    I also have to note…I almost gagged when I saw that Hannah Montana beat out The Office for best comedy on T.V. I can NOT believe that…. *sighs* People these days….

  8. Does anyone have the video of Steve accepting his award at the Teens’ Choice? His speeches are always hilarious.

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