Thank you, Kev!

Kevin Malone

Just a little thank you to one Mr. Kevin Malone, who made a surprise visit to the OfficeTally Chat Room yesterday!

He logged in from the set Scranton and said, “I am just checking in, post-Emmys to thank all of you for the support.” He chatted with us for about 15 minutes before having to attend a meeting in the conference room. (Hope he didn’t get in trouble with Angela!)

A very abbreviated transcript after the jump.

kev: good afternoon
Jim Mosby: how are you kev?
kev: everyone
kev: i am just checking in, post emmys to thank all of you for the support
kev: this is dunder mifflin’s kev
Angelica: ahhh … hello dunder mifflin kev :D
kev: writing from dunder mifflin
Jim Mosby: *nice*
kev: in accounting
casinodundie: How goes it back at the office?
kev: it is good
kev: i am writing for some information
Angelica: ask away, kev
kev: have any of you seen all of the posts on office tallys page regarding the emmys?
Angelica: yes
DestroyPhone: indeed kev
casinodundie: They gathered almost everything there is
kev: ok, so … Miss Office Tally
kev: has posted some interview
kev: given by a guy who looks like me
casinodundie: That Brian character
kev: Brian I think his name is
kev: but
kev: gave some interview to tv guide
kev: and he talked about the premiere
kev: what did Brian say
kev: about the premiere
kev: we do not have sound at dunder mifflin
DestroyPhone: i believe Brian is looking into the relationship of jim and pam …
kev: tanster
tanster: kevvvvv!
kev: so what did Brian say to ausiello
kev: about the premiere?
Angelica: brian is going to go into investigative mode
tanster: trying to figure out if jim and pam are going out
kev: ok
casinodundie: Well, he has practice — he did try to make that Pam/Karen list
kev: perfect
Angelica: apparently kevin found his niche
tanster: kev you’re way smarter than people give u credit for
kev: yes i am stealth
tanster: totally
Angelica: super stealth
kev: exactly
kev: ok
kev: i want to thank everyone for their support
kev: once again
casinodundie: We’re happy to give all that we can to you guys
kev: and i wanted to tell you all that i learned something last night
tanster: tell everybody at DM that we love ’em
kev: i learned this
kev: that
kev: The Emmys
kev: are more fun
kev: when you win
kev: i learned that
Angelica: awww … next year buddy
kev: no i am not unhappy
kev: was fun
kev: real fun
kev: but
kev: it is more fun when you win
kev: i promise you this
kev: i had a REAL good time
kev: but then again
kev: i always do
tanster: you’re party central, kev
DestroyPhone: lol i’m sure you do kev
updog: stacie looked good as BJ’s date
kev: hahaha updog that was good
kev: that was my date, actually, but i lost her at the very beginning of the night
tanster: lol
Jim Mosby: :( poor kev
casinodundie: Ryan just steals everything away these days…
kev: true that
kev: ok
kev: i have to run
kev: i have
kev: a very important meeting
kev: in the conference room
kev: later dudes
kev: bye
kev: peace