The Office: A.A.R.M., 9.22-23

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The Office: A.A.R.M.

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): as the office readies for the premiere of the documentary that night, Jim convinces Dwight, who is planning to propose to Esther (Nora Kirkpatrick), that he needs an Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager, and holds tryouts to find the best candidate. Angela brings her baby to work after her daycare turns her away. Meanwhile, Andy attends auditions for “The Next Great A Cappella Sensation.” Guest stars: Aaron Rodgers, Clay Aiken, Mark McGrath, Santigold, Jessica St. Clair, Scot Robinson. One-hour long, starting 9/8c.

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The Office A.A.R.M. extras


In a poll conducted May 9-13, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 9.42/10

The Office A.A.R.M. quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Erin: The tea in Nepal is very hot.
Kevin: But the coffee in Peru is much hotter.

Dwight: It’s not the KGB, but it’s a start!

Dwight: I’d like to get harmful steam, but the prices are absurd!

Dwight: Break protocol! Break protocol!

Creed: I’m saving a fortune on dry cleaning!

Oscar: Ironic that now it’s Angela who’s living in the closet.

Oscar: Saddle shoes with denim. I will literally call child protective services.

Dwight: Don’t worry. They’ll get got.

Dwight: This is my grandmother’s ring. It was made from a bullet I took out of her left buttock. She was a moonshiner shot by Adolf Coors. This is my grandmother’s buttock bullet ring.

Andy: On this show, all three judges are mean.

Dwight: Together, we run a no-nonsense office.

Pam: I love Goofy Jim.

Jim: Your agenda-taking pleases him.

Angela: Apparently my station in life has descended to a depth even they won’t forgive.

Meredith: I’ve been on my best behavior for nine years. If it wasn’t for the cameras, I would have done some truly vulgar crap.

Oscar: When this thing started, I was still having sex with women. As was Kevin, I believe.

Creed: If my parents see this, I am toast.

Jim: I’m going to need you to look at your hierarchy mobile.

Jim: How would King Arthur choose the next knight of his Round Table?

Andy: I am nothing if not a total pitch bitch.

Andy: Pour some Sugar Ray on me!

Jim: Absolutely, we do.

Dwight: You’ll always have the upper hand when you have a good AARM. Trademark pending.

Jim: Sure, every participant will be getting a corn dog, but that’s for fueling only, no savoring.

Pete: What’s the opposite of a horse?

Andy: All you got to do is risk your life for this country and everyone goes gaga for you.

Andy: Is this a show about the resiliency of the human spirit, or is it a show about singing?

Andy: Wait til they get a good feel of me.

Erin: Are you kidding? You broke our hearts.

Dwight: Anyone who needs to speak to me, has got to go through me first.

Pam: I’m afraid I’m not enough for you.

Darryl: These dudes are definitely in a weird mood.

Meredith: Did we ever get loaded and listen to Zeppelin in my van?

Kevin: Tell Phillip that his stupid little baby wish came true.

Dwight: Smart baby. That’s the most flavorful bond.

Dwight: The way that boy looks at the Galactica is precisely the way I look at the Galactica! And he eats the same kind of paper I do.

Oscar: You don’t want to wake up the grumpy old walrus, do you?

Aaron Rodgers: Flag on the play.

Kevin: I’m giving you the silence treatment.

Kevin: What a chubbers.

Dwight: Genes so pure, you could lick them.

Jim: Not enough for me? You are everything.

Darryl: I’m gonna miss these guys.

Dwight: I will raise a hundred children with a hundred of your lovers if it means I can be with you!

Dwight: This expresses how loudly I love you!

Oscar: One thing we do know. Nothing will ever be the same.


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  1. 207. Eaglestar  

    @200. ASFan: I also wondered about the DNA test and the doctor. Two explanations one like you suggested Angela paid the doctor (unlikely), the second one more plausible:
    On the picture days, Angela’s baby wasn’t the only baby in the office, remember Jim’s family was there also, :)

  2. 206. Adam  

    Someone PLEASE tell me the name of the song that plays during the promo for A.A.R.M. (the 4th video on the video clips page). All I can hear are a bunch of oh-oh-oh’s. Thanks!

  3. 205. JAM4EVER  

    “181. Jam4Ever Sat. May. 11, 2013 | 12:47am

    What I like to believe was in the letter:
    John Krasinski actually wrote a special note to Jenna

    …is that too far off?

    I like to think this is true because of how sincere Pam’s “thank you” was at the end of that scene.”

    ^^^ quoting myself because i was right! John wrote a special note to jenna while filming this episode and that was her real reaction.. *tears up*

  4. 204. Jim and Pam Fan  

    Wow, you guys really loved this episode. This is the all-time highest rated episode on OfficeTally, so according to the average rating, this is the greatest episode of this show in at least four years.

    Heck, I loved this episode, but even I don’t know if it was quite THAT good :O

  5. 203. Lisa  

    I’m so happy to see Jim and Pam back to normal again, even if their reconciliation (just like their decline) seemed a bit abrupt. They are truly the best couple ever! I did think Jim’s flashback video was a bit of a letdown though — perhaps I’ve come to expect a little too much from these writers. But I loved that Prince William (Nico Evers-Swindell) showed up as a singing U.S. soldier!

  6. 202. Dwight  

    I’m a dad!

  7. 201. Hana  

    @198 Pam & Jim’s baby was also there that day, it could have been his diaper that Dwight took.

  8. 200. ASFan  

    I don’t know if this was addressed somewhere already, but the season premiere had the doctor say the DNA test for the baby was negative. The question is how was it faked? Did Angela tamper with the DNA or did she pay the doctor off in secret to say negative?

  9. 199. Richard  

    I know I’m late to comment on this one but man. I gave it a 10. It had all the elements of a classic episode – ridiculous/absurd moments, cringe moments, sweet to the point of tears moments. I was bracing going into it knowing it’s where the actual narrative of the “doc” ends and so in a sense it’s a finale episode. It did not disappoint. I am going to be so sad on Friday when there will no longer be new episodes to look forward to.

  10. 198. DunderJAM  

    I showed the Dwight/Jim/Pam scene combination to my mother, who thinks The Office is stupid and the closest she’s ever gotten to watching TV is Danish crime dramas, and she cried (with me).

    And that, to me, says everything that needs to be said about the beauty of that scene and this episode and this show.

  11. 197. lynn  

    My favorite scene in this episode was Dwight and Philip’s father/son moments in the manager’s office. His office. His son – and he knew, Dwight absolutely knew. Dwight sees himself in this child, and this boy who was abandoned by one man (the Senator) will be fully owned and absolutely cherished by his real dad. The audience can really see the future that these two will have together. Wow, just wow.

  12. 196. Laurie  

    Did anyone else notice the Pennsylvania inspection and emissions stickers on Esther’s car window, with expiration dates May 2013? (I’m a native Pennsylvanian, so I noticed that)

    #1 Great attention to detail!
    #2 So sad that they put expiration May 2013 :-(

  13. 195. Clem  

    Now that I’ve had a couple of days to reflect (and rewatch!), it was a classic episode.
    I am now realizing that Andy was always the one that was ending up like David on the U.K. version. His delusions of stardom are disintegrating before him.
    I can’t say I felt any sympathy for him!
    On a high note I am ecstatic for JAM & Dwangela!

  14. 194. travisspazz  

    As soon as the video lingered on Christmas I knew the card would be in play, and we screamed like a bunch of fangirls when he did give her the card. The I’m not enough for you scene was sad, very S1 Pam I thought. And let’s get Rainn Wilson a LEAD actor Emmy nom!!
    Question. When did Angela find out Dwight was the father?? If it was negative in the S9 premiere, when did she retest Phillip? After moving in with Oscar?? My one nitpick from the episode.

  15. 193. grace  

    OH…..MY…..LORD!!! WOW!!!! perfect!

    by the way @181 – i agree 100%

  16. 192. The Beautiful Girl in the Front  

    LOVED this episode! Love Jim sitting behind Dwight in true AtotheRM fashion, and I think I may have died a little when Jim gave Pam the Christmas card! Also, Creed’s parents? Only explanation is that they’re dead and he forgot, or he’s referring to that kindly Chinese couple who do his dry cleaning!

  17. 191. MuckMallard  

    I have rewatched the final 12 minutes of the episode (starting with the Pam/Jim video) several times now. This has got to be the best 12 minutes of television I have seen in a long time.

  18. 190. The Beautiful Girl in the Front  

    LOVED this episode! D

  19. 189. marie  

    This episode was definitely a 10/10! Such a sweet, wonderful, warm, fantastic episode. I lauged at the A.A.R.M prank, I cried when Pam saw the video, I screamed (out loud) when Jim handed her the christmas letter (FINALLY!), I laughed and cried at the same time when Dwight finally proposed to Angela. This episode was perfect. I can’t believe the show has come to an end.

  20. 188. Dawn Lingenfelter  

    “He welcomes you!”

    My only hope for the finale is that it isn’t overly and overtly “Shrute-ized” into utter absurdity. I hope it maintains a sentimental, lovely feel with tons of COMEDY GOLD that doesn’t feel forced, like with A.A.R.M.

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